Strategic planning manager of a advertising agency


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Strategic planner's work process

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Strategic planning manager of a advertising agency

  1. 1. Strategic Planning Manager of an Advertising Agency
  2. 2. The 3 Big Functions of an Ad Agency Account • Voice of the Client Management Strategy Creatives • Voice of the Consumer • The Voice within
  3. 3. Focus on client and consumers than the BrandTeam A brand is how the consumer defines it rather than how we or the brand team defines it
  4. 4. Flow of Information in an Agency Account Management Clients Brief Strategy Creative Brief Creative
  5. 5. So what does a Planner really do? Write the creative brief :P Considering The Market The Customers and The Client Write the plan + present the pitches
  6. 6. Writing the Creative Brief • • • • • Understanding the business of the client Identifying the right consumer Identifying insights about the consumer Coming up with THE BIG IDEA Identify best media to exploit the Big Idea Makes sure that the campaign will achieve the objectives set out by the client
  7. 7. Responsibilities of a Planner • An expert information cruncher • Insight miner • Owner of the big idea • Developing the Big Brand Idea • Make sure that the • idea sells to the consumer Make sure that the idea is executed most efficiently on the media
  8. 8. What should Strategy Really do
  9. 9. Difference between Account Planning and Strategic Planning • Account Planning • Voice of the Consumer • Strategic Planning • Business building • Brand Building • Organization Capacity Building