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Jamaica Sandals Honeymoon

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Honeymoon Eric & Amy

  1. 1. Honeymoon<br />Eric & Amy<br />
  2. 2. Sandals Resorts<br />Honeymoon couples staying at Sandals will receive complimentary honeymoon inclusions featuring a bottle of chilled sparkling wine elegantly arranged on ice upon arrival, turn-down service including flower petals on the first night, and breakfast in bed served with fresh flowers on one morning of your stay. <br />Book any Sandals Resort now through July 31st and receive a $250 discount! <br />Discount is included in quote<br />
  3. 3. Details<br />All prices are subject to change at any time without notice<br />All quotes include airfare, resort, round-trip transportation between airport and resort, tips and taxes for two<br />Excursions can be booked through Change Your Latitude<br />Travel insurance is not included but highly recommended <br />
  4. 4. Jamaica<br />Mid-April to mid-December is low season in Jamaica<br />May and June and October and November are Jamaica's rainy seasons, where each day it is likely to rain for a short while in the afternoon. Though it's not likely to spoil your day, it can put a damper on things. Hurricanes are predictable, and visitors often know well ahead of time if there is a threat of danger on Jamaica.<br />As the Jamaican Tourist Board stresses, you are more likely to be mugged in New York than in Montego Bay, so you should not let the reputation deter you from experiencing all the island has to offer. Jamaica is a beautiful island full of friendly, charismatic, and fun-loving people.<br />The most common problem you are likely to encounter in Jamaica isn't actually a crime or danger at all, but rather considered by some to be an inconvenience. Street vendors can be quite persistent, and while some travelers thrill at the exciting and fast-paced experience of bargaining with vendors, others can consider their manner intrusive and uncomfortable.<br />
  5. 5. 2 hours and 45 minutes direct flight from Houston to Montego Bay<br />Jamaica<br />
  6. 6. Negril<br />One cannot fully describe the Natural beauty of Negril. Its powdery white sand beaches fringed by lush tropical trees and vegetation.<br />The unspoilt, untamed and unforgetable Negril- Jamaica's jewel in the crown where our open 7 mile beach entices you to walk, to swim, to play... and to make friends. <br />Our rugged cliff side on the West End burst into fire at sunset in the many bars and restaurants, whilst the peaceful afternoons show off the many caves and diving areas. <br />Topless sunbathing is common on most of the "Seven Mile Beach.“<br />Winter high temperatures are around 86 degrees, with nighttime lows of 67.<br />
  7. 7. Sandals Negril<br />
  8. 8. Sandals Negril<br />5 Star Resort<br />Couples Only<br />All-Inclusive<br />Meals, snacks, drinks, alcoholic beverages and taxes<br />
  9. 9. Sandals negril<br />Located on the longest and best stretch of Negril 7-mile beach<br />Nightly Entertainment<br />•Sundays - Caribbean Night - Taste of the cultural diversity of Jamaica<br />•Mondays - Boonoonoonoos Beach Bash - Beach party<br />•Tuesdays - Sandals Star Talent Show - Guest & staff talent show<br />•Wednesdays - Lover's White Night - Lovers' game show<br />•Thursdays - Casino Tropicale - Party band and charity sasino<br />•Fridays - Reggae Fest - Jamaican food, chocolate buffet and music<br />•Saturdays - Island Night - Cabaret show, prizes and surprises<br />Laid back feel<br />Buildings are not allowed to be taller than palm trees<br />Breathtaking sunsets can be enjoyed from all restaurants<br />All rooms are close to beach<br />Seven restaurants<br />Italian, West Indian, Teppanyaki, Seafood, Beach Grill, Pizzeria, International <br />
  10. 10. Sandals Negril<br />Three Pools<br />Five Bars, including swim-up bar<br />Free scuba diving for certified divers<br />Scuba diving classes available for small fee<br />Wind-surfing, snorkeling, water skiing, sailboats, hobie cats, knee boarding and glass bottom boat all included<br />
