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Music Video Analysis - Foxes


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analysis of Foxes - Youth

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Music Video Analysis - Foxes

  1. 1. Music video analysis YOUTH
  2. 2. SHOT TYPE AND MOVEMENT: 1 ANALYSIS Close up of artist This close up is a simple, steady shot of the artist. The minimal shot – containing a black and white filter and dark clothing, implies the focus here is completely on the artist. This is enhanced by the way in which there are no images in the background of this shot. The plain expression on the artist’s face implies the focus should be entirely on the lyrics at this point. The lighting here is simple and steady – illuminating the backdrop behind the artist slightly. MUSIC/LYRICS Lyrics: First verse: “they didn’t warn me…” A steady drum beat in the background. EDIT: Still shot, switches from full body shot, into medium close up, into close up. This puts focus on the artist as she sings.
  3. 3. SHOT TYPE AND MOVEMENT: 2 ANALYSIS Medium close up of artist As the video progresses, the medium close up steady shot of the artist. This shot progresses after images of a fire being started, in between shots of Foxes singing. The fire behind the artist symbolises that the level of interest in the shot is rising towards the beginning of the chorus. The lighting here is still – illuminating the backdrop behind the artist slightly, as well as the right hand side of her face. Low key lighting is used here, as many darker shadows are cast. MUSIC/LYRICS “maybe the same old fears. What have we here?” Ending of second verse, about to switch into the chorus. EDIT: • still shot, switches from full body shot, into medium close up, into close up. This puts focus on the artist as she sings. • CGI used to create flames and hole in the background of the shot.
  4. 4. SHOT TYPE AND MOVEMENT: 3 ANALYSIS Medium close up of artist Following on the theme of fire within the opening shot, during the chorus, the setting changes to an outdoor scene. Foxes walks through fire breathers, wearing an elaborate costume as would be worn in a circus act. This element of the video relates to the song title, “Youth”, including images of fun, dangerous acts which connote youth. The loud, bright colours within the background as well as the artist singing and moving in the foreground make this shot very dynamic, typical of a shot within the more lively, chorus part of a music video. MUSIC/LYRICS “Now I'm just chasing time With a thousand dreams I'm holding heavy” EDIT: • handheld shaky cam • backward tracking as Foxes walks forward, making eye contact with the camera. • shallow focus, putting emphasis onto the artist.
  5. 5. SHOT TYPE AND MOVEMENT: 4 ANALYSIS Medium close up This shot is a medium close up of Foxes with a group of friends, walking through a track in a forest area. The de-saturated, cold filter of the shot make this part of the narrative contrast with the sections involving fire (warmer colours). This ensures the video is dynamic. MUSIC/LYRICS “Don't tell me our youth is running out” EDIT: • handheld, shaky camera shot. • backward tracking as the people walks forward, making eye contact with the camera. • shallow focus, emphasis both on the girls in the foreground, whilst jumpy movements of the men in the background are still incorporated without taking emphasis away from Foxes, in the foreground.
  6. 6. SHOT TYPE AND MOVEMENT: 5 ANALYSIS Close up of artist This close up shot highlights Foxes appearance. Her thick, dark eye makeup is paired with pink lips and casual clothing. Her unbrushed hair relates to the theme of “youth” throughout the video. The shallow depth of field focuses only on Foxes’ face, blurring her upper body and the background. More creative shots such as this are common in indie videos such as this, as they’re known for being somewhat more artistic than other more mainstream genres of music. MUSIC/LYRICS “Would you smile and walk away?” EDIT: • still shot • shallow focus • shallow depth of field, focussing on the artist • cuts to a medium long shot of Foxes in the same position quickly, to establish the scenery.
  7. 7. SHOT TYPE AND MOVEMENT: 6 ANALYSIS Mid shot This shot establishes a new setting within the video. It shows Foxes lay on the branch of a tree, whilst singing. The images of youth within this video conform to dominant ideology. Stereotypes such as circus’ and climbing trees are used to represent youthfulness within this music video. Foxes wears casual clothes in this shot. This, along with the pink and yellow streamers which are tied to the tree represent fun and youth. MUSIC/LYRICS “If I asked you for good news…” EDIT: • handheld camera • shot fades into focus from being blurred. • deep depth of field, focussing on the artist as well as some areas of detail within the shot: streamers and the tree.
