HML Club Annual Report 2008-2009


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HML Club Annual Report of library club activities 2008-2009

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HML Club Annual Report 2008-2009

  1. 1. Contents 03 A Little About us 05 Chief Librarian’s Message 6 Mrs Yap’s Message 07 HML Executive Committee 08/09 08 HML Executive Committee 09/10 09 Annual General Meeting 2008 12 Discover: HML Camp 2008 25 Raffles Trail 2009 28 Training of New Librarians 30 LCM Day Report 34 Open House Report 37 New Sections in the Library 41 Acknowledgements 42 Final Words 1
  2. 2. A Little about usThe Hullett Memorial Library has made a conscious effort to constantly upgrade its facilities andservices in order to remain relevant in this information age. Our foremost concern is to create awarm and information rich environment where students and staff of Raffles Institution can partakea variety of activities both pleasant and conducive to life-long learning with the aid of up-to-dateresources and advanced information technology.The Hullett Memorial Library sees itself as the hub ofacademic life and the nexus of information gathering anddissemination at Raffles Institution. It exists to:  Provide absolute support for the curriculum in terms of both the resources and services.  Provide a positive learning environment, enabling pupils to become effective learners with access to the latest technology.  Foster a love for reading.  Promote Raffles Institution, by its role as a leader, in school library services in Singapore.HML Facilities  A collection of about 51,000 books, including Fiction, non-Fiction and Reference  Copies of past year examination papers  More than 50 magazine titles including PC Magazine, Economist, Newsweek, Time, Reader’s Digest and National Geographic.  Daily newspapers in 4 languages - English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil.  Info-educational DVDs, VCDs, audio CDs, and CD-ROMs.  Project Corner with 14 PCs for group project work.  SurfPOOL with 10 PCs for information searches  A Photocopying room with 3 photocopying machines.  A Creative Studio for teaching, lectures or meetings.  A Reference Room for storage of reference books as well as quiet self-study and reading  Teachers Reference Library for teacher’s use  HML Al Fresco Discussion and Study Corridor
  3. 3. The TecHIVE is a place where pupils can explore multimedia and the latest in IT firsthand. It provides endless possibilities for individual creativity, interactive learning and academic pursuits. Facilities in the TecHIVE  20 Televisions, including 3 LCD TVs  DVD & VCD players  Music-CD  Computers  5000 multimedia items for the abovementioned platforms time, place and way, enabling them to achieve excellence in teaching, learning and research.Vision Hullett Memorial Library ObjectivesThe Hullett Memorial Library aims to develop  Teachingan information and technology rich teaching o Work in partnership with teachingand learning environment that encourages staff to promote innovative use ofactive real world research. information resources in school enhance teaching and learning.  LearningMission o Teach students and staff to basis for life long learning and realThe Library exists to link staff and students world problem solving.with recorded knowledge in an appropriate  Research o Increase knowledge base available to researchers for the development of new knowledge, by using IT to improve Raffles Institution access to information worldwide. Librarians Welcome you to HML!
  4. 4. Chief Librarian’s MessagesAng Hui Hao’s Outgoing Message It has indeed been an extremely fufilling, and at the same time, challenging year for me and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs Yap, Mdm Ho, Ms Many, the exco 08’09 and all the librarians for being part of this enriching experience of being the Chief Librarian. I am sure that the next batch of leaders headed by Hui Chiang will continue to improve the library club and bring it to greater heights.Tay Hui Chiang’s Incoming MessageI am greatly honoured to be chosen as the new Chief Librarian of ‘09/10, and I wish to expressmy utmost gratitude and thanks to Mrs. Yap, the HML EXCO of ‘08/09 and the rest of the librarycommittee for their limitless guidance and supportthrough the previous years.My goals for the upcoming year are simple yet lofty.Firstly, I hope to instill a heart of service in all librariansand ensure the passion they hold for the library continuesto burn as strongly as it ever had, and never die out evenwhile facing many challenges along the way. Next, I wish topromote a sense of camaraderie among the members ofthe club, so that no one ever feels left out in our small,family community, and that we will serve the school as aunited body. Lastly, I will, with the best of my efforts andabilities see that the club strives to ever greater heightsand push the limits and boundaries of what we canachieve.With this, I will be able to serve the school communitybetter than ever before, and that librarians will never forget that each and every one of themare essential to the operation of the library, for the library cannot function if even one of themare not performing to their full potential.Thank you. 4
  5. 5. A Message from Mrs. Yap2008/2009 has been another eventful yearfor the HML Club. This AGM report features process, the librarians involved bondedmany fond memories of the various club closer through the organized by the 2008/2009 HMLEXCO headed by our Chief-Librarian, Ang Hui The boys will be fondly remembered as theHao. batch which was involved in this HML upgrading exercise… ... Perhaps even theThe 08/09 executive committee is a unique year-end major stock-take exercise inone as it comprises only 1 sec 4 librarian Oct/Nov 2009.which is not the norm. Hui Hao, supportedby his team of 3 sec 3 and 2 sec 2 librarians, My sincere thanks to the HML EXCOhas successfully organized various key 2008/2009 and I wish them all the best inevents such as the 2008 AGM, Year End HML their future endeavors.Camp 2008, Sec 1 Raffles Trail 2009, andLibrary Club Members Day (1) in March 09.The Club assisted in the set up of the newHML Students’ Reference Room in Marchand the Teachers’ Reference Room in June.This batch of librarians will remember fondlythe packing and movement of the manycartons of Teachers’ Reference books andtheir subsequent move to the former LARduring the June holidays. Though a tedious 5
