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Journal enteries


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Journal enteries

  1. 1. Keys to Success – Journal Entry Assignments You will submit this document at the end of the termDirections: Each journal entry corresponds with a chapter in your book. There are 12chapters and you will complete 12 Journal entries. Go to each page; answer the questionsfor each Journal in this document. For example, under Journal Entry 1 (page 24 in yourbook), read each question in your book and place your answers in this document. (Do notcomplete Real-Life Writing)Francheska David Chapter 1- (page 24) Journal Entry - How you are feeling now Type information here: As a right now my experience with college is great. I can’t complain about it. This is my first semester and so far it has being the easiest one, and I can’t wait for the rest of my college experience to end so I can start on my career already. I think that one thing that I should work on is on presenting projects in front of a class. I’m a very shy girl and it takes me a while to actually stand up and present a project or do a speech. Chapter 2 - (page 54) Journal Entry – How you feel about your time management Type information here: considering that a day only has 24 hours I tent to do everything I can so I can spend my time wisely. I work 8 hours out of the day, spend 2 hours doing homework, 3 to 4 hours studying, and the rest I like to spend it with my friends and family. Personally I think I spend my time wisely I manage to give myself some time as well to give time to others. Chapter 3 – (page 81) Journal Entry – Your interactions with others Type information here: personally I really don’t have a type a people to hang around with. I’m a very friendly person so I tent to make friends with everybody that surrounds me. But to gain confidence on somebody it takes a lot for me to show them that I actually have enough confidence on them to tell them personal stuff. But all that aside I think I’m a very loving and caring person as well as a very caring and loving friend. Chapter 4 - (page 112) Journal Entry – Make a wiser choice
  2. 2. Type information here: honestly all the decisions that I have made have thought me a lesson.Therefor I don’t have nothing to be ashamed of and I wouldn’t change my past decisions fornothing, because thanks to them I’m the person who I’m right now.Chapter 5 - (page 146) Journal Entry – Reading challengesType information here: my writing class is one of the hardest classes that I have had so far. I’mnot too good with writing papers and or either with the subjects and all that stuff that involveswriting. Therefor so far writing is one of the most challenging subjects so far. With speech Ireally don’t have a problem. I think I have enough confidence in myself to read out loud andpronounce words right.Chapter 6 - (page 172) Journal Entry – Understanding your needs and making changesType information here: I dislike when a teacher scrolls down the notes way too quick as if weknew how to write them as quick as she scrolls them down. When I get stuck I usually ask theteacher to please slow down a little bit and most of the time she does it. Three ways to takenotes in my point of view would be paying attention to class, always come prepare, and alwaysbe awake and with a good night sleep before going in to class.
  3. 3. Chapter 7- (page 204) Journal Entry – How feelings connect study successType information here: whenever I get really stress out I usually go to the beach and relax.Sometimes I go with my best friend Kyle and I will tell him what’s bothering me and he will giveme a good an advice. But when I don’t want anybody around me and I just want to be alone mejust go by myself and just chill and relax. Breathe some fresh air and contemplate and alwaysthink to myself that everything in life happens for a reason.Chapter 8- (page 236) Journal Entry – Test typesType information here: math is one of the hardest materials that I have witness and that Imostly have problems with. A study group always helps as well with tutoring and studying extraon the hardest subject on it.Chapter 9 - (page 263) Journal Entry – Your experience with prejudiceType information here:I’m Hispanic and I speak fluent Spanish. One time I was with some friendsand one of them said something about Hispanics that I found really disrespectful and I saidsomething about it. I don’t discriminate and I hate when people are too ignorant anddiscriminate illegal immigrants. I really wonder if they know that all of us are immigrant. We allcome from different countries and we all have different cultures. Just because we speak anotherlanguage and we look different and we don’t have papers doesn’t mean that they have morepower on us than anybody else. I just think that people should watch their actions more often.Chapter 10 - (page 292) Journal Entry – AddictionType information here: any type of addiction usually destroys a family, and something similarhappen to my family because of my oldest brother’s addiction of drugs. Those years where onesof the worst years of my life, he used to steal from us, we use to not see him for days sometimeseven weeks. Till my mother got tired of it and put him in rehab for one year. After that yearwent by and he finally got out he was always on watch. People from the rehab center used tocome over to see him and take random drug test. Now he is a very clean person and he ishappily married with a wonderful women. And all thanks to our support.Chapter 11 - (page 320) Journal Entry – You and creditType information here: in my house I pay the light bill and my phone bill. Usually I pay them ontime so there’s no problem when it comes to it. I know how to manage my budget very well.
  4. 4. Chapter 12 - (page 345) Journal Entry – Revisit your personal missionType information here: one update that I want to make in my life is to move up north and start anew life. That’s going to be one of the biggest steps in my life that I can’t sincerely wait to make.I’m going to move with my best friend and I’m going to start going to University of Florida.