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Metadata That Matters


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Maximising Your eBook Sales using Metadata optimisation. The differences between core, descriptive and enhanced metadata. How search algorithms vary across different book search sites and online retailers and how you can ensure your titles are found.

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Metadata That Matters

  1. 1. Metadata that Matters Maximising Your eBook Sales
  2. 2. Patrick Crowley Digital Marketing Manager, ePubDirect @patrickpcrowley
  3. 3. So… metadata …zzzZZZ?
  4. 4. METADATA = EBOOK SALES ± Metadata ONLY representation of an eBook product in market place ± Discoverability
  5. 5. Why Metadata? Metadata is your digital sales rep! • To create a unique record in the catalogue • To transact between value chain members • No charge for metadata • Without metadata – you’re eBook doesn’t exist • It’s how you speak to your customers • It’s how they find you and your products • It influences their buying decisions Get Metadata on your business agenda
  6. 6. Would you employ this Sales Person? •Late product information •Wrong/missing price •No visuals •Incomplete information •Doesn’t know what category the book should be in •Can’t say what the book is about •Can’t remember the author’s name/gets it wrong •Can’t remember what else the author has done •Isn’t sure if the book is part of a series •Gets the title wrong •Can’t spell or string a sentence together •Gives the wrong publication date •Doesn’t know when the product will be available •Isn’t sure where it can be sold
  7. 7. So don’t allow your metadata to perform in this way
  8. 8. Core part of your eBook Strategy Metadata
  9. 9. Don’t believe me?
  10. 10. The Evidence 1) Nielsen Bookscan White Paper: The Link Between Metadata and Sales 2) Our Own Experience 700% Increase!
  11. 11. Case Study – Using Metadata Sales up 66% Challenge: • The publishing client’s title which was commercial and enjoying good physical sales. But this had not translated into good eBook sales and was deemed to be underperforming. Solution: • We worked on the metadata to improve sales through adjustments to items such as  BIC/BISAC code  Name  Price  Descriptive Metadata  These changes were monitored for impact on sales and supported by in- house marketing support. Evaluation: • Within 8 weeks the quantity of the titles sales increased by 75% and revenue increased by 66%.
  12. 12. Case Study – Metadata Management No 1
  13. 13. Metadata Lifecycle
  14. 14. Bowker vs Nielsen (vs BISG) Types of Metadata
  15. 15. Metadata & Amazon
  16. 16. Searching for title
  17. 17. Multiple versions of title description
  18. 18. Metadata & Kobo
  19. 19. Same search on Kobo – no result
  20. 20. Search 100 instead of 1 hundred
  21. 21. Metadata & Google
  22. 22. Title found!
  23. 23. Searcher Directed to Amazon
  24. 24. Importance of Keywords
  25. 25.
  26. 26. Searching for title
  27. 27. Searching for title
  28. 28. Metadata & Nook
  29. 29. Regional Difference
  30. 30. Searching for title
  31. 31. Searching for title
  32. 32. www.epubdirect.comOptimize for humans!
  33. 33. ONIX ≠ Metadata  Metadata can be in any format  ONIX is the only standard in use for books
  34. 34. Quick word on ONIX 2.1 vs. 3.0 Most “downstream” players still on 2.1 You’ve got till December 2014 to switch It’s like postponing getting a filling for a cavity
  35. 35.  Profile & awareness  Good metadata = more sales  Track the impact of metadata through our eBook Analytics – get informed!  Who & what is/are touching the metadata?  Data cleansing (groan)  HR – metadata inductions
  36. 36.  Enhanced metadata working group  Systems provider and IT teams , ONIX  Document all changes to systems in a users guide (both non-technical and technical versions)  Ask for help – Us, BIC and Nielsen  The importance of getting it RIGHT FIRST TIME!
  37. 37. www.epubdirect.comGlobal Distribution EBOOK DISTRIBUTION SERVICES
  38. 38. Contact us: @epubdirect www.epubdirect.comContact Us