  11. 11. Sandals Negril<br />Honeymoon Grande Luxe Beachfront Concierge<br /> These rooms feature mahogany furnishings, a four-poster king-size bed, in-room bars, a 32" plasma TV and a balcony. Located directly on the beach on the second and third floors of the Paradise Building. Rooms include "Suite Concierge Service".<br />Caribbean Luxury<br />These rooms feature a four-poster king-size bed with mahogany furnishings and tiled floors. Most rooms have patios or balconies, a few have this area enclosed thereby offering a larger room with a sitting area. Located on the first through third floors in Paradise and Royal Cottage Building overlooking lush gardens.<br />Negril Premium<br />These rooms feature a four-poster king-size bed with mahogany furnishings and tiled floors. Located on the first through third floors in the Paradise, Coconut Cove and Bamboo Grove Buildings. Garden View<br />Tropical Deluxe<br />These rooms feature a four-poster king-size bed with mahogany furnishings and tiled floors. Located on the first and second floors of Coconut Grove and Bamboo Grove Buildings. Resort View.<br />
  12. 12. Honeymoon Grande Luxe Beachfront Concierge<br />Concierge Services<br />Concierge Lounge:<br />Hours: 8am - 10pm<br />High-definition flat-screen TV<br />Selection of board games<br />Fresh coffee / selection of teas<br />Times Fax / Britain Today<br />Alcoholic beverages, champagne, juice, sodas and water<br />Day and evening amenities - sandwiches, fruits, cookies<br />Concierge Signature drink - each property has their own drink and the recipe is displayed<br />Air-conditioned comfort<br />Guest check-out with concierge agent<br />Check-In<br />Met on arrival by Concierge agent<br />Privately checked in at the Concierge lounge<br />Escorted to room by Concierge agent<br />Given property orientation by Concierge agent<br />Room Upgrades<br />Fully-stocked bar - premium liquor, beers, juices, water, sodas, wine and champagne<br />Total: $4,864<br />
  13. 13. Sandals Negril<br />Caribbean Luxury<br />Total: $4,395<br />Negril Premium<br />Total: $4,213<br />
  14. 14. Sandals Negril<br />Tropical Deluxe<br />Total: $4,024<br />
  15. 15. Negril Excursions<br />Dolphin Encounter <br />Enjoy learning about these truly unique animals while touching, dancing, singing and even kissing one of our beautiful bottlenose dolphins in deep water. Feel the thrill of riding the dolphin belly to belly as the water rushes by. <br />Watch the Dolphins at play and view the exciting Shark Show, performed by our very own Pirates of Little Port Royal. Interact with our colorful birds and exotic snakes and iguanas. Enjoy Unlimited Mini boat rides, Glass-bottom Kayaking and Interacting with our gentle stingrays with barbs clipped. Pirates roam and then Relax on the Pearly white beach while being caressed by the cool, Caribbean breeze.<br />$205 Per Person<br />4x4 Off-Road Safari <br />Encounter the real Jamaica! Climb into one of our safari-themed 4x4 Land Rovers and get ready for an awe-inspiring trip into Jamaica's rugged, and rarely seen, interior.<br /> Feast your eyes on Jamaica's breathtaking natural beauty and get to know firsthand about the island's rich history and unique culture with many a pit stop in local landmarks, such as a former slave hospital, which was converted into a church in 1846.<br /> Walk on the wild side through lush, tropical foliage. Discover hidden waterfalls. Jump into crystal-clear, natural spring water pools. Go off the beaten track and experience the very heart of paradise.<br />$79 Per Person<br />
