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Why Vero?


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A brief deck discussing the goals, uses, concept and pricing behind Vero. An early presentation we shared with clients.

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Why Vero?

  1. 1. VERO Increase your sales with smarter emailsSunday, 9 September 12
  2. 2. Customers buy different things at different times Delivering the right message at the right time results in higher conversions and increased customer satisfaction. Vero enables business owners to send one-to-one, targeted emails when selling to hundreds, thousands or even millions of people.Sunday, 9 September 12
  3. 3. What is Vero? Vero is an email marketing, testing and optimisation platform. By tracking what your customers do in real time Vero makes it easy for online marketers to setup abandonment, re-marketing and product lifecycle emails that increase conversions by up to 30%.Sunday, 9 September 12
  4. 4. Integration Vero is designed to integrate with your website in 5 minutes, without the need for IT support. Using Javascript, Vero tracks your customers’ actions. Out of the box campaigns monitor events such as ‘Viewed product’, ‘Added product to cart’, ‘Started checkout’ and ‘Completed checkout’. You can also track completely custom behaviours.Sunday, 9 September 12
  5. 5. Truly effective campaigns The three most common eCommerce campaigns are: 1. Cart abandonment: convert customers who abandon checkout, 2. Product lifecycle: re-target people who have previously purchased a product (e.g. a collared shirt) with new products in the same / similar range, 3. Re-marketing: follow-up your eCommerce offer newsletters and emails by emailing customers who have engaged with the offer just before the offer expires, to create urgency, and 4. Cross and up-sells: Setup campaigns that target customers who have purchased a product with add- on products in a related category. Vero makes it easy to setup and A/B test these and other behavioural campaigns.Sunday, 9 September 12
  6. 6. Our methodology 1. Track actions 4. Make more money! 2. Automate emails 3. A/B testSunday, 9 September 12
  7. 7. Pricing $50/mo $150/mo $300/mo 30,000 emails/month 150,000 emails/month 400,000 emails/month Higher volume plans are also available.Sunday, 9 September 12
  8. 8. Get in touch You can signup for a free trial with full access to our platform at We love to share our knowledge and email marketing expertise so, if you want a demo or are keen to learn more, get in touch via: / (US) +1 650 843 9866 / (AUS) +61 02 8005 1556Sunday, 9 September 12