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Construction of the Contents Page


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Construction of the Contents Page

  1. 1. For my title and inclusion of the masthead in my contents page, I have taken inspiration from Q magazine by placing a block colour behind for emphasis. I have used colours from my chosen palette – in order to create brand identity. This piece is positioned at the top of my page, in order to draw your eye here and throughout the page. I have designed the word “Contents” in the Couture font, as well as lowering the kerning; creating less space between each glyph. I have done this with various other words on my front cover, and have found that it adds a quirkiness to the font which was originally very simple.
  2. 2. Features Here are the columns in which I have decided to include. Their purpose is to organise features to make it much easier for readers to find a specific area of the magazine. I have included “Features”; this includes the main and most important articles which appeal to a more mainstream audience. I have used the colour black to background my headings and content briefs, as I think this contrasts well against the white writing. This was inspired by NME’s use of design within their contents page; as it is simple, yet rich in information. It has aspects which are similar to that of a newspaper.
  3. 3. News and Reviews Giveaways This column groups all my giveaways, rather than having puffs scattered around the pages. This makes it easy for readers to get straight to their desired giveaway. Here, I have arranged the articles within my magazine which centre primarily around music. My magazine combines a mixture of music based reviews, as well as more casual interviews with artists. This column will appeal most to my niche audience; those interested in discovering new music.
  4. 4. Contributors As inspired by NME, I have decided to include a small feature on some contributors to my magazine, as well as adding a small quote from each. For this, I used images taken in my model choice stage, of Philip and Josh. I think this feature will help in creating a friendly connection with the reader, giving them an insight into the workings of the magazine.
  5. 5. I decided to include a puff within my contents page. I thought that it would be appropriate to advertise the subscription offer which Phonic provide. I have used the font Blackout which I have used for my masthead, as I think this font is the most striking of the selection within my magazine. I have included all the appropriate information: price, dates of the offer, website, offer expiry date and terms and conditions.
  6. 6. I have included my previously edited photographs of Jamie and Georgia. I have added a page number as well as titles and a brief introduction to the article. In the second image, I have created a feature on Georgia by using a photograph which focuses on her, as well as including a pull quote from her interview.
  7. 7. Here are the photographs of Joshua which I have edited for the contents page. I have added a header above the main image, which leads you to the article. In contrast to this, I have put the information at the bottom of the poster image, but have overlapped the wording onto the image.