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Top 5 Reasons Why Your eBook Strategy is Failing


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Top 5 Reasons Why Your eBook Strategy is Failing from the blog by Patrick Crowley, ePubDirect.

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Top 5 Reasons Why Your eBook Strategy is Failing

  1. 1. Top 5 Reasons WhyYour eBook Strategy is Failing
  2. 2. www.epubdirect.comeBook Sales StrategyBreak down goals and objectives by quarter.Measuring against the identified goals andobjectives will tell you whether or notmodifications and alternate strategies arerequired:• What were your eBook sales last month?• Which markets are you performing bestin?• How are $ sales doing against £ sales?• How did you do against target?Make sure you track your progress!1. You Don’t Have a StrategySales Strategy
  3. 3. www.epubdirect.comSimplicityPresentation Title | Date 3www.epubdirect.comFigures don‟t lieYou„ve heard the old saying “If you don‟t knowwhere you are going, how will you get there?”Too many publishers set out without a realstrategy and this typically leads todisappointment in sales figures.• Are your sales goals SMART?• Are your prices realistic?• Is your metadata all that it can me?• Are you optimizing your eBook marketing2. Sales are awful!Sales Figures
  4. 4. www.epubdirect.comLook at the long tailLetting anything over 55-60% come from thetop 2 sales channels is dangerous and canput your eBook strategy at risk.If you are relying on a small number ofchannels then you are losing:1) Margin2) Revenue3) OpportunityAfter all, we are all living in a world where „TheLong Tail‟ cannot be ignored and quite oftenthose „Long Tail‟ retailers are at much lowerdiscounts than the big brand retailers.3. You are only concerned with thebig “elephant” accountsSales FiguresLong Tail
  5. 5. www.epubdirect.comeBook Sales StrategyThe publishing industry is witnessing a majortransformation. Within a few years, the vastmajority of all books sold will be sold online,either in print or digital.New publishing models and workflows havedeveloped characterised by supply chainintegration, cross functional co-operation anda two-way flow of information, rather than thetraditional „push‟ method.Embrace this change and allow it to help youbuild relationships with your readers andawareness of your publisher brand.4. You‟re still selling like its 1999Sales StrategyPresentation Title | Date 5
  6. 6. www.epubdirect.comSimplicity6www.epubdirect.comBe SociableSo you‟ve set up a Facebook page and areengaging with customers on other social mediaplatforms? Good. That‟s great. Getting yourselfestablished on a social network is a great stepfor publishers – it might well end up being thebest choice you‟ve ever made. Is your goal tobuild brand awareness? To push a particulargenre niche? To promote special offers?Social media to produce word of mouth onlineand build a tribe of dedicated followers requiresgoal setting and time investment. The goodwill,consumer insight and feedback gained frombeing close to your customers also translateinto financial rewards.5. You Have a Social Presence…But You’re Doing Nothing With ItReal Relationships
  7. 7. ePubDirect gives you the maximum market reach.Your eBooks will appear for sale in hundreds ofretail outlets and thousands of libraries worldwide.We have relationships with all market leadingoutlets as well as independent and smaller eBookstores. Because we are device agnostic, yourreaders will be able to read your titles whereverand however they like. Kindle, Nook, iPad, Sony,PC, Android – you‟ll be there!HUNDREDS OF OUTLETS,THOUSANDS OF LIBRARIESSimplicity
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