Gcse computing vs ict (creative i media)


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Gcse computing vs ict (creative i media)

  1. 1. GCSE Computing vs ICT (Creative iMedia) GCSE 2013-2015
  2. 2. The Prospectus Pages Compulsory Core ICT (1 Period Per Week)
  3. 3. Prospectus Pages Options Blocks (6 Periods Per Fortnight)
  4. 4. What Kind of Person Should Take ICT (Creative iMedia Course)“Students who enjoy practical and creative ICT tasks and want to create digital content” Programs you will become experts in include:
  5. 5. Key Course Bits…You will be creating :• Live Websites on the Internet• Touch screen tablet Windows 8 Apps• Animations & Adverts in Flash• And Manipulating Images using Photoshop• And Designing Future TechnologiesDigital Media Expertise with Excellent Skills
  6. 6. ExamplesPrevious Work in Similar Units
  7. 7. ICT (Creative iMedia)Excellent Transferrable SkillsPractical Digital Media CourseAll Resources Available at HomeSuits Those Who Prefer Coursework
  8. 8. GCSE Computing“Technical course, looking at the inner workings and development of computers and software ” Software you will become experts in include:
  9. 9. Skills You Need Maths Very Good Maths Skills (L6+) ICT Performing above average in classEnthusiasm in creating or editing software, taking apart PCs etc.
  10. 10. Who’s It For?Students who want to learn about computers at a more technical level in an industry with huge job prospects Typical Salary of a Software Engineer - £24,000-£64,000
  11. 11. Key Course Bits…You will be creating :• Develop Computer Programs to Solve Problems• Learn to Program in at Least One Language• Experiment with Raspberry Pi, Tablet PCs and 3D Android Phones
  12. 12. ExamplesExamples Used in GCSE and A Level Computing
  13. 13. ComputingHigh Level Technical SkillsLearn ProgrammingPractical and TheorySuits Techies and Problem Solvers
  14. 14. Comparison ICT Computing Excellent Transferrable High Level Technical Skills Skills Practical Digital Media Learn Programming CourseAll Resources Available at Practical and Theory Home Suits Those Who Prefer Suits Techies and Problem Coursework Solvers
  15. 15. What to Do Next….Select Your Option:• ICT (Creative iMedia) Option• GCSE Computing Option• Other (Core ICT only) “Be nice to nerds. Chances are youll end up working for one” Bill Gates