  6. 6. HML Executive Committee 2008/2009 6
  7. 7. HML Executive Committee 2009/2010 Chief Librarian : Tay Hui Chiang Library Circulation Library ManagementJonathan Ang Sixian Joshua Phang Shi Ern Issac Chong Club Programmes Ong Chuan Kai Wong Zhe Herng Melvin Lim Jun Cheng
  8. 8. HML Club AGM Written by: Ang Zhi Jie Dyon Special Thanks to the Sec 4 EXCO members of 2007/2008 Chang Shu Jian --Chief Librarian Law Kang Jie --Deputy Chief Librarian Rohan Puthran --Manager (Programmes) Yan Xiao Dong --Deputy Manager (Programmes Dept) Ravi Sethuraman --Manager (Circulation Dept) Sean Yap - Manager (Circulation Dept) Annual General Meeting 2008 The time of the year has arrived again. A Days of meticulous planning all culminated as supposed coming-of-age, a ritual, a long the EXCO of 2007/2008 and the newly elected tradition. The Hullett Memorial Library (HML) one of 2008/2009 were seen bringing the Club’s 2008 Annual General Meeting (AGM) important materials up to the Audio Visual has arrived with much importance, tradition Theatrette (AVT). Prizes to be given out, and a whole wave of fresh new faces. important documents to be received, and certificates of appreciation to be presented As with every important event of the year, were all promptly set up for the most numerous days were put into the planning of important event of 2008 for the HML Club. AGM 2008, and a flurry of final preparations were held the day before the meeting itself. 8
  9. 9. Pupil librarians came swarming into the AVT as delving into a storybook world, immersing intosoon as they were given the green light to the content and appreciating the effort takenleave their classes by their respective teachers. to write the book. {Insert Name} has proven toThey came in with an air of excitement and all librarians present, that the HML Clubanticipation, which was rather expected. After cultivates a strong mind and will help build thethe pupil librarians settle down in their foundation for our future endeavors. We willassigned seats, the staff of the library arrived. all certainly benefit from it!Our Deputy Headmistress, Mrs Tan Siok Mui,had kindly decided to grace this event to One of the most important segments of thewitness the ‘crowning’ of new librarians and AGM is of course, the passing of the baton,,celebration of the graduating ones. Mrs. Yap the passing of leadership to the next batch ofalso invited one of our old boys, a previous leaders to bring the HML Club to greaterchief librarian, Major Adrian Choong having heights. It was sad to see the EXCO ofsucceeded in his chosen field of work in the 2007/2008’s parting handshakes, and to listennavy, to return in a blaze of glory, and to relate to the parting message given by the outgoinghis own experiences to the librarians present. Chief Librarian, Chang Shu Jian. Each batch ofAs soon as everyone was present, we kick librarians leaves behind a legacy, one that willstarted the event with much exultation. not be erased and will be emulated, or even exceeded, by future batches of librarians. TheFirst up was a talk by HML Club’s legacythe Special Guest. will be a long-livedDespite the fact that he one, and I am quiteholds a high position in sure we will allhis field of work, he remember ourwas incredibly humble seniors’and had a charisma contributions to thethat engaged the HML Club. Many ofaudience. He the Secondary 2sintroduced himself and will also rememberwith a flow of slides the graduatingbehind him, he wove batch of seniorsan engaging speech with fondestthat was sincere and spoke his mind. He taught memories as they spent the most time withus skills, life choices and the taking over of the them. The passing of the EXCO of 2007/2008 isinternet world. indeed a sad sight to behold but as we look upon the upcoming year, we know for sureOne point I made note of was his acceptance that the HML Club will be in safe hands again.of the internet taking over everyone’s lives.Indeed, we cannot live without the internet in Ang Hui Hao, a dedicated Secondary 3, wasthis age and we have to be tech-savvy to keep chosen to be the Chief Librarian for 2008/2009.up with it. What he said was true - despite the While giving his speech, his posture andmassive internet revolution, the library will stature was immaculate and it could be seenalways be a place for learning and a place of from his expression that he was perfectlyrich culture and vibrancy. Reading material off determined to take up this position and thethe internet cannot compare to actually associated responsibility that comes with it,
  10. 10. and to maintain or even improve the state of Mdm Jessie Ho and Miss Kanmany.the HML. Thank you, newly-invested librarians of 2008Hui Hao will carry this responsibility, willingly, for your dedication in the past few months.and he will strive to make the HML a vibrant You have indeed shown yourself to be a trueplace for every Rafflesian to study in. The HML librarian and with the new collar pin comeswill be a conducive and tranquil study greater responsibility. The Rafflesianenvironment in the hands of our new Chief community recognizes you and applauds yourLibrarian. As he accepts his post with a smile dedication to the maintaining of the school’son his face, wary of the eyes upon him, Hui centre of information. The EXCO of 2008/2009Hao promises in front of the library staff and sincerely hopes that you will maintain yourhis library club members that he will do his conduct and your responsibilities as a and possibly even more. All the best!The time has come for the investiture of the The event came to a closure as the guests andnew librarians. Many of the new faces were staff left to partake in the reception outsidefrom Secondary 1, although the HML Club the AVT. We will gather again for AGM 2009received a number of applications from and we shall witness a new batch of leadersSecondary 2 and 3 students too. This was taking the centre stage. Till then!hardly a surprise given that every Rafflesianwishes to contribute to the community and toassist others, regardless ofthe time spent as aRafflesian. Bright and eagerfaces were seenthroughout the room. Thenew librarians’ faces lit upas their names were called,one by one, and they wentto the stage to receive theaesthetically appealingHML Club collar pin from Memories. Sweet Memories. Parting is such sweet sorrow. Smiles were formed as the HML Club’s trip down the memory lane was shown in a photo compilation video. Such fun, such laughter, such were the happy times we spent in the library…
