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Syncro System presentation: ALL ABOUT VAN CONVERSIONS IN 20 SLIDES!


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Everything about Syncro System: What is a van, Updated data about registered vans in Europe , What is a van conversion … all in 20 slides in the new Syncro System presentation.

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Syncro System presentation: ALL ABOUT VAN CONVERSIONS IN 20 SLIDES!

  1. 1. WHY CHOOSE A VAN Cargo transport Mini mobile workshops Client assistance Moving Transporting motorcycles, bikes Installations and maintenance Who is using vans Artisans/craftsmen , Small and mid-size companies People and families Large private companies and public works Van facts Unladen weight less than 3.5 tons Van = light commercial vehicle Commercial vehicle with cab that is part of the body License needed – in Italy the automobile driver’s license B Intended to transport cargo
  2. 2. Number of vans in Europa Compact and small vans up to 3500 tons in Europe + 10,9% 1,394,092 Increased European van registrations – from Jan-Nov 2014 compared to 2013 Compact and small vans up to 3500 tons. January- Novembre 2014, Europe * Estimate ACEA, European Automobile Manufacturers Association
  3. 3. Van conversion What is a van conversion? What does a van conversion consists of: Interior linings and paneling Racking components Accessories Roof top cargo transport systems Loading ramps What is a van conversion? All the materials and equipment that are installed in and on your van to transform it into an everyday work vehicle. Roof-top solutions Cargo solutions Rooftop cargo transport systems, ramps Interior protections, Accessories, Racking components
  4. 4. Why is it important to equip your van? Protects your van over time, professional, space-saving, and saves you time and money. To lengthen the life of your working van Thanks to paneling that protects the original van body from dents and rusting – and thanks to the many ways to keep cargo locked down and in place during transit. To increase your professionalism on the job Order is fundamental to quickly finding what you want. No need to keep customers waiting while you are looking for equipment and materials. To make the most of your van’s space With custom conversions and attention to every curve and corner, you really make the most of the space you have. To save you TIME and MONEY If you always have everything right at hand, you are never wasting time. And time, as you know, is money.
  5. 5. Who carries out the conversion? Installations should be done by conversion installation experts – trained and experienced in the precise planning and mounting of all the conversion components. This ensures: • Integrity of the van • Safety during transport • The long life of the conversion • Integrity of all installed components
  6. 6. Syncro System – the numbers talk The figures that tell the Syncro Story: with branches in 20 countries world-wide 1996 First van conversion carried out About 5,000 vans equipped every year all around the world About 60,000 vans equipped since 1996 Operating in more than 20 countries worldwide 10 centers in Italy 3 companies 60 employees in the group Over 6,000 different products between: • racking components, • accessories, • interior paneling, • roof racks • loading ramps
  7. 7. How much can you save by installing a Syncro conversion? For 220 working days a year At a cost of 25 € / hour 30 minutes a day 5 Years→ 13.750 €
  9. 9. What does ORDER on your van mean: Most workers calculate that on a non-equipped van, you lose an average of 30 minutes a day (if not more) looking for equipment and materials in the chaos. 3. You don’t have to replace ‘lost’ tools 2. No wasted time looking for things 1. Always finding what you need With a conversion consisting of shelving and drawer units, lockers, wheel arch base and portable organizer cases, everything has its place. It makes it easy to find things when you need them, and just as easy to put them back when you’re finished.
  10. 10. Tips for keeping everything in order on your van Besides the basics, Syncro has designed a series of measures to make keeping order on your van even easier. Non-slip rubber mats Drawer and shelving units are complete with non-slip rubber mats and horizontal dividers to subdivide drawers for extensive storage of small parts, tools and fittings. Telescoping ball bearing glides All drawers are mounted on telescoping ball bearing glides, therefore sliding smoothly and completely out, without any wasted space and with all the contents easily visible and easy to reach. Clear plastic containers Also available, are clear plastic drawers, containers and organizer cases, allowing all components to be easily seen and retrieved. Tool racks For the most frequently used tools, we guarantee order and fast retrieval with our tool racks.
  11. 11. How can your van make you more PROFESSIONAL? CLEAN AND ORDERLY Assuring your van is always clean, tidy and in order SPEED, EFFICIENCY Allowing you to be quicker and more efficient ON TIME ’ Keeping you on time and totally prepared for every job MORE PROFESSIONALISM = MORE CREDIBILITY = MORE CLIENTS = GREATER PROFITS