  8. 8. SHOT TYPE AND MOVEMENT: 6 ANALYSIS Mid shot This shot/scene is introduced during the second chorus within the song. It shows Foxes and friends throwing flour at eachother and dancing. The girls in the shot are now wearing more extravagant clothing; a colourful kimono and fur coats. Similarly to the other shots featured within this video, the overall colour scheme is muted and pale. This, rather than the overuse of bright, contrasting colours is common in indie music videos. MUSIC/LYRICS “Now I’m just chasing time…” EDIT: • handheld camera to emphasise movement within shot. • panning right, from behind a girl • slight over the shoulder angle • deep focus, blurring out foreground to focus on subjects within the shot
  9. 9. SHOT TYPE AND MOVEMENT: 7 ANALYSIS Medium close up This shot of Foxes comes at a point where the music is about to switch to the bridge. This is the section of the song which typically contrasts with the chorus in an attempt to break the repetitive cycle of the song. It slows the song down Here, Foxes appears to be contemplating or resting. The shot focuses on her as the subject, however attention is also drawn to the masked people who stand behind her. This focus on Foxes forces the viewer to scan her face in relation to the rest of the shot; her light clothing seems to melt into the predominantly white tones of the background, emphasising her face. MUSIC/LYRICS “...I’m holding heavy” EDIT: • static shot, contrasts previous handheld shots, emphasising the slowing of the song into the bridge. • shallow focus - blurring out background and middle ground to focus on artist • deep depth of field
  10. 10. SHOT TYPE AND MOVEMENT: 8 ANALYSIS close up This shot shows a girl dancing. She jumps up and down and appears extremely energetic. The low key lighting in the background changes dramatically as the music picks up speed again. In terms of mise-en-scene, the girl’s outfit portrays her, and many of the others in this video as quirky. She wears a headband embellished with flowers, and a oversized camouflage coat. These items of clothing clash, yet represent the theme of the people in this video as eccentric. Her facial expression represents her excitement as she dances to the music, again, adding to the image of “youth” within this video. MUSIC/LYRICS “fading beats...” Synth beat EDIT: • static shot, emphasising the dynamic movement in the shot • strong, colourful lighting. • shallow focus - blurring out background to focus on girl • shallow depth of field • fast paced shots which keep up with the beat of the music
  11. 11. SHOT TYPE AND MOVEMENT: 9 ANALYSIS Wide angle shot Here, a member of the friend group featured in this video uses a plank of wood to break apart another plank of wood. Dust and splints fly into the air. Slow motion is used to draw attention to these elements. This breakage is edited to occur exactly when the beat of the chorus begins. This shot is backlit, drawing light onto the clouds which seem to disperse into the shot. MUSIC/LYRICS Music building up to the beginning of chorus, chorus begins dramatically when the collision happens EDIT: • static shot • slow motion used to capture the swift movement in the shot • backlit • lens flare on shot to add an element of interest.
  12. 12. SHOT TYPE AND MOVEMENT: 10 ANALYSIS Wide angle/medium close up Here, Foxes is pictured with friends in the background, dancing around fireworks and a bonfire as the song comes to an end. She is not in detailed focus as she has been previously, indicating that she is part of the group rather than performing in front of them. In terms of mise-en-scene within this scene, we are taken back to a shot of Foxes wearing a circus themed outfit, which was seen briefly at the beginning of the music video. This outfit goes hand in hand with the bright sparks of the fireworks in the background. Low key lighting represents night time and emphasises the fireworks in the background. This screenshot shows Foxes jumping up and down excitedly as she sings the final few lines of the song. The dynamic amount of movement within this scene represents that the song is coming to an end. MUSIC/LYRICS “these fading dreams…” EDIT: • handheld shaky cam • backlit • shallow focus • short, sharp shots to mirror a dynamic moment in the song