  16. 16. Negril Excursions<br />Deep Sea Sport Fishing <br />Island Routes brings you world-class sport fishing.The very best in deep-sea, sport fishing beckons off the coast. The waters are renowned as one of the most thrilling fishing grounds in the entire Caribbean. Take your turn at the "battling station" to capture the catch of the day. Your experienced captain and crew will introduce you to the very best spots where you can try your hand at catching Blue Marlin, Wahoo, Dolphin (MahiMahi) and Barracuda, just to name a few.<br />$180 Per Person<br />Island Routes Reggae Cruise <br />Experience the magic of an Island Routes catamaran cruise, one of the Caribbean’s most wet ‘n’ wild adventures full of delectable appetizers, exotic cocktails, and the best panoramic views you’ll ever set your eyes on! Laugh out loud with newfound friends as the undulating shoreline passes you by. You’ll find yourself swaying to the rhythms of reggae music, new and old, while learning the latest island dance moves and enjoying our signature catamaran cocktail. There’s nothing quite like this ‘club on water’ to feel the pulse of the island vibes and see the wonders of the Caribbean. [NOTE: Snorkeling is included; Depending on port of call highlighted locales are: Pelican Bar, Dunn's River Falls, Margaritaville, Black River, or Rick’s Café]<br />$80 Per Person<br />
  17. 17. Negril Excursions<br />ATV Safari<br /> Claim your very own four-wheel ATV and get ready for the ride of your life through the gloriously luxuriant landscape surrounding Jamaica. Explore hidden villages, nestled amidst wondrous environments, complete with tropical forests and exotic foliage. Journey deep into the scenic countryside on twisting, shaded pathways that meander beneath the dense jungle canopy. <br />Stop for refreshments and enjoy spectacular views of the coastline and the Caribbean Sea, as you listen to your guise share the history of this fascinating Island. Take a dip in the crystal-clear waters of our secluded, private pool, a natural wonder carved from sheer rock. Discover the untold pleasures of an unspoiled Jamaican Eden.<br />$89 Per Person<br />Bamboo River Rafting <br />Climb aboard a 30-foot, bamboo raft and be poled down the jade-green Martha Brae River, in the Jamaican parish of Trelawny (birthplace of sprinter Usain Bolt) by your very own experienced pilot and guide. Trail your hand in shimmering waters as they flow past your leisurely moving craft.<br /> Gaze raptly at towering trees filled with brightly hued birds and exotic flowers as you glide past the tropical river banks. Surrender to the romance of the moment as leaves rustle in the breeze. Experience a truly Jamaican pastime as you raft down a gently twisting river glistening in the sun.<br />$92 Per Person<br />
  18. 18. Negril Excursions<br />Discover Dunn's River Falls <br />Experience the majesty of Dunn's River Falls, one of Jamaica's most magnificent natural treasures and one of the globe's most gorgeous spots. Join hands and form a human chain, as you wend your way up the rocky slopes of this 600-foot waterfall, led by expert guides.<br /> Pose for snaps amidst the luxuriant foliage that lines the sides of the ascending falls. Soak in the refreshing, pure waters, as they cascade down from their untainted source high in the mountains above Ocho Rios. Give in to the unbelievable beauty of this wondrous place.<br />$99 Per Person<br />Dune Buggy Safari <br />If you're into rugged good times and don't mind getting a little muddy, then this fantastic trip into the mountains is the perfect excursion for you! Simply get in your buggy and set off on a wondrous journey through a magical, tropical landscape that ascends up, up into the gorgeous emerald mountains of Jamaica.<br />Revel in breathtaking views from atop soaring green peaks. Gaze out at a vast expanse of luxuriant countryside, curvaceous coastline and glistening sapphire sea that will leave an indelible impression of Jamaica's beauty on your mind<br />$87 Per Person<br />
  19. 19. Negril Excursions<br />Island Routes Lover's Rock Cruise<br />Sail off into the sunset—literally—on this romantic cruise that features stunning views of the golden sun sinking into the sea and lighting up the horizon with a spectrum of red, pink and orange tints. Munch on delectable appetizers and sip exotic cocktails including our catamaran signature drink as you stand on deck and watch the sea become set ablaze with fiery color! Laugh out loud with newfound friends as the undulating shoreline passes you by. Sway to the rhythms of the pulsating reggae music or simply steal away, finding a quiet spot where you can be alone together and remember why you fell in love in the first place. There’s nothing quite like a Caribbean sunset at sea to reawaken the fires of love or to ignite memories that will last a lifetime<br />$80 Per Person<br />Jamaica Bobsled Tranopy<br />If you can't get ever get enough excitement and you love nothing more than having your pulse rate race, then this is a can't miss excursion designed just for you. A triple-threat experience that combines three encounters in one, this amazing tour invites you to ride the Rainforest Sky Explorer, a state of the art chair lift that soars 600 feet above the tree tops, transporting you to arrive at the peak of Mystic Mountain high above Ocho Rios.