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Lead for EPs

  1. 1. EP Leadership Journey Ubuntu We are because they are…
  2. 2. + LEAD for EPs is designed to improve experience of our exchange participants, and let them realize the leadership learning & growth derived from an exchange experience. This is as a support system system for their inner and outer journey. Definition of LEAD for EPs
  3. 3. +  We believe in delivering quality and powerful life changing experiences for more Individuals (promoters & customers).  We believe that an exchange experience provides strong leadership development for individuals through an inner & outer journey.  Through our impact model, we believe AIESEC contribute to solve societal issues and moving towards its vision of peace and fulfillment of human kind potential. Why?
  4. 4. + AIESEC is successful because we provide Entrepreneurial & Responsible Leadership even for EPs. FOR EPs Ubuntu We are because they are…
  5. 5. + We build something inside of young people that last. FOR EPs
  6. 6. + Through a Journey of Leadership Outer- Journey (GCDP Experience) Inner- Journey (LEAD Experience) Living a powerful exchange experience develops Strong Leadership.
  7. 7. + Objective Create a platform to reflect, understand & develop leadership, Explore leadership potential of each single exchange participant, Creating quality EPs to re-integrate back into TMP-TLP Reflect Understand Develop
  8. 8. + Packed life changing experience, exploring and developing leadership potential. Value for Participants
  9. 9. + Expected Outcome: Exchange participants understanding the importance of self discovery for a better leadership journey and with a clear understanding of his next steps. Expected Outcome
  10. 10. + This principles applies to EP LEAD from when they signed up for an experience, back packed, to when they check-in and check-out in their new environment. This EP experience has been given proper attention like nothing else matters: “If we all have to take care of each other, we do not have to worry about ourselves” EPs Leadership Journey should be given maximum attention: 1. Invest in the process: Pay professional to debrief EP experience and deliver training, 1. Track the delivery of EP LEAD to be sure it is done both in home & host entity. Principle
  11. 11. + There are 3 parts: LEAD will start on OPS as back packing for EPs, this is done by VPTM and/or OGX at the home entity. A LEAD check-in for EPs in the middle of internship (example 4 weeks in an 8weeks XP). Space for this is created by VPTM and/orVPICX, but the space can be hosted by an Alumni, external Trainer, or someone experienced with LEAD. Right at the end of the exchange program, the EPs will have a check-out LEAD moment, which leaves them with a realization of how they have developed in their leadership. This space is also organized by the VPTM and/or VPICX. However, an assessment and showcasing of the EP LEAD experience can happen during a re-integration seminar to give an opportunity for reflection of experience and leadership developed. Duration & Structure
  12. 12. + How to execute the strategy LCs need to remember that AIESEC is a platform for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential. It’ll influence a lot on personal development of Exchange Participants. The main purpose is creating a platform to reflect what leadership is, and how it is correlate with themselves. We strongly recommend to implement for this kind of Entities: - Those who has country partners and can ensure a complete process home or abroad; - OPS, re-integration seminars are already implemented; - Have good leadership culture, to develop LEAD block. - You can have a combined LEAD for ICX EPs already in your country and OGX EPs that are leaving soon.
  13. 13. + Hosting EntitySending Entity My Exchange Leadership Journey Back packing Self Check-in Check-out + Back Packing: - 3days EP conference - 1day EP Seminar - 3hrs EP LEAD Discussion Self Check-in: - EP XP Journal - National Conference - Learning Circle/Spaces Check-out: - Capturing EP XP - Showcasing Impact Our Approach: Self Learning: EP Leadership Journal Change Makers: Sending & Hosting Entity (VPTM&OGX VPTM&ICX) Both Entities
  14. 14. + EP LEAD Back Packing Journey Topics Introspection Who do I want to be? What is leadership? Do I want to be a leader? What type of leader do I want to be? How would it influence my life? What are my goals in developing leadership during my exchange? Self-Awareness & Value What are my values? How do I want to live and challenge those values during an exchange experience? How would it influence my contribution to the society? Growth How do I take responsibility for my learning & development? How do I support the learning and development of other? Others Why of AIESEC Back packing 3days EP conference | 1day EP Seminar | 3hrs EP LEAD Discussion
  15. 15. + EP LEAD Self Check-in Journey Topics Introspection How does it feel been in another environment? What is my role here? What am I learning from the culture, people & environment? How do I build my leadership in this country through my role? Self-Awareness & Value Am I living my values in this new environment? What has been challenging my Values in this new environment? Do I need to reassess and redefine my values? Growth What has changed about me so far? How do I support more the Experience of other? Self Check-in EP XP Journal | National Conference | Learning Circle/Spaces
  16. 16. + EP LEAD Check-out Journey Topics Introspection What is are my realization about leadership? Do I still want to be a leader? How has been is another environment challenged my leadership? Self-Awareness & Value Are my values still the same? How would it influence my contribution to the society Is this experience I have lived enough for my personal development? Growth Who have I become? What is ahead of me? What does leadership mean to me now? How will it help me in further life? EP 360 Feedback (Appreciative Inquiry) Check-out Capturing EP XP | Showcasing Impact
  17. 17. + Strategy Implementation Strategy Implementation Piloting (Brasilombia) Common Agenda discussion (H&H Entities). Implementation (H&H Entities) LEAD Coaching (LEAD GST)
  18. 18. + Self learning is a type of learning done by one’s self, without a teacher or an instructor. This type of learning has also been built in the LEAD for EP project, so that they can take responsibility for their learning, and also support learning of other. This is done through an EP LEAD Journal. LEAD Self learning
  19. 19. + We are because you are…