  11. 11. Section 1: Introduction Written by Ong Chuan KaiThe Hullett Memorial Library Club Year End The camp had been originally plannedCamp 2008 was held from 12th November for 2 Day-1 Night, but due to the inclusion of(Wednesday) to 14th November 2008 (Friday) the life style choices workshop spanning over 2and various activities were held, including the days; it was extended to a 3 Day-2 Night camp,Amazing Race, a life style choices workshop with some initially planned activitiesand a trip to the newly opened Marina compromised. For example, the Amazing Race,Barrage. The camp is held to meet several which was originally planned to take place allobjectives. Firstly, it seeks to foster greatercollaboration between librarians and to enable around Singapore, was compromised to thethem to better understand the library. Southern Ridges.Secondly, it aims to tidy up the library. Thirdly, The participants gathered on the first day atit exposes them to lesser known places of 7.30am in the Library Activities Room (LAR)Singapore, and last but not least, it is to have and the camp commenced with attendancefun. taking and a briefing on the purpose and The theme of the camp is “Discovery”. proceedings of the camp, as well as the campFirst and foremost, throughout the camp, rules and regulations.participants get to discover themselves, that is, The participants were split into 3discover a side of themselves that they never groups to facilitate the activities that wereknew they had by exposing themselves to new carried out and to allow them to interact withenvironments. They also managed to discover someone they rarely worked with.more about fellow librarians which they hadworked with, and also more about the club, its Here are the groupings for the camp:operations and the people behind it.Additionally, they discovered places in Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 EXCOSingapore which they might not have been to.Last but definitely not least, they get to Chang Nigel Sean Ang Huidiscover the fun side of HML Club which is Shu Jian Loo Yap Haorarely seen. Jonathan Bernard Eugene Tommy Ang Wee Simon Randy Dyon Ang Kiang Khang Tay Hui Ming Jie Ryan Hwee Chiang Ms. Mdm. Ong Mrs. Yap Mani Ho Chuan Kai
  12. 12. every activity, including shelf reading to each group. Points given were relative to the Also, to make the competition among activity, and the group with the most points atgroups more intense and to raise the the end of the camp would win prizes.enthusiasm of the teams, points were given forSection 2: Icebreakers Written by Ong Chuan Kai Due to time constraints caused by the project corners. They sat together andinception of other activities, icebreaker games brainstormed for ideas. With markers providedwere substituted with the making of team T- for each team, they showcased their creativityshirts. This activity lasted for 30minutes after on the white T-shirt provided. They were tothe briefing. The concept of the team T-shirt is come up with a team name and a taglineto symbolize the team’s identity, just like a which was to be written on the T-shirtnation’s flag. The objective of wearing the as well. In the process,shirt is to give a sense of belonging to the they willteam and teams can also take thisopportunity to showcase their creativity.This activity also helps to bond the teamtogether as they brainstormed forideas and designed the T-shirtcohesively. For this activity, thelibrarians split up into their groupsand proceeded to the respective create their team’s identity. Meanwhile, they have to relate their T-shirt to the theme of the camp: “Discovery”. After 30 minutes of discussion and designing, the teams returned to the LAR to present their T-shirt. The T-shirt designs were to be judged and the result determined the starting order of the 3 teams for the Amazing Race. After the adjudication, the starting order was as follows:
  13. 13. Group 3, Group 1, and lastly, Group 2. responsibility to the T-shirt and a sense of belonging to the team. Overall, it was a fun The T-shirt had to be with the team at and meaningful experience as each teamall times throughout the day and one member worked together in designing their identities,of each team had to wear it at any point in with jokes and laughter popping outtime. This helped to instill a sense of frequently.Section 3: Amazing Race Written and compiled by Tay Hui Chiang Shortly after the icebreakers, we The station master for this station (Station 1)boarded a chartered bus which took us to the was Chuan Kai. The participants had to countSouthern Ridges. The Amazing Race was the segments of planks along the entire bridgeplayed not unlike previous years. Teams were and report the answer to the station mastereach given a clue which would lead them to for their first task. The closer the answer is tothe first station. There, they would be asked to the actual one (187), the more points the teamcomplete a given challenge before getting will be awarded. Group 1 and 2 managed totheir next clue, so on and so forth. The teams get the actual answer while Group 3 was 3were not allowed to go all at the same time segments off (184). The second task would besince there would be teams massing at one to take a photo of the bridge as artistically asstation, so they were released in intervals of 5 possible, with points given based on the photominutes, with the order being determined by taken. These two tasks could effectively testhow well they performed for their T-shirt their teamwork and The clue given for the next station was The clue given at the starting point a picture of a triangle with an arrow pointingwas the words “LOOK UP”, which would lead to the top. The triangle symbolized Mountthem to the Southern Ridges. Being simple, all Faber, which was near to where they were,of the teams were able to infer this location and the top essentially meant Faber Point.rather easily. Most of the groups were able to infer this location rather easily too.