<br />Next up you can hop aboard Bobsled Jamaica, a high-tech, custom-designed bobsled that speeds you along stainless steel rails on a 1000-meter, gravity- driven thrill ride through the forest. Finally your journey ends with a rainforest Zip-line Canopy traverse that sends you whizzing across a tensile cable strung between a series of tree-to-tree platforms arrayed across a lush, tropical forest. Be still your beating heart!<br />$195 Per Person<br />
  20. 20. Negril Excursions<br />Jungle River Tubing <br />The adventure begins when you board your tube at the waters' edge. As you navigate the rushing rapids of the Great River, our attentive and knowledgeable local guides will show you the ropes and introduce you to a seldom-seen Jamaica.<br /> Along the way, be on the lookout for a glimpse of some of the many exotic, indigenous jungle animals that make their home in this luscious tropical habitat. Sip on rum punch, as you thrill to the twists and turns of the rushing river and watch as the majestic scenery of Jamaica speeds past before your light-filled eyes.<br />$69 Per Person<br />Land of Wood and Water <br />Unlock the wonders of Jamaica's untainted South Coast on this amazing Land of Wood and Water adventure, which takes you to two of the island's most amazing destinations: Black River Safari and Y.S. Falls. Head over to the Black River and take a fascinating excursion down this waterway, which boasts a whole incredible ecosystem of exotic birds, animals and vegetation, all arrayed for your viewing pleasure. Delight in the spectacular beauty of YS Falls, as you cavort beneath the flowing waters of these gorgeous cascades. With a delicious lunch provided and the very beat of nature spread out before you, you'll bring back memories of truly unforgettable island experiences that will fill your dreams for years and years to come.<br />$120 Per Person<br />
  21. 21. Negril Excursions<br />Southcoast River, Rum + Falls <br />Unlock the wonders of Jamaica's untainted South Coast on this amazing River and Rum adventure, which takes you to three of the island's most amazing destinations: Appleton Estate, Black River Safari and Y.S. Falls. Marvel at the workings of a distillery that has been creating one of the world's smoothest and most sought-after rums for eons.<br /> Sample a taste of the golden elixir and find out what it feels like to swallow sunshine. Head over to the Black River and take a fascinating excursion down this waterway, which boasts a whole incredible ecosystem of exotic birds, animals and vegetation - all arrayed for your viewing pleasure. Delight in the spectacular beauty of Y.S. Falls, as you cavort beneath the flowing waters of these gorgeous cascades.<br /> With a delicious lunch provided and the very beat of nature spread out before you, you'll bring back memories of truly unforgettable island experiences that will fill your dreams for years and years to come. <br />$160 Per Person<br />Living History Great House<br />Journey back through the centuries and experience a taste of genteel British-Colonial splendor, as you explore this 300-year-old Great House, located on the privately-owned, 3000-acre Barnett Estate. Get lost in the magic of manicured grounds, replete with natural wonders, such as the fluttering of hummingbird wings and the scent of fragrant flowers, as you roam across the property.<br /> Sample the delectable flavors of Old World Jamaica, as you sip freshly pressed cane juice, taste age-old rums and tempt your taste buds with spicy Jerk Chicken. Experience a lifestyle that time forgot in this majestic site that, in its heyday, was a fully working sugar plantation. <br />$85 Per Person<br />
