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Asian immigration


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Asian immigration

  1. 1. Name: Ting-Shuen Form: ST01 This is Ah Lum
  2. 2. Third wave of migration to New Zealand Asian/Chinese were the third wave of migration to New Zealand. Otago University found gold in 1861, lots of miners dig there but in 1865 the gold got lesser and harder to find, which cause miners leaving. This cause Otago inviting Chinese miners to work at New Zealand. The first group of Chinese reach New Zealand on the year 1866. This made Chinese and Indian’s population to increased in New Zealand.
  3. 3. What were the push factors and pull factors for their immigration to New Zealand •Push Factor • Some are criminals or owning others money that are try to escape. • China population is growing bigger. • Pull factor • Job offers. • Get to earn lots of money and look after family after returning home.
  4. 4. Were there any obstacles that they might have faces • Being accepted into society because of skin colour. • Getting back to China to reunite with family. • Getting used to the weather. • Accepting others because of skin colour. • Getting into a living. • Get married. • Earn enough money. • Language. • Culture. • Getting the diet they want or need because of lack of money. • They doesn’t had the closeness to their home or ancestral land.
  5. 5. Whendid thisimmigrationfirstoccur?Doesitstill takeplacetoday?Canyoufindanystatisticsto supportyouranswer. • Yes is still take pace today, and it’s increasing throughout the century.
  6. 6. What are the positives of immigration to New Zealand for your chosen group • China’s student will be well educated. • People won’t be treated that badly here. • There is no “one child policy” here due to the population growth at China. • Better job opportunities and better future. • China will be better known. • Chinese children will have brothers and sisters.
  7. 7. Are there any impacts on New Zealand in relation to this immigration • Yes, a huge impact. • 29% of New Zealand’s population are Asian and it’s growing.
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