  14. 14. Group 2 was the last group to reach the station. Their performance was average as compared to the other groups, but they managed to complete the station fairly quickly. In addition, they managed to solve the clue to Station 3, though it still took them considerably long. The clue to Hui Chiang’s station (Station 3) at the Lookout Point was a rather cryptic one, which was an eye in the middle of a recycle sign. All the teams were unable to At Jonathan’s station in the Amazing solve it and got to Hui Chiang’s station throughRace (Station 2), groups had to re-enact certain wandering around while trying to look for ascenes throughout the history of Singapore. boy in white shirt and black pants.Groups had to choose the scenes from thegallery below Faber Point, then proceed to the Teams at this station were supposedarea above to re-enact the scenes. Similar to to look for 10 paper clips around the lookoutthe T-shirt design, Group 3 finished first, point. However, they had to stand in a row,followed by Group 1 and then Group 2. with an inflated balloon held between their bodies, such that they looked like large Group 3 was the first to complete the caterpillars. Dropping the balloon on thestation, and that group’s performance was ground would result in the ‘confiscation’ of 2decided to be the most realistic, and therefore paper clips. Group 3 arrived first, and theyscored the highest among all the other groups. breezed through the challenge. The difficultyTheir group was also the fastest to solve the of the clue led to our first hitch in the race,clue. Background knowledge of the locale by where Group 1 got lost. They called Jonathan,certain members of the group might have who gave misleading instructions, directinghelped them when they attempted to decipher them to the forest beside the Jewel Box.the clue. Thankfully, they were able to find their way to Hui Chiang’s station. Similarly, they went Group 1 was the second group to through his station easily, although they didreach the station. Their performance at this drop the balloon twice. The last group to arrivestation was generally quite poor, with was Group 2. They did not pass the challengemembers of the group showing an obvious lack easily, as they were probably not observantof enthusiasm. This group did not solve the enough, and could not find paper clips thatclue to the next station. However, a lot of were right in front of them. However, they dideffort was put in by members of the group to manage to complete the challenge in afind the location. Due to the lack of time and relatively short time as well.the need to move on with the Race, thelocation of the next station was given to them. Hui Hao’s station for Amazing Race (Station 4) was the first station in Vivocity where the teams finally got into air-
  15. 15. conditioned heaven and out of the hot sun in the pictures whereas others did not. In thethe Southern Ridges. Basically the teams were end, the team with the best and most efficientrequired to form a chain of store names that strategy was the clear winner for this station.started with the store andended with the store Action City and had to Placed in charge of Station 5, Dyoninclude the store SIX. The chain was formed waited for the groups at Vivocity as his stationwith the starting and ending letters of each of was the last station before sending the groupsthe names. All of the teams found their chain off to lunch. He tried to hide himselfrather easily with the help of the shop somewhere, which failed, as the area arounddirectory. The hard part came later; the teams Bakerzin was too wide and open-spaced. Thehad to take pictures of the stores signboards objective of his station was to test the librarians’ attentiveness as they zipped aroundin order. Some teams excelled in this task;Group 3 took the pictures in random order and the stores. The first group arrived 15 minutesthen used another camera to make them seem earlier than the others, and quickly got downlike they were in the right order whereas the to completing their task. However, despiteother teams just wasted about 15 minutes their swiftness, they were unable to spell thewalking around the entire second floor of the stores’ names correctly and therefore had toshopping complex. All the teams eventually backtrack again. This shows that speed is notmanaged to complete their task successfully always an essence in a challenge/task. Next,with varying amounts of time taken, with while the other teams came to Dyon, he foundGroup 3 taking the least time followed by himself debating with some groups on theGroup 2 and lastly Group 1. On analysis of the spelling of the stores which was very time-results, the time taken by the teams was based wasting. One group especially did not followon one factor: strategy. None of the teams the previous station master Hui Hao’schose the time-consuming method of looking instructions and received a penalty. From thisaround the entire floor for the names and station, we can learn that librarians are effective in working with each other and oneinstead used a directory; however, someteams had a strategy when it came to taking can complete a given task well while working with his team.