  22. 22. Negril Excursions<br />Ultimate Kayak Adventure <br />Unending excitement beckons in this thrill-a-minute excursion! Following a safety briefing from one of your impeccably trained and highly knowledgeable professional guides, you're ready to claim your kayak and start your adrenaline pumping. Start off by splashing through rapids and riding the fast-flowing currents past stunning scenery.<br />Then disembark on a bamboo-lined riverbank and take a short hike to a hidden platform, from where you'll launch out onto a canopy flight, which will take you soaring 150 feet high, across the treetops, through the rainforest. Marvel at the ever-changing landscape. Dive into the refreshing waters of a pure Jamaican river. And drink in the impossibly spectacular island vistas on this thrill-a-minute adventure.<br />$99 Per Person<br />Zipline Canopy <br />Enjoy an absolutely one-of-a-kind experience of nature as you soar like a bird, at speeds of up to 35 miles per hour, hundreds of feet above the earth on secure ziplines. Indulge yourself in a truly unparalleled experience as you take off on an adventure that has you flying through the trees, high above the tropical landscape, using an intricate system of harnesses, pulleys and carabiners on horizontal traverses. There is literally nothing like zipping from traverse platform to traverse platform, each carefully selected for its position high above some of the most breathtaking sights in the entire Caribbean, if not the planet. Glide over exhilarating waterscapes, as magnificent sights whizz by below. Survey beauty as far as the eye can see, as you take in the view from up high for this pulse-pounding and thrilling adventure! Become one with the amazing island ecosystem, as you walk through its lush vegetation, learn about its flora and fauna and fly through the treetops like an eagle riding on currents of air. And as you swing through the trees, catch glimpses of the Caribbean Sea, as it glints in the distance! <br />$93 Per Person<br />
  23. 23. Ocho Rios<br />The first town in Jamaica to be developed specifically as a resort, OCHO RIOS abounds with duty-free stores, fast-food chains, bars, clubs and visitor-oriented restaurants.<br />Luxuriant greenery, mountains that loom over white sand beaches and the world-renowned Dunn's River Falls are what make Ocho Rios such an extraordinary destination. Beautifully nestled in the center of Jamaica's North Coast, Ocho Rios is home to natural wonders, colorful crafts markets and exhilarating activities alike.<br />"Ochi" offers the white sands and clear water expected of a Caribbean island, complete with waterfalls and rainforests. Climb the natural staircase of Dunn's River Falls, stroll the Coyaba River Gardens or take a driving tour under the lush canopy of Fern Gully. Swim with dolphins or ride horseback along plantations and beaches. Reggae fans should make the trip to Nine Mile, Bob Marley's birth and final resting place.<br />Other than drugs, crime is relatively low in Ocho Rios. It is virtually unheard of for tourists to be bothered by any sort of violent crime. That violent crime which occasionally does occur in Jamaica is usually in the ghetto areas of the island and not in the tourist areas so Ocho Rios travelers are safe.<br />
  24. 24. Sandals Grande Riviera<br />
  25. 25. Sandals Grande Riviera<br />Sandals largest resort<br />Sandals Golf & Country Club nearby, includes green fees, transfers and club storage<br />The Seaside & Beach Club is home to babbling brooks, fragrant gardens and the chicest beach club in Ocho Rios, where cool drinks and even cooler vibe are enjoyed at stylish beach party by day, and the hottest outdoor lounge in the Caribbean at night.<br />
  26. 26. Sandals Grande Riviera<br />Choose from 11 casual and elegant dining options, from buffet breakfast spreads of all your favorites, beach side grills featuring traditional Jamaican Jerk, to classic Italian, fusion Asian or Western American. Dine at candlelit tables for two on a seaside gazebo, or experience white-gloved service at an Italian trattoria. <br />6 Pools/ 5 Whirlpools<br />2 Swim-up Bars<br />Scuba diving and watersports included<br />Private golf lessons available<br />Red Land Spa<br />Nightly entertainment<br />
