Chess And Beauty


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This is about chess, photography and art of chess and women in chess

Chess And Beauty

  1. From: Breaking Point Author : James E . Gunn Chess and Beauty
  2. www . gps . edu / news / Pictures / chess_IMG . jpg Women in Chess circles have been always described as weak players, no man really wants to play against them.
  3. They are pushed, in all cultures, to play against each other in the corners of tournament halls
  4. Chess match between WGM Irina Krush, US Women Chess Champion and Barbary Macaque in Gibraltar , Photo Courtesy of Dean Ippolito Some say that women in chess are slightly more clever than monkeys.
  5. Illustration from Die Schachspieler und ihre Welt by Arpad Bauer ( Berlin, 1911 ) However, their beauty are highly admired in Arts ……………
  6. ٍ Grandmaster Susan Polgar …… and Photography!
  7. Photography have transformed a strong Grandmaster like A lexandra Kosteniuk (right) from…….
  8. …… a just another strong player, to…
  9. …… the most beautiful chess player
  10. She is the ultimate Queen of Chess
  11. …… and she is everywhere.
  12. But the real beauty of chess are the pieces
  13. The chess pieces are the block alphabet which shapes thoughts; and these thoughts, although making a visual design on the chess - board, express their beauty abstractly, like a poem . …I have come to the personal conclusion that while all artists are not chess players, all chess players are artists Marcel Duchamp
  15. Steingrimur Eyfjord - at the Palazzo Bianchi Michiel
  17. Glenn Kaino’s “burning Board”
  18. Even photographs, as great as this, can not compete with the aesthetic quality of chess pieces.
  19. Pieces are the centre of every chess photograph. Chess positions make the drama and create the emotions.
  20. Even in classical painting
  21. Pieces can be used in surrealistic artworks…
  22. Or nonsense painting
  23. Chess board can result in abstract drawing
  24. Or symbolic ones
  25. Or psychotic ones
  26. Original sculpture by Alan Boileau on the web at douglasgallery Or a masterpiece of modern art
  27. Chess pieces are used as art everywhere
  28. http :// www . dpchallenge . com / how . php?HOW_ID = 27 Chess pieces and board sometimes used to create good illusion
  29. http :// turbulence . org / spotlight / thinking / chess . html Chess, the ancient board game, when combined with computer resulted in unimaginable beauty
  30. ktaeryna lahno chess set Nevertheless, the best combination is chess pieces and women
  31. As Alexandra always reminds us
  32. However, when man confronted both ….a beautiful woman and chess pieces
  33. His only concern is the current position in front of him…that is chess position. the pieces are the ultimate beauty…well, I'm not sure. I’m confused a bit