  16. 16. Section 4: Marina Barrage Activities floods that are otherwise damaging can beWritten by Ong Chuan Kai prevented. After the tour, the challenge was released to the groups. Groups would have to After having lunch at Kopitiam in Vivo give a 15-minute presentation on one of theCity, the teams embarked on a journey to the six galleries in the Sustainable Singaporenewly opened Marina Barrage. They took the Gallery assigned to them. The presentationMRT to Marina Bay and took a shuttle bus to would be done in school. Each team was givenMarina Barrage from there. Groups brought 1 hour to do research on the gallery that theyalong cameras and notebooks to capture were assigned. They could do so in the form ofmemories. copying down notes and taking photos. After The Marina Barrage was opened just 2 being brought back to school by a charteredweeks before the camp on 1 November 2008, bus, the groups were given 1 hour to prepareand so it was decided that the participants their presentations on laptops in the centralwould go there to learn more about this aisle of the HML. Then, they proceeded to theengineering marvel, in relation to the theme of Dining Hall for dinner. Immediately afterDiscovery. Librarians could also boost their dinner, the teams assembled in the LAR forresearch and presentation skills with the their presentations. They were judged by 3challenge posed to them, which will be guest judges, namely Cham Bao Rong, Danielexplained later on. Goh and Li Yiyang. They are members of the HML Club alumni and had returned to help out Upon reaching the barrage, we had a with the camp. The teams presented withwalk around the site as we waited for the various styles, but all presented valuableguided tour to commence. At 2.30pm, a tour information regarding the Marina Barrage. Theguide from Marina Barrage took us on an judges gave useful comments to theengaging tour around the premises and the presenters after their experience in ProjectSustainable Singapore Gallery. Unfortunately, Work in RJC. These comments definitelywe did not get to tour the rooftop lawn due to helped the presenters to improve in thea heavy rain. From this tour, we gained useful future. To round up the whole experience ofknowledge about the barrage and its impact. discovering the Marina Barrage, a 2-part videoFor example, the barrage created a reservoir on the barrage was screened.for the city, increasing our fresh water supply.Also, by controlling the water level within the This was undoubtedly an enrichingbay, experience for everyone as they got to know a lot about the barrage, which will definitely benefit them in time to come as the barrage is a key icon in Singapore. It was also meaningful as we were the pioneering Raffles Institution group to tour the barrage! This journey of “Discovery” definitely brought out the camp’s theme. Besides these, the participants unarguably benefited, as their knowledge about the barrage and their presentation skills had been boosted with this experience.