  27. 27. Sandals Grande Riviera<br />
  28. 28. Sandals Grande Riviera<br />Tropical Paradise One Bedroom Butler Suite<br />Located throughout the gardens with a warm, tropical and open feeling of the Caribbean. Complete with an airy parlor & kitchen with a spacious balcony overlooking a villa pool or walk from your patio out onto the villa pool deck. All rooms are completed with mahogany furnishings, 37" Plasma TV, four-poster bed and tiled floor.<br />Honeymoon St. Ann Concierge Poolside Villa Estate<br />Located in the villa complex with sleeping and living area combined, this room also features a kitchenette. All rooms are completed with mahogany furnishings, Plasma TV, four-poster bed and tiled floor<br />Riviera Honeymoon Concierge Room Private Balcony<br />Panoramic views of the resort's lushly landscaped gardens and continuing onto the verdant highlands of the St. Ann Mountains. Balcony, sitting area and mahogany furnishings on the uppermost floors of Riviera Building. Rooms have 37" Plasma TV.<br />Honeymoon Bougainvillea Concierge Poolside Bedroom Suite<br />These suites are located on the first and second floor throughout the resort's vast gardens and villas. Complete with a kitchen and an airy parlor leading onto a large balcony or patio which overlooks a villa pool and deck. All suites are complete with mahogany furnishings, four-poster king-size bed, suite concierge service, stocked in-suite bar, his and her bath robes and tiled floor. Suites feature garden views. Includes 47" Plasma TV<br />
  29. 29. What is a private butler?<br /><ul><li>Before you arrive as Sandals Grande Riviera we (your travel agent) will tell you butler about your likes and dislikes, favorite food etc.
  30. 30. Upon arrival you will receive a cell phone with your butlers #. You can call him 24/7 for any of your needs. He will also unpack your luggage and press your clothes.
  31. 31. Floating in the ocean and need a drink? Your butler will wade into the ocean and bring you a drink. Pool and beach service also!
  32. 32. You never have to leave your villa, your butler can bring you all of your meals and set up a romantic meal.
  33. 33. Tired after a long day of swimming with the dolphins? Just call your butler and he will draw a bubble bath for you and have a glass of your favorite wine waiting for you.
  34. 34. Your butler will drive you anywhere you would like to go on the property in a golf cart. </li></li></ul><li>Expect the Unexpected and prepare to be WOWED<br />There was a guest who requested to have breakfast on their balcony each morning. On the last day before their departure the butler located a ladder, climbed up to their balcony (on the third floor) and laid breakfast out. Then called the guest and asked them to open their balcony door. They were speechless when the saw the butler on the balcony with breakfast elegantly arranged for them.<br />A guest went sailing every day, they always brought Red Stripe out with them. Knowing that they would be out of beers soon the butler got the rescue boat and bought an additional cooler of beers for them while they were still sailing.<br />A guest arrived and requested to do the resort diving, however she had a phobia of deep waters. She managed to get through the pool classes but then had to master diving in the ocean. Her butler knowing that she had this phobia and who was also a certified diver, surprised the guest on the dive boat and went diving with her. The guest and this butler dive almost every time she comes to Sandals.<br />Offering the absolute pinnacle of personal service, those who reserve a Butler Suite will enjoy the extraordinary services of a personal butler trained by the most elite guild of valets. From the moment you arrive, every detail is handled with unobtrusive grace, with your butler ensuring that every moment of your stay is beyond flawless.<br />
