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Chevron company profile

  1. 1. Chevron Corporate Solutions Pvt Ltd. is a rapidly growing Business Process Outsourcing Company in Mumbai, INDIA. Chevron offers world-class offshore outsourcing and consulting services specializing in IT-enabled services, back office outsourcing services and business process outsourcing solutions from India guaranteed to cut costs and improve quality. We are located in the prime locality of Mumbai the business capital of India and just a few miles from Mumbai International Airport.
  2. 2. Chevron has been committed to providing outsourcing solutions across a wide range of platforms and technologies at competitive prices, excellent customer support and quality of deliverables. Our company has always been driven with the aim of forging long-term relationships with our clients by delivering services that are accurate, comprehensive, cost-effective and efficient. We have always aimed at implementing the positive aspects of our experience in our services.
  3. 3. Prepress Services We provide an end-to-end solution for the entire production flow, from design execution to release for print for both traditional and digital print. We work on the latest software versions of InDesign, FrameMaker, QuarkXpress, TeX/ LaTeX and MS-Word. We provide a comprehensive list of pre-press services including book design, cover design, illustration, indexing etc. We use Math Type, Power math or Inmath to compose complex mathematical and chemical equations.
  4. 4. Typesetting Chevron provides a wide range of typesetting services, using the software’s like APP 9.1 (3b2), TeX/LaTeX, QuarkXPress, FrameMaker, MS-Office, Adobe CS2 & CS3: InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, ChemDraw, and CorelDraw. We have an expertise in heavily designed, technical textbooks. Our expertise enables us to take on the most complex designs and subject matter. Our clients rely on our error-free files, our consistent file setup, and our efficiency in following customer specifications.
  5. 5. TeX LaTeX Chevron is extremely proficient in TeX/LaTeX. TeX includes built-in functionality for typesetting mathematics and uses excellent hyphenation and page and line-breaking algorithms. It is extensible and customizable for complex Complex Mathematical Equation or unique projects. Additionally, LaTeX has become one of the primary means of generating paper output from SGML and XML sources. LaTeX can also be converted to Web format with the help of LaTeX2HTML and TeX4ht, which are designed specifically for generating customized HTML output from LaTeX input.
  6. 6. E-Publishing Our electronic publishing services include a range of output formats to be read on a Notebook, Pocket PC, Palm OS, PDA or a Desktop, to suit the individual requirements of the reader either on Windows, Mac, Unix or a Linux system. We create e-books as per your choice of format depending upon: The content viz. text, graphics etc. and the source format viz. FrameMaker, Quark, Word, PostScript, Paper etc.
  7. 7. E-Book We help publishers to convert their content to XML, MathML, SGML, HTML and/or PDF so that the content can be viewed through browsers or download as e-Books that can be read on PCs or multiple handheld PDA devices. We create DTD and design system for predefined DTD like Doc book, NITF, NewsML etc. Input formats : MSS, Word, PDF, TeX/LaTeX, XTG, HTML, SGML, INDD, QXD Output formats : HTML, SGML, XML (inlcudes NLM, NIMAS, etc), PDF, OEB, Doc Book, Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader, Mobipocket, Adobe digital edition, Microsoft Reader, PML, EPUB
  8. 8. Data Conversion Chevron can take any type of print or electronic input and convert it into the format of your choice. We work with a vast range of content types and formats and can handle any type of conversion. Data conversion capabilities include PDF MS word MS word SGML RTF XML LaTeX SGML/XML SGML LaTeX SGML Quark
  9. 9. HTML / XHTML / XML / SGML Conversion Chevron can convert your paper or electronic input files to your specified formats, providing data analysis, document structure determination, DTD analysis and development to format converted content to the specified output. We have successfully completed conversion projects involving various kinds of information (e.g. Legal, Academic, Scientific, Technical, Financial, etc.), the data was provided to us in many formats (e.g. Hard copies, Electronic files - proprietary or popular word processor and typesetting software's, Scanned Documents, microfiche, etc.) which were converted to SGML/XML/HTML.
  10. 10. Why choose Chevron Expertise and in depth knowledge in diverse fields. A complete IT company offering comprehensive services across a wide range of platforms and technologies. Excellent communication skills and personnel who are able to completely understand your requirements. Efficient and Timely execution of short and long term projects as per client specified requirements. Faster Turnarounds and ability to handle large voluminous data and rush-hour jobs. Dedicated Team and Project Manager assigned for each job. Cost Savings and increase in profit margins for you.
  11. 11. Complimentary Service We will be glad to process any sample material you may have to convince you of our capabilities. This complimentary service will allow you an opportunity to evaluate the quality of our results and our commitment to excellence, and pave way for our future co-operation.
  12. 12. Our Facility
  13. 13. CONTACT US CHEVRON CORPORATE SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD. 208, Bharat Industrial Premises Co-operative Society Ltd., LBS Marg, Mumbai-78, Maharashtra, India. Tel : +91 267252492 / 267252494 Fax : +91 267252494 Contact Persons: Mr.Chetan Bhise - +91 9987757808 S.Balasubramanian- +91 9819301236