  17. 17. Section 5: Treasure Hunt cum Station Games Written and compiled by Tay Hui ChiangThe treasure hunt took place on the second day the ‘proton number’ being 2. This clue led to theof the camp after the Lifestyle Choices station which was the corridor between Lectureworkshop. It is held to foster creativity and Theatres 2 and 3. All of the groups were able tobonding among the teams, and is also a warm- infer this location rather easily.up for the more vigorous station games. Groupswere required to find random, everyday objects The station master at Station 1 wassuch as pens and were to return to the library Chuan Kai. The activity at that station waswithin half an hour. In that time, the HML EXCO called “Fit It”. Groups were given three sizeswas busy setting up their stations for the next of newspapers and they were to get allactivity - Station Games. To make the challenge members onto the newspaper without anymore interesting, ex-librarians Yiyang and Bao part of their feet touching any area outsideRong patrolled the area with a whole bag of the newspaper. With each successful effort, astationery. However, the groups were required smaller piece of newspaper would be used,to complete a task, such as reciting the increasing the task’s difficulty. Points were awarded if they could complete the taskRafflesian Principle of Honour before they couldget one of the ‘treasures’ in the bag. In the end, without tearing any papers. Equal membersGroup 3 came in first with the most number of from each team took part in the activity so as to ensure fairness. Group 1 ‘survived’ 1 fold,items, followed by Group 2 and lastly Group 1.The winning group was the most enthusiastic of Group 2 ‘survived’ 2 and Group 3 amazinglyall as they went around the school compound, ‘survived’ 3.searching high and low for the ‘treasures’. They After completing the activity, groupsalso tried to obtain as many ‘treasures’ as were given the next clue, which is the clue forpossible from Yiyang and Bao Rong. The group Station 2. The clue given was the anagramcoming in last was rather unenthusiastic as they “Stupids Teams”, which when rearrangedwalked around with no clear objective and did became “Stadium Steps”. As this location isnot bother much about Yiyang and Bao Rong. seldom referred to, all groups only managedThis showed that enthusiasm and clever use of to solve the anagram after a few minutes,resources are key winning traits in this hunt and which was also after the station masterthis is also applicable to our lives, where many provided them with more clues.achieved success as they are upbeat in theirwork and intelligently make use of what they Station 2, Hui Hao’s station, was thehave. one which required the most setting up, because of the large number of materials The station games took place after the required. The groups had to pass watertreasure hunt. Groups were given clues to bombs from the first member to next, eachdifferent stations so that they would not be standing 5 meters apart. For each water bombrushing to the same station at once. that they successfully passed, they scored The clue for Station 1 was the ‘atomic points and the points were given based on thesymbol’ ‘Lt’, with the ‘atomic mass’ being 3 and number of water bombs successfully passed 1 8
  18. 18. along the chain. However, due to a lack of was next to reach the station. When theyresources, the groups were only given a reached the station, they initially took very longmaximum of 9 water bombs and were advised to find Jonathan, hence causing frustrationto make full use of them and not waste any. later. When they attempted the task, theyThere was another problem; one of the teams initially took off very quickly, but later slowedhad fewer members, so it was much easier for down as they progressed around the course.them to pass the water bombs to each other as This contributed to them being the slowest of allthere was less opportunity for error along the the teams.chain following the decrease in the number ofpasses. Hence, the points for the other two The last group to attempt the stationteams were increased proportionately to make was Group 2. Like Group 1, they initially started well, being the fastest group to complete halfthe game as fair as possible. In the end, Group 3and Group 1 both received 300 points whereas the route. However, they later made someGroup 2 received 150 points. serious errors, which contributed to their group earning second place instead of first. For The toothpick search (Station 3) can be example, near the end of the route, they missedconsidered one of the most grueling games of out on one station, and were almost disqualifiedthe whole camp. Toothpicks were scattered on for stopping at the second last corner andthe 2nd, 3rd and 4th floor of the Junior Block by removing the blindfold.the station master, Hui Chiang, before the startof the game. Teams were then asked to look for For Dyon’s station (Station 5), groupsthe toothpicks. However, the catch is that only went around searching high and low for the quotes of Mr S. Rajaratnam. This provided anone person was allowed to go up at one time,and he could only retrieve one toothpick per opportunity for the librarians to immersetrip. The members of the team were neither themselves into the life of one of our nation’sallowed to place toothpicks in a convenient founding fathers. Many of the groups did notplace nor talk to each other. Each team was work very well together at this station, with onegiven 10 minutes, and had to collect as many or two of the group members drifting away,toothpicks as possible. Group 1, despite having minding their own business or searching for thethe fewest people, came in first, while Group 3 words themselves. Upon completing thecame in second, and Group 2 came in third assignment that Dyon gave them, they werebecause they violated the rules by telling each asked by Dyon to explain one of the moreother where the toothpicks were. difficult quotes. A group decided to give Dyon a completely irrelevant answer which resulted in At Jonathan’s station in the Station a penalty as it did not make much sense at all.Games (Station 4), groups were tasked to guide He suspected that they did that to rush for blindfolded member of the group verbally The other groups, however, gave fairlyaround a designated course in the fastest satisfactory answers which at least showedpossible time. Group 3 finished first, followed by some promise.Group 2 and then Group 1. Group 3 was thefirst group to attempt the station. Their Overall, most of the teams did well incommunication skills were excellent, and thus completing their tasks and getting to their nexttheir blindfolded member could follow their stations. However, their performance couldinstructions without hesitation, resulting in have been further improved by showing morethem finishing faster than the other Group 1 enthusiasm and working better with their teammates.
