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How to kill a brand


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Over the past few years, there has been an explosion of brand presence in the online world at the same time that, being on web has become a strategic choice for small companies and their business. The Internet has completely changed the way we communicate brands but also how consumers may perceive it.

From social media to digital advertising, and newsletters to online campaigns, the way to expose a company’s identity has become varied and complex.
We all agree that an easy and simple way to identify a company or a business is by their logo. However, the logo per se does not a brand or identity make.

So, are you sure you know how to communicate your brand or are you ready to commit a crime?

This presentation is inspired by:

The brand gap by Marty Neumeier
Zag by Marty Neumeier
Designing Brand Identity by Alina Wheeler
Wally Olins: the brand handbook by Wally Olins

Published in: Marketing, Technology, Business

How to kill a brand

  1. 1. CHIARA ALIOTTA presents
  2. 2. HELLO! GEOMETRIA , Medium, 80pt FONT USED
  3. 3. GEOMETRIA , Medium, 80pt FONT USED I AM and this presentation contains subliminal messages CHIARA
  4. 4. THE 3 KILL YOUR BRAND s THAT C also stands
 for Chiara
  5. 5. doesn’t 
 contain a C …but I am the Joomla! Brand Manager so I am supposed to talk about it too!
  6. 6. BRAND? WHAT IS A let’s see how many of you are brand killers….
  7. 7. A brand is not what you say it is. IT’S WHAT THEY SAY IT IS. The Brand Gap MARTY NEUMEIER
  8. 8. $37.4 billion (Forbes) BRAND VALUE IN 2014
  9. 9. $18.2 billion (Forbes) BRAND VALUE IN 2014
  10. 10. $104.7 billion (Forbes) BRAND VALUE IN 2014
  11. 11. SO HOT? WHY ARE BRANDS …and why do we all want one?
  12. 12. Once upon a time…. FACTORIES
  13. 13. Once upon a time…. CAPITAL
  14. 14. Once upon a time…. PATENT
  15. 15. Today INTELLECTUAL
  16. 16. BRAND KILLER HOW TO BE A …no? Seriously?!!
  17. 17. BRAND KILLER HOW TO IDENTIFY A … and be sure you are not one already!
  18. 18. CLUTTER
  19. 19. CLUTTER
  20. 20. CLARITY
  21. 21. little questions Who are you? 3 What do you do? Why does it matter?
  22. 22. WHO? the only motorcycle manufacture WHAT? that produces original and timeless motorbikes WHY? for people who want to ride an icon 
 of style
  23. 23. WHO? a global community WHAT? that spreads the love for analogue photography WHY? for people who ignite a new style of artistic experimental photography
  24. 24. What makes Joomla! the only one? Joomla! is the only that . worldwide project builds a community around digital publishing and collaboration
  25. 25. WHO? the only contributor-driven project WHAT? that develops award-winning web solutions WHY? for a community who wants to build secure, easy-to-use and powerful digital applications
  26. 26. CONFUSION
  27. 27. Athens, 2012 LOGO OSRAM Since 2001
  28. 28. Malpensa Airport, Milan 2014 APPLE?!
  29. 29. by Sacha Goldberger RIDERS
  30. 30. by Sacha Goldberger RIDERS
  31. 31. CONFUSION
  32. 32. COHERENCE
  33. 33. little question 1 Are you remarkable?
  34. 34. Coca Cola 2013 OPEN HAPPINESS
  35. 35. Diesel, 2010 BE STUPID
  36. 36. Joomla!
 Brandmark Joomla!
 Logotype Joomla!
 Tagline The Registered mark protects Joomla!
  37. 37. COLDNESS
  38. 38. December 2013 UPS. We [heart] logistics
  39. 39. Barilla Italy’s No.1 PastaSeptember 2013 Barilla. The choice of Italy.
  40. 40. COLDNESS
  41. 41. CARE
  42. 42. Our emotions change the way we think, 
 and serve as constant guides to appropriate behavior, steering us away from the bad, 
 guiding us toward the good. Donald A. Norman EMOTIONAL DESIGN
  43. 43. little question 1 How does it make you feel?
  44. 44. JUST DO IT. Self-achievement
  45. 45. Tokyo. Launch of Mini iPad THINK DIFFERENT Desire to belong
  46. 46. How does Joomla! make you feel? little question for you 1
  47. 47. A brand is a living entity.
 The DNA of your company. How to kill a brand CHIARA ALIOTTA KEEP IT ALIVE!
  48. 48. THANK YOU!