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The Street Fair!!


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The Street Fair!!

  1. 1. The Street Fair!! By: Cheyanne Hutcheon
  2. 2. The Street Fair journey begins in Palm Springs on Palm Canyon Drive.
  3. 3. The street is filled with hundreds of people.
  4. 4. Families spend fun, quality time together,
  5. 5. while others work diligently.
  6. 6. Many go shopping for jewelry or scarves,
  7. 7. but there is also an assortment of bracelets and bags.
  8. 8. The massage stand is open and running for the tired ones,
  9. 9. while the corn stand is in business for the hungry.
  10. 10. Next are the beautiful gel candles,
  11. 11. and the gorgeous candle holders.
  12. 12. The guitarist strums a soft melody in the background,
  13. 13. for a child who dances happily with his mother.
  14. 14. The stands range from simple instruments that even a child could play,
  15. 15. to intricate light decorations that seem to shine like celestial objects.
  16. 16. There are also horses greeting the passing families,
  17. 17. and a talented man quickly demonstrating his skills.
  18. 18. Dried fruit is in abundance at this event,
  19. 19. and so are the variety of honeys for people to taste.
  20. 20. As it continues, one approaches hundreds of lovely clay flowers,
  21. 21. and a charming block castle.
  22. 22. The lit up bottles are next,
  23. 23. alongside the friendly co-workers.
  24. 24. Suddenly one hears a gifted violinist,
  25. 25. smells the aromatic soaps,
  26. 26. and almost tastes the mouth-watering donuts.
  27. 27. The pottery man watches the passing potential customers,
  28. 28. while the cooking man carries out his demonstration.
  29. 29. Following them, is a woman meticulously working on her last art piece,
  30. 30. a woman trying to sell some concluding tiny puppets,
  31. 31. and a woman deciding on which final painting to buy.
  32. 32. A group of energetic teens dance for their last tips of the night.
  33. 33. And at the end of this Street Fair journey lies the warm, flickering fire.
  34. 34. Special thanks to all the Palm Springs Street Fair stands and visitors!