  19. 19. Section 6: Shelf-reading Written by Ong Chuan KaiGroup 1 Group 2 Group 3 EXCO groupNF 8-14 NF 15-20 NF 21-26 Reference The amount of work for each group had been fairly distributed. The process went on smoothly with everyone busy shelf- Shelf-reading was held during the reading, putting in effort, with their points atsecond night of the camp. After dinner at the stake. During this time, Hui Hao, the ChiefDining Hall, the librarians headed back to the Librarian from the EXCO group went aroundlibrary and started with the shelving of some to check the shelves that each group hadremaining books on the trolley. Then, they completed. The shelf-reading was donesplit into their respective groups, with the satisfactorily and the activity ended earlierEXCO forming a group as well. Each group than expected.went on to shelf-read their allocated shelves. Altogether, the shelf-reading activity The 2 main purposes of this activity has bonded the groups and the condition ofwere namely to make the library neater and the library has definitely improved with thistidier as well as to foster bonds between the session. It was indeed a meaningful andlibrarians as they worked together to achieve beneficial activity. With the neatness of thea common goal. library improved, both visitors and students will have a pleasant experience in the library. Starting off, the groups were With the library’s environment tidier, it will beallocated specific shelves to shelf-read. The more conducive for learning.allocation is shown below.Section 7: Lifestyle Choices Workshop Written by Tay Hui Chiang For the first time in RI, a Lifestyle board game which seemed rather intimidatingChoices workshop was conducted by Business at the start. However, after playing 2 rounds,Today South Africa (Pte) Ltd and was attended most of the groups got the hang of it, andby those who were here for the HML Club camp started to enjoy the game and appreciate theas well as students involved in business-related lessons that could be learnt from it. Of course,Research Education projects. The main what is a game without hilarious moments?facilitator of the workshop was witty and Simon got hospitalized due to a stress-relatedcharismatic, and managed to break the ice with heart attack and the lack of time spent ina largely unresponsive audience after less than physical health and leisure, while Hui Hao gothalf an hour. Following a brief introduction to married. The light-hearted atmosphere carriedthe workshop, we were then introduced to a on throughout the 2 days of the workshop as 2 0
  20. 20. we played a simulation of 12 years of our life also learnt that every decision we make,within 5 hours. whether small or big, comes with both positive and negative consequences. The consequences More importantly, we learnt many may not be felt immediately, but could be feltlessons from such a game. Firstly, we learnt the after a long period of time. Amidst manyimportance of time and money. These are 2 others, we also learnt the importance of anprecious resources that cannot be recovered effective work-life balance, as one cannot doonce used, and thus have to be used only after without the other. We should strike a balancegreat consideration. Secondly, we need to between work and leisure, so as to be able toevaluate risks before taking them; otherwise live our lives to the fullest.they might have adverse consequences. WeSection 8: Birthday Bash and Food Written by Ong Chuan Kai The birthday bash was the second last librarians returned to the HML. To conclude,event of the camp and lasted for approximately the bash was enjoyable and pleasant for allhalf an hour. It took place after the closure of participants.the Lifestyle Choices workshop. As for food throughout the camp, a The objective of the birthday bash was sufficient amount was needed to ensure thatto celebrate the birthdays of librarians born in the librarians had enough energy to participatethe months of October to December. It was actively in the camp. On the 1st day, there wasalso to be a form of celebration to round up the lunch, dinner and supper. On the 2nd day, therecamp and credit the librarians for all their hard was breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper. Onwork throughout the year. the last day, there was breakfast, lunch as well as tea. Food was catered by ISS in a privateroom in the Dining Hall. Our guests, the All meals were provided by ISS in theworkshop facilitators, were also invited to join Dining Hall, with the exception of the lunch atus for this tea session. There were delicious Vivocity where participants had to pay for theirpastries and cakes. The snacks were coupled food themselves. This was to make thingswith lemon barley drink. Everyone enjoyed the simpler and so that the costs could be workedbash as they chatted and savored the food. out easily. The food provided by ISS was satisfactory too. Some snacks were bought at After the bash in the private room, NTUC Fair Price for supper. They could also bebirthday cards were given to librarians born in eaten should the need arise throughout thethe months of October to December when the camp, especially during the Amazing Race.
