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How to take print from ipad android phone ipod smart phone with Google


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How to take print from your iPad, iPhone, Smart Phone, Android Phone, Tablet, etc with the help of Google Cloud Print

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How to take print from ipad android phone ipod smart phone with Google

  1. 1. Print from Smart Phone, Tablet, iPhone, iPad on your normal printer CA Sanjay Visanji Chheda 1
  2. 2. Printing from Smart Phone, Tablet • Nowadays, we use iPhone, Smart Phone, iPad and other Tablets more than normal laptop and desktop • But when it comes to taking print out from any of these device to normal printer • We have to save file, picture, etc., in Gallery, then send it via email to desktop / laptop • Take print from desktop / laptop CA Sanjay Visanji Chheda 2
  3. 3. Cloud Print to make it Smarter • Cloud Print helps you to print from these devices even when printer is not wireless • All you need is – Google Account – Desktop & Printer – Internet on Desktop as well as iPhone / iPad CA Sanjay Visanji Chheda 3
  4. 4. Chrome Setting • Log on to your desktop / laptop which is connected to normal printer • Go to Chrome and click on • From drop down menu click on Settings CA Sanjay Visanji Chheda 4
  5. 5. Chrome Advanced Settings • In Setting tab, go to bottom • Click on “Show advanced settings” CA Sanjay Visanji Chheda 5
  6. 6. Add Cloud Printer CA Sanjay Visanji Chheda 6
  7. 7. Cloud Printing Select printer and once you add that printer, you can also share it with your friends, relatives and colleagues CA Sanjay Visanji Chheda 7
  8. 8. Install Print App on iPhone, iPad CA Sanjay Visanji Chheda 8
  9. 9. Cloud Printing – How it works Printers with wi-fi, bluetooth facilities (not covered in this presentation Your Smart Phone, iPad, iPhone, Tablet Google Cloud Print which is connecting all these devices CA Sanjay Visanji Chheda Normal Printer (not wireless) 9
  10. 10. Cloud Printing - Sharing • Once you have added normal printer from your login id, you can share it with your family members, friends, colleauges • To share your printer with all of them, all you need is their google id / gmail accounts • Once you have added their email id, they have to just download Print App on their device • When they install Print App, your share Printer will appear on their screen CA Sanjay Visanji Chheda 10
  11. 11. Thank U Very Much CA Sanjay Visanji Chheda 11