  35. 35. Tropical Paradise One Bedroom Butler Suite<br />Pool is shared with three other couples staying in same villa<br />Total: $5,070<br />
  36. 36. Sandals Grande Riviera <br />Honeymoon St. Ann Concierge Poolside Villa Estate- Total: $4,522<br />Riviera Honeymoon Concierge Room Private Balcony- Total $4,326<br />
  37. 37. Sandals Grande Riviera <br />Honeymoon Bougainvillea Concierge Poolside 1 Bedroom Suite- Total $3,716<br />
  38. 38. Ocho Rios Excursions<br />4x4 Bob Marley Jeep Tour <br />Imagine visiting the place where Bob Marley, the one-of-a-king and utterly "King of Reggae" was born and spent much of his childhood! Travel to the quaint village of Nine Mile, nestled in the rustically beautiful mountains of St. Ann parish, through some of the most breathtaking scenery in Jamaica. <br />It was here, on the 6th of February 1945, that Bob Marley was born and it is in this very same location where, years later, he was laid to rest. Let your Rastafarian guide show you through the house Bob lived in as a young boy and share insights into his childhood and musical career. <br />Stand on Mount Zion Rock, where Bob used to meditate. Rest your head on The Pillow, made famous in his song Talking Blues. Finally, pay your respects to this towering talent at the mausoleum, which is his final resting place. This encounter is simply a must for all fans of reggae music and the immortal Bob Marley! <br />$79 Per Person<br />4x4 Dunn's River Safari <br />Experience Jamaica like a native aboard one of our Zebra-Striped Safari 4x4's. Get a glimpse of 200 different species of ferns, as you drive through world-famous Fern Gully! Enjoy panoramic views of our mountains and valleys, as you're embraced by our island's lush, natural beauty. <br />Journey up to Ocho Rios' highest viewpoint, Murphy Hill, which sits 2000 feet above sea level, from where you can marvel at awe-inspiring views of the town, the Blue Mountains and, even, on a clear day, the neighboring island of Cuba. <br />Pass through small villages, where you can learn the history of old churches and see colorful native marketplaces. Stop at one of Jamaica's largest estates, where you'll get to witness a working cattle station and a small coffee plantation in full swing. Taste the island's delicious and exotic fruits. <br />Immerse yourself in Jamaica's great history. Then get ready for the highlight of your tour - a visit to globally renowned "Dunn's River Falls", where you can get the thrill of your life and make unforgettable memories when you climb the gorgeous, 600-foot cascades.<br />$87 Per Person<br />
  39. 39. Ocho Rios Excursions<br />Bicycle Adventure in the Blue Mountains <br />Discover a side of Jamaica that very few even know exist. Tear yourself away from the beach for a few hours and journey up into the majestic Blue Mountains, the highest mountain range in the English speaking Caribbean. <br />Home to the world-famous Blue Mountain coffee, this soaring and swooping landscape offers breathtaking, panoramic views of mist covered peaks and pristine, emerald valleys. Cycle along hilly paths that pass through tropical rainforest. <br />Learn all about the indigenous herbs and plants that seem to grow everywhere you look. View coffee plantations, with their bean-clad plants clinging to the mountainsides. Enjoy a cool dip under a crystal clear waterfall emerging from a sheer rock face. Feast on delicious brunch and lunch, as you drink in the impossibly clear mountain air. Commune with tropical nature, high atop the world. <br />$99 Per Person<br />Discover Dunn's River Falls <br />Experience the majesty of Dunn's River Falls, one of Jamaica's most magnificent natural treasures and one of the globe's most gorgeous spots. Join hands and form a human chain, as you wend your way up the rocky slopes of this 600-foot waterfall, led by expert guides.<br />Pose for snaps amidst the luxuriant foliage that lines the sides of the ascending falls. Soak in the refreshing, pure waters, as they cascade down from their untainted source high in the mountains above Ocho Rios. Give in to the unbelievable beauty of this wondrous place.<br />$49 Per Person<br />