  21. 21. Section 9: Conclusion and Reflections Written by Ong Chuan Kai To round up the camp, points for the problems. The planning process may be tediousgroups were tallied and the positions were but it is much needed for a successful camp. Itdetermined. The final positions for the groups was an eye-opening experience for us and weare as follows: 1st - Group 3, 2nd - Group 1 and benefited much from this learning experience.3rd- Group 2. As seen from the positions in thevarious activities, the result was as expected. Ex-librarians like Yiyang and Kang JieGroup 3 evidently put in the most amount of sacrificed their time to come back and help outeffort and making good use of their skills and with the camp planning and we were verytalents, they managed to excel in most thankful to them for offering their help andactivities with hard work. The other two groups guiding us along. In the camp itself, ex-also did well and their effort was definitely librarians like Bao Rong, Daniel and Yiyangrecognized. Everyone benefited in one way or came back as guest judges and even as care-another and they enjoyed themselves in the takers, showing that HML Club is like a closely- knitted family and the alumni still return to thisprocess. “home” of theirs to help out. With this strong The camp was the first event that the bond and motivation from the seniors andnewly appointed EXCO of ‘08/’09 had to plan. 4 teachers, we strived on and made sure that theout of 5 of us were still Sec 2s and this was the camp will run smoothly.first time all of us planned a camp. This wasindeed a new and fresh experience for us and We did our best and from the feedbackwe looked forward to it. Under the leadership gathered from camp participants, the campof Hui Hao, the Chief Librarian, the guidance of was successful on the whole with much praiseMrs Yap, the teacher-in-charge of HML Club as from the participants, which we were glad towell as Ms Mani and Mdm Ho, the staff of HML, receive. However, there were also weaknesses pointed out. We acknowledged our weaknesseswe kickstarted the planning as early asSeptember. With much guidance, we and treated them as valuable learning pointsconfidently took up this first challenge posed to for us to pick up. The utmost satisfaction from a camp organizer would be seeing theus. participants enjoy the camp and learn As we moved along, we put in effort in meaningful things from it. Seeing our hard workplanning various activities and went to reccee pay off and that participants acknowledged anddifferent places all over Singapore to ensure a appreciated our efforts was really heart-smooth running of the camp. Through the warming and we really felt that it was worth allprocess, we encountered some problems like the pains. It is also of utmost importance thatthe inclusion of a 2-day workshop but we we learn from our weaknesses and seek tomanaged to resolve it and adjust the timeline improve them as we continue to betteraccordingly, compromising certain activities. ourselves as leaders of the club and organizeWe learnt to be able to adapt to changes and events of greater success in the future.make appropriate decisions to counter Constructive criticism benefited us and we
  22. 22. managed to “Discover” more about ourselves, weekly duties, we serve together as one,as we linked to the theme of the camp. keeping the students’ welfare in mind and working together to make the library a more Some things which we can improve on conducive place for learning.are the timing of the camp as it clashed withOIP and other core CCA camps. We can also get To round up this process of organizingnew and fresh ideas as ideas should not be re- a camp, we would say that even as organizers,used over and over again, thus the camp would we benefited no lesser than the participants.not grow to be repetitive and boring for the This was indeed a valuable experience for all ofparticipants. us and we could definitely apply what we have learnt in the future, be it in school or in life. We The smooth running of the camp and picked up precious learning points in variousthe enjoyment from various activities with a aspects, like planning, organization,strong purpose in mind would not possible coordination, administration, leadership etc. Aswithout the involvement of librarians, be it the we improved ourselves as leaders of the club,participants or the organizers, including the we hope that the club will grow with us andteachers and ex-librarians. Everyone played a together, we can definitely scale greaterpart in making this camp as it was and heights.everyone mattered to the success of the camp.As the saying goes, “One for all, all for one”, we In conclusion, the camp wasprogress as a club and reap fruits of success as definitely a success from ours as well asa club. Despite being organizers, as we the participant‟s point of view and theparticipated in the activities with the objectives were certainly met.participants, we actually unknowingly met ourown objectives for the participants as we learntand enjoyed with the participants. Followingthe camp, as we continue to bond in our
  23. 23. RAFFLES trailBy Tay Hui Chiang …………………….would be hard to find space for a projector screen for the presentation. However, we eventually went on with having the Raffles Trail in the library for a number a reasons. Firstly, it was decided that the library would be closed so no one except the Sec 1s and the librarians would be in the library. The sofas atThe Raffles Trail for the Hullett the back of the library were also movedMemorial Library Club was held on the strategically to prevent the Sec 1s from13th of February (Friday). The Raffles getting distracted, to block off someTrail is basically a time for Secondary 1 areas, such as the Surfpool, and toStudents to get to know the CCAs of RI create space for a projector screen.better. Another presentation area was set up in the Library Activities Room so that 3 During the planning stage, the classes could be presented to at anyEXCO faced several obstacles but point in time. Another problem facedmanaged to overcome them. Firstly, was the lack of manpower. Chuan Kaithere was confusion as to whether the could not come due to an importantRaffles Trail would be held in the library event in his CCA. This problem wasor in a classroom. Some preferred the solved by roping in many otherclassroom as the library would be very members of the library.busy, especially on Fridays and thus theSec 1s would get distracted. Also, it
  24. 24. At 1.25pm, anannouncement was madeto inform the students inthe library that they had toleave because of theRaffles Trail. All of themleft in several minutes.Next, we had a briefing byMrs. Yap. Firstly, she toldus that the HML Club wasa service-oriented club.Joining such a club wouldallow us to be experienced everyone was familiar with the slides,in serving others, and without Jonathan briefed us on the plan for theexperience of doing service internally, can never hope to do real service inthe outside world. Next, she told us It was decided that there wouldabout the importance of the Raffles be 2 available