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A Directory of Resources that support both E-Learning and
                                                        Web- Enh...

Please go to the campus website and click on Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, for many other opp...
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A Directory Of Resources That Support Both E


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This user-friendly directory is designed to provide you solutions for your technology integration needs. The first column will offer selected tasks or objectives you would like to achieve. The next column will name appropriate technology resources that could be considered. Keep in mind that the list of technology resources grows almost daily, so give us a call if you do not see what you need or if you need assistance using any of the resources. We will help you to find an appropriate teaching/ learning tool.

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A Directory Of Resources That Support Both E

  1. 1. A Directory of Resources that support both E-Learning and Web- Enhancement in Traditional Courses If you are trying to: you might consider using: comments Talk with students in an online • Wimba Voice tools in Bb @ or found in WSSU adds a large measure of personalization to the course Blackboard, under Communication e-environment • Pronto found in WSSU Blackboard, under Communication • Windows Live Messenger @ • SKYPE Present in real time, on a whiteboard • Use Smartboard software or …the next best thing to being in the same for online learners to see and discuss • Use Jing software, downloaded from with room! with you and each other WSSU’s Bb, Virtual Discussion portal Present audio lectures (or ‘how-to’ • A microphone compatible with your computer (or use the one that is built into Allows student to access the info as often as talks) that students can download the computer; selected models only), and Wimba Voice tool in Bb, under needed to better learn the concepts and save at their own convenience Communications. The student will be able to download the lecture onto his or her IPod or other MP3 or MP4 device Create a venue that keeps students • You can set up a blog specifically for this or you can simply use the Helps faculty and student to stay on the same current on course info Announcements portal in Bb. page, esp. in online environment • You could also use Microsoft Outlook Meeting Request if you need to meet with small groups on occasion, say with students who are working on team projects or field experiences. Encourage collaboration and • Open a live chat following class sessions that allows the discussion to continue We can increase actual student engagement intellectual engagement among in an informal way, ungraded and subject to fewer rules. You can post a time and active learning via e-resources like students prompt and then leave it to the students to continue the discussion. Students this. can also take turns at posting the prompts to encourage more leadership and involvement. Maintain an ‘open door policy’ in the • If you teach an online course, you should post your virtual office hours in the Students may need the attention of the faculty online environment syllabus and in the Announcements portal in Bb. You can have these student even more for online courses. visits by phone, email, or Virtual Discussion where that student is the only one you have opened the session to (you must set it up that way). Hold a class discussion in real time • Open the Bb virtual classroom and be sure to select ‘record’ which will allow you to This is often used to increase critical thinking, and (synchronous) have a transcript. Plan very carefully before the session, which questions you will ask, can be used to assess learning (the latter would how much time you will allow for comments from each person and for each topic. Post require a rubric). as much of this to the Announcements portal before the discussion session, so the students come prepared. Allow a discussion to happen over an • Threaded discussions like the real time (synchronous) discussions, are used to The faculty member can set a time period for extended time stimulate thought and can be used to assess learning. The asynchronous venue student participation ( asynchronous) allows the student to engage in the discourse at his/her convenience, which supports non-traditional students and those whose preferred learning style leans in this direction. Videotape your class or an activity for • Use any digital camera compatible with your computer “A picture is worth a thousand words!” class • Use cell phone or Blackberry camera function The Net generation likes project- based learning Directory created by Joanne Chesley, Faculty Development Specialist, CETL , December 2008an oral presentation with you • Use your webcam if you only need to record that involves visuals and graphics. Page 1 sitting or standing in one place. This can then be uploaded to Bb or saved on a You may call us to borrow a Flip camera, a DVD small, super -easy to use camera with great resolution. Share a video via a website or other • Video can be saved to a DVD and shared with others.
  2. 2. Notes: Please go to the campus website and click on Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, for many other opportunities to heighten your learning curve in online course development. Here you will find a Learning Gallery, information on conferences and seminars, a cadre of resources and manipulatives that can be integrated with your curriculum, and a CETL contact page, where you can get in touch with course development faculty and instructional technologists. The CETL main number is 750-8723. For technology integration matters, you can also consult the instructional technologists in the university’s IR department @ 750-3190. Directory created by Joanne Chesley, Faculty Development Specialist, CETL , December 2008 Page 2