  40. 40. Ocho Rios Excursions<br />Zipline & Tubing Combo Falmouth <br />Come and experience an unforgettable 2 in 1 value packed adventure with us. Take a picturesque journey into the countryside to the 18th Century Good Hope Estate a 2000 acre plantation. This amazing experience will give you a taste of our award winning Canopy Tour as you travel via traverses through the trees before continuing your adventure on our River kayaking Safari. Soar through the trees on horizontal traverses, become “Tarzan” or "Jane" while you traverse from tree to tree overlooking the pristine waters of the Martha Brae River, where your next adventure takes place. Take a step back in time as you hear the adventures of the Spaniards learn how they were out-smarted by this legendary witch while enjoying your river kayaking adventure. You will receive a safety briefing from our experienced River Guides, who will also outfit you with all of your equipment for your journey ahead. After your adventure make a quick stop at our Trading House before you return to the resort.<br />$116 Per Person<br />Plus all excursions listed from Negril!!!<br />
  41. 41. Montego bay<br />A bustling town with a turbulent history, a thriving port and a hopping ‘hip strip, ’ Montego Bay is Jamaica’s most charged city.<br />Montego Bay, commonly referred to as MoBay, is the second largest city in the island nation Jamaica, a member of the British Commonwealth.<br />Jamaica’s main airport, Sangster International Airport is located in Montego Bay<br />
  42. 42. Sandals Montego bay<br />
  43. 43. Largest private white sand beach in Jamaica<br />The original Sandals Resort<br />Convenient location, 10 minutes from airport, transfer included<br />Lively, fun-filled resort “the beach goes on & so does the party”<br />For a more serene experience, stay in the Bay Roc Estates Beach Front Villas<br />Seven Restaurants<br />International, Jamaican, Italian, Seafood, Stir-fry, Grill, English Pub<br />Stay at one dine at three-transportation to two nearby Sandals Resorts included<br />Five Bars<br />Swim-Up Bar<br />Six Pools<br />The liveliest swim-up bar on the island<br />Water skiing, snorkeling, tubing, kayaks, sail boats and evening entertainment all included<br />Click here for a video tour of Sandals Montego Bay<br />Same excursions as Ocho Rios<br />Sandals Montego bay<br />
  44. 44. Sandals Montego bay<br />
  45. 45.
  46. 46. Sandals Montego Bay<br />Bay Roc Villa Beachfront Veranda Jr. Suite<br />These junior suites at the Bay Roc Estates are located on either the ground or upper floor next to the swim-up pool bar. Featuring personal butler service, these extraordinarily large rooms feature mahogany furniture with a king-size four-poster bed, writing desk and chair, TV, armoire, electronic safe box, his & her vanities, and a whirlpool bathtub and shower in one. They also have a very large balcony or patio overlooking the beach and ocean.<br />Paradise Beachfront Concierge Walkout Room<br />Located on the first floor of the Palms Building these rooms feature suite concierge service, tropical décor, a king-size mahogany bed, TV, and a walkout patio. They are located on the beach with magnificent ocean and beach views<br />Honeymoon Waters Edge Concierge<br />On the first and second floor of the Almonds Building, these mahogany furnished rooms have a four-poster king-size bed, TV and also feature a whirlpool tub in the bathroom. All rooms include the services of the suite concierge and a balcony or patio.<br />Penthouse Grande LuxeOceanview<br />These rooms are close to the Piano Bar, Swim-up Bar and tennis courts. Located on the third floor of the newly-renovated Sea Grapes Building, all rooms feature mahogany furnishings, TV, a four-poster king size bed, and balcony with ocean views<br />
  47. 47. Sandals Montego bay<br />Bay Roc Villa Beachfront Veranda Jr. Suite<br />Total $4,903<br />Paradise Beachfront Concierge Walkout Room<br />Total $4,672<br />
  48. 48. Sandals Montego bay<br />Honeymoon Waters Edge Concierge<br />Total $4,432<br />Penthouse Grande LuxeOceanview<br />Total $4,089<br />
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