  12. 12. Converting your van means most importantly, PROTECTING IT. The first step to converting any van is MOUNTING INTERIOR PROTECTIVE PANELING PROTECTIONS Paneling covering walls, doors, and ceiling come in aluminum, steel or alveolar plastic. FLOOR AND BULKHEAD PANELS Floor and bulkhead panels in resin-coated, non-slip marine plywood or chequered-plate aluminum. EXTRA PROTECTIONS Custom made protective coverings for wheel arches and windows.
  13. 13. Quick installation, moderate investment Mounting these protective linings takes almost no time at all and it is a minor investment that assures the long life of your van. Keeps the original van surfaces protected from dents, warping, and spilled liquids. Protects surfaces from the onset of rust No loss of time and money in the body shop repairing interior damage 1 Extends the life of you van 2 4 3
  14. 14. LIGHTWEIGHT + DURABLE The components for Syncro System vans are dominated by two main characteristics: Lightweight components allows you to load more cargo without exceeding your van’s maximum weight limits. Lighter weight components also provide significant savings in terms of fuel consumption and vehicle wear. The more durable each component is means that you will incur less damage and they will last longer. Shelving, drawer units and all Syncro racking components are designed using materials (wood, high strength steel, plastic, aluminum) that are both incredibly resistant and lightweight. How does lighter translate into savings? MORE CARGO = LESS TRIPS BETWEEN SITE AND WORKSHOP LIGHTER THE WEIGHT = THE MORE YOU SAVE MORE DURABLE = DIMINISHED COSTS OVER TIME LIGHT LIGHT STRONG
  15. 15. 3-year Warranty Don’t worry about any possible defects: the warranty covers everything! GUARANTEED OVER TIME The modest amount needed to invest in converting your van will be made back over a very short period of time from the guaranteed savings from all these factors. And even more, Syncro offers a 3-YEAR WARRANTY starting from the installation, replacing any components that have any signs of being faulty.
  16. 16. Financeable investment The real costs of a Syncro conversion: not only can you finance your investment, but it pays you back fast. The minimal expenses necessary to convert your van: 1. You can finance the costs: you can add them to the finance or leasing plan that you chose to buy your commercial van. 2. Your investment will pay you back quickly, thanks to the great time and money savings that you will see starting immediately. YOU DON’T HAVE TO SPEND LOTS YOU DON’T HAVE TO PAY RIGHT AWAY MOST IMPORTANTLY, THE MONEY YOU SPEND, IS SPENT WISELY!
  17. 17. Worried about down time? You don’t have to worry about this either! Again, no worries: Syncro conversions are perfectly designed for minimal installations times. To completely transform your van with the Syncro system, our expert technicians in our authorized centers need a MAXIMUM OF ONE DAY! And…you won’t lose a SINGLE DAY if you bring your van into the center before it’s registered. That way, we install everything BEFORE the paperwork is EVEN FINISHED. ZERO TIME LOST! Thank to 20 years of experience in van conversions by all the Syncro centers, SPEED and PRECISION IN INSTALLATION go hand and hand! One step in the installation process
  18. 18. Reusabillity factor of Syncro components The Syncro System van components are designed to be REUSABLE: They are durable, and therefore last for years → without breaking or ruining.01 02 03 04 Their LONG-LASTING DURABILTY goes far beyond the life of commercial vehicle → so when you change vans, you can install the old components on your new van. We make sure the external measurements remain the same. This means that older pieces are compatible with newer ones → So as you change and make improvements and upgrades, you can integrate and combine NEW elements to suit your evolving needs. Or painlessly modify your system to fit a new van. All components are mounted with a SIMPLE installation system that allows for both easy mounting and dismounting of the pieces. → And if you’re thinking about selling your old van, you don’t have to worry about any damage done by taking out the racking components. SYNCRO CONVERSIONS: DURABLE + REUSABLE + MIX-AND-MATCHABLE Sprinter conversion with a combo of new and used equipment
  19. 19. Syncro Van Racking Equipment: intact after the Crash test The van conversions done by Syncro System sport a key feature in the world of racking equipment for vans: THEY PASSED THE CRASH TEST*! What does that mean? Even In the case of a serious accident, Syncro components MAKE IT THROUGH. Slight bending may occur, but they do not come unfixed and all components remain closed and locked. The SAFETY of both the passengers and others on the road is assured. *Crash Test (ECE R17) was carried out at the prestigious TUV in Cologne, Germany, consisting of a frontal impact against a deformable barrier. Van accident: from the outside Van accident: on the inside