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  • Jesus - Our team will attempt to to address a contemporary issue dealing with the exception and the ordination of women in ministry and what denominations are excepting of it and which decline to have anything to do with it. We we also attempt to address some of the similarities and differences amongst the Christian, judaism and Islamic religions in this effort as well.\n
  • The ordination of women as pastors, bible teachers, elders, and other ministry offices has become commonplace in many denominational and independent churches. In large segments of the Christian Church today, there has developed the practice of ordaining women as ministers and placing them in positions to lead, teach, and preach to assembled congregations of both men and women. The ordination of women pastors has become increasingly commonplace. And the ordination of women as prophets and even as apostles, although not yet common, is far from being rare. In contexts ranging from local churches to large Christian conventions, ordained women ministers routinely teach and preach to mixed congregations of men and women. Questions are still asked today -Has the evangelical church erroneously held to a hierachial view of male leadership? Should women be permitted to teach and preach without qualification of audience? Does the New Testament support the doctrine of mutual submission or hierarchial authority structure? Are women to be ordained as pastors, elders and deacons? Is the senior pastor of a local church required to be male in gender? What should the role of women's ministry be in the local church?\n
  • Within Christianity, women historically have been in ministry roles since the time of the Apostle Paul, John and even Christ: Romans 16:1-2, Matthew 28:1-10, 2 John 1:1-2. Later denominations have been preventing women from being ordained on the basis of certain New Testament scriptures often interpreted as prohibitions of female ordination.\n
  • Some Protestant Christian denominations also prohibit women from being pastors. \n
  • In the case of Judaism, the first woman rabbi appeared on the scene in 1972\n
  • This is a picture having to do with religion of judaism and how it differs between men and women. The picture portrays the different obligations of a man and a women. Men are obligated to wear tefilin everyday beside for shabbat and women are to cover their hai\n
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  • Powerpoint religion women4

    1. 1. Contemporary Issues in Western Religion Presentation James Forte Lilia Gomez Deana Binion Jesus Coca World Religious Traditions University of Phoenix Grp# PD10ELC07 Instructor: Mark Pursley April 5, 2011
    2. 2. AgendaIntro-----------------------------------TeamAgenda Overview----------------------Jesus CocaOrdination of Women into Ministry Christian------------------------------James Forte Judaism--------------------------------Lilia Gomez Islam-----------------------------------Deana BinionConclusion--------------------Jesus CocaReferences
    3. 3. ChristianityThe ordination ofwomen as pastors,bible teachers, elders,and other ministryoffices has becomecommonplace in manydenominational andindependent churches.
    4. 4. Denominational Acceptance
    5. 5. Christian
    6. 6. Judism
    7. 7. Judism
    8. 8. Islam
    9. 9. Islam
    10. 10. ConclusionWe have discussed some ofthe contemporary issuessurrounding women inreligion in Christianity,Judaism and IslamThese three major religionsall stress the spiritualleadership of men, even inthis day and age.
    11. 11. The End
    12. 12. Questions?
    13. 13. ReferencesReligions verses womenhttp://search.aol.com/aol/search?q=Christian%2C+Judaism+and+Islam+women+in+religionWomenn in Islam verses women in the Judaeo-Christian Traditionhttp://www.islamicity.com/mosque/w_islam/The Christian fight - women in ministryhttp://legacy.earlham.edu/library/content/outreach/acrlwss/wsstheo.htmlWomen in ministry and the writing of Paulhttp://www.jknirp.com/womin.htm