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Costumes and Props


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Media A2

Published in: Education
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Costumes and Props

  1. 1. The lead singer in the music video will be a female aged between 16 - 25. This suits the target market's age range. CLOTHING The lead singer will be dressed in clothing similar to these outfits. These items of clothing are similar to the clothing sold in shops which our target audience would buy from, as well as products they would be loyal to; such as Doc Marten and Topshop. The lead singer will be both involved in a narrative section of the video, as well as a performance. For these, she will be wearing two different outfits.
  2. 2. A simple, casual outfit will be appropriate for the narrative section of the music video - as she is acting the part of a heartbroken girl who runs away from home. She will be set her house; a mundane setting, so we have decided that casual clothing will be most appropriate here. This simple, black dress is an ideal item of clothing for the performance section of the music video. This section will be shot in a simple setting, to contrast the busy narrative scenes. Simple clothing with some quirky yet simple accessories (such as jewellery), will focus the viewer's attention onto the singer and ensure that nothing becomes a distraction. CLOTHING
  3. 3. A similar concept of the use of dark, simple clothing to focus the viewer's attention onto the artist's face can be seen in the music video The Mother We Share by Chvrches, which I analysed during my research into music videos of the indie pop genre: IN RELATION TO OUR RESEARCH
  4. 4. The lead singer will need a range of props in the narrative section of the video. She will need a mobile phone during the section where she calls her ex- boyfriend. She will need a bag or rucksack during the section of the video where she packs items to run away with. Ideally, we will use a rucksack for this section, as she will need to run with the bag. PROPS
  5. 5. The lead singer’s hair and make-up will be styled but simple in the narrative section of the music video. As the narrative follows a family eating a meal before the girl leaves home, her make-up will be fairly simple yet still showing signs of her emotions. This might include eyeliner or eye shadow of a dark colour to connote her depressed mood within the narrative. In terms of her hairstyle, this could be shown through wavy, somewhat unstyled and lose hair. HAIR AND MAKE-UP
  6. 6. In the performance section of the music video, the lead singer will appear more styled. Her make-up may be slightly heavier, and include a feature such as red lip-stick. Red lip-stick and dark eye makeup can connote sadness, however also appear glamorous. This feature is common in performance sections of music videos within our genre. Her hair may also be more styled, seemingly less “messy” within this section to suggest the control which she has taken over her sadness. HAIR AND MAKE-UP
  7. 7. Within our research, we came across a range of styling types. I believe a large part of the styling comes down to the star themselves and how they wish to represent themselves in relation to their genre and house style. Artist Marina and the Diamonds often wears exaggerated make-up in her music videos. We will take inspiration from her styling, however also keep a simple look with reference to artists such as Foxes, both whom I analysed in my research process. IN RELATION TO OUR RESEARCH
  8. 8. Clothing The family members, as well as the ex-boyfriend will have few props. As they are background characters, they will have much less elaborate clothing, sticking to fairly neutral, plain items of clothing. Simple clothing will ensure the lead singer remains somewhat “quirky” looking, remaining relatable to the target audience. Props The ex-boyfriend role will need a mobile phone, as part of the narrative will show a telephone conversation between him and the lead singer. The family members, who shall only be shown during the first section of the music video, will have simple props such as knives and forks, and glasses. These props will add to the authenticity of the scene.