Nicetom itsme hypertube team, itsme workshop


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Nicetom itsme hypertube team, itsme workshop

  1. 1. Push your life in your career! STRETCHING Workshop23-27 marzo 2009Design dei media digitali 2009Corso di laurea inDesign di Ambienti per la Comunicazionedocenti: Claudio Moderini – Silvio CioniHyperTube Team:Artini Chiara Conti Simona simofloyd@gmail.comMengoni Guido Tocci Francesco
  2. 2. .frameworkGoals:• Create a web-based platform able to manage a plenty of data and information about your own professional life.• Improve your professional profile through the capabilities ITSME metaphor offers.Target User:• Generic user: who improves his profile for personal reasons• Specific user: who improves his profile for professional reasons (with particolar attenction to the flexible and dynamic jobs)• Recruiters/Job seeking companies, sites, services
  3. 3. .visionManagement of a dynamic profilein two areas: personal (motivation)and improvement of professionalprofile..context- Professional- Social- Personal Sedimentazione della conoscenza basata sullesperienza
  4. 4. .inspirational benchmarking as Headhunting Tool Description: LinkedIn tools can help you to build your reputation and enhance your professional standing.References: May help recruiters to create connections between possible candidates to a specific job
  5. 5. Recruitment 2.0 Description: It’s a blog in which news about new headhounting modalities are described and linked togetherReferences: Give suggestions about the new and very 2.0 field of job seeking
  6. 6. Dopplr Description: Social networking + tracking of your movement around the globeReferences: Why can’t we connect our movement around the world to our “professional” skills?Flexibility and strong tendency to travel may add a value to the job sekeer profile
  7. 7. Yahoo! Hotjobs Description: Find your dream job! Search for jobs, post your resume, compare salaries and find career advice and research. Thousands of new jobs listed daily.References: job seeking, filtering, tagging
  8. 8. Jobirn Description: Real Time Job Chat with Company Insiders and RecruitersReferences: Itsme helps you to customize your professional profile as better as possible during theonline interview.
  9. 9. Myployd Description: Mployd has become one of the leading job search and recruitment tools for job seekers and employers. Mployd helps job seekers search for employment and provide employers the recruitment tools to hire and offer job opportunitiesReferences: Itsme could be a better way to aggregate different and side information to your professionalprofile.
  10. 10. Monster Description: Creating a CV on Monster you can raise your job possibilities. Monsters database is linked to lots of companies.References: simplify the database management and improve the informations value.
  11. 11. Poken Description: Touch one poken to another to immediately connect with new friends across online social networks when you meet them in the real world. The poken hand pulls out of the body, revealing a USB connector. Insert the USB connector into any computer with web access to easily upload your new contacts to the Poken web database.References: this is a device that can support the itsme metaphor to exchange your professional profile in thecoolest way.
  12. 12. V card Description: vCard is the electronic business card. It is a powerful new means of Personal Data Interchange (PDI) that is automating the traditional business card. Whether its your computer (hand held organizer, Personal Information Manager (PIM), electronic email application, Web Browser) or telephone, the vCard will revolutionize your personal communications. - Infrared exchange - Internet mail - computer technology application - video and data conferencingReferences: this could be another service of our ITSME application
  13. 13. .conceptTitle:Idea: Web 2.0 enables more and more flexible, wide and open information sharing, improving networking potentialities and making easier to discover your job field. Our idea arises from the need to develop a new professional profile concept closer to the new job seeking dynamics and improvement of the experiential path.Keywords: dynamic profile, multiple views, web based, multiplatform, career, job, sharing
  14. 14. What is it? The concept is an evolution of the CV idea, enabling users to dynamically manage their profiles. Each user profile can be filtered depending on the recipient (e.g. project leaders, companies, recruiters) and on the obsolescence of information, to create a specific profile context. It is a web- based multi-platform service which use the ITSME metaphor: Venues & Stories. In particular, every professional and private life experience will be represented by a specific venue sharable with the others. The venues strongest potentiality is the possibility for the followers to see the profiles evolution. Our concept originates as a software, web-based application, operable on PCs, MACs, Linux, Smart phones...but we can also think about a dedicated device for it (for ex. Poken).
  15. 15. How does it works?– Registration (also for guests) • Personal data • Username and password (for Login) • Contacts • Role (between recruiter, jobseeker, both) [facultative]– Download software • Choose the right software version for your OS– Create a shared profile and manage your personal database: •General informations •Specific informations (related to the profession) •Collateral informations (related to hobbies, collateral skills...) •Customizable interface •Manual and automatic tagging to index own informations– Multiple profile views • General filtered visibility: choose the elements you want to share with everybody • Specific filtered visibility: create different profiles for specific addresses
  16. 16. – Research • people/companies • tag- Alerting •Ticker to notify profile changes and validate informations*. •Profile tracking between users– Constant and automatic information refresh Automatic synchronization between nicetomITSME desktop and web databases.– Interoperability (pcs, macs, mobile devices): Multiplatform: desktop program usable and linkable to web service and different devices– *Certification system for published information
  17. 17. Certification system for published information • Official validation • Peer to peer validation: constant feedback between users • Auto certification
  18. 18. Whats the added value of nicetomITSME? The only way to use our service is to put ITSME in a network of relationships, in particular in the framework of job seeking. The success and diffusion of services like "NICETOMitsme" can encourage the use of the ITSME OS metaphor.
  19. 19. Scenario Mobile Lorenzo is 25 years old and works in a fashion store. He loves sport, cinema, comics and literature. After work, he decides to go to the cinema.
  20. 20. He goes to see afilm with otherfriends. Theychoose anAlmodovar’smovie called“Los AbrazosRotos”.
  21. 21. During the break,Lorenzo has sometime to spend…
  22. 22. He takes his Nokia N95 and opens NICETOMitsme application to quicklyupdate his profile.
  23. 23. Once the application islaunched, he selects the“Leisure time” venue(about personalinterests)
  24. 24. There are no voices in the Leisure time venue because during the day there were no updates.Lorenzo selects the “Cinemafield” to enter the film he isviewing
  25. 25. He types the film title and author…… and publish it!
  26. 26. He can immediately see what he has typed.And then he goes to the “bookvenue”.
  27. 27. He checks the updates about books read during the last months and he notices that he hasn’t inserted the last one.He pushes the button to insert anew voice in the venue.
  28. 28. He inserts the informations about the book……and then he publish it!
  29. 29. Scenario Workstation Marta is an Interior Design student at Polimi. Using “itsme” she realizes that NICETOMitsme could be useful to improve her career
  30. 30. She is working withitsme and shedecides to choicesome files to sharethroughNICETOMitsmeand selects them.Then she clicks onNICETOMitsmebutton to updateher yet existingprofile.
  31. 31. Now she wants to seeher updated profile onNICETOMitsme, so she opens the web application.
  32. 32. She opensNICETOMitsme. Somefiles yet uploaded arein the “Limbo” and sheputs them in the rightvenues.
  33. 33. She comes back to “itsme” and now she can see the files shared on NICETOMitsme that areunderlined.
  34. 34. Sarvo works at CromaStudio, a graphic-design studio near Milano. He is looking for someone who can work on a project for a couple of months. While browsing on the web hefinds an innovative web serviceable to create a network about personal/professional profile. The new web service is NICETOMitsme.
  35. 35. The home page shows the web-service mission and invite visitors to log-in or register to use it.Sarvo decides to sign up.
  36. 36. The registration form shows two different ways to sign up: first form for people, second one for companies/industries. He chooses the companies form. Between the fields there is onefacultative and shows to him three different possibilities: • Looking for a job • Offering a job • Both of them He selects “Offering a job”
  37. 37. Once he registered, he finds a page with an example about the research that he can do and a button to download the desktop software at the bottom.He immediately tries to findthe right people for hisproject and inserts somekeywords.
  38. 38. NICETOMitsme shows two results for the research.A young girl who is studying and an older man who teaches at the university.
  39. 39. He prefers the young girl because she is probably more interested for a two months work. As he clicks on the button to havethe permission to see the extended profile, a confirmation window appears.
  40. 40. Marta is working with “itsme”.She opens NICETOMitsme and sees a notification for a new message. She clicks on it.
  41. 41. She opens the mail and see that is sent from another NICETOMitsme member.
  42. 42. It’s a new request for her profile. She notices that the request is from a company.She gives the permission to access to her profile
  43. 43. Now she has to choose the venue and the information to show to CromaStudio because momentarily is available only the general profile.After creating a new profile, she links it to CromaStudio.
  44. 44. And now….. Good luck!!!
  45. 45. .business model Competitors - Linkedin - Twitter - Naymz - Job seeking services Services - manage datas using itsme metaphor - share own professional profiles - possibility to show a wide range of skills - filtering of information based on specific requests - feedback between users
  46. 46. Structure- Recruitment- File Sharing- Data management- Guest recognition- Data certificationValues- generic user: fluid, contextualized and well organised set ofinformation- specific user: definition of a professional profile that fits better withdifferent recipients, certification of own experiences- recruiter/companies: more focused selection of profilesProfit Model- Sponsorship (googlead, job seeking companies)- The success and diffusion of services like "nicetomITSME" canencourage ITSME os selling and use.- Annual Subscription, from the second year
  47. 47. Possible partners- itsme official partners- Monster and CV’s promotion services/sites/companies- Dopplr, trip advisor- Linkedin- Twitter- Facebook- DeliciousCritical Factors- strictly connected to the itsme metaphor comprehension anduse- less motivation of subscription to older users and those with along career
  48. 48. HyperTube Team Artini Chiara Conti Simona simofloyd@gmail.comMengoni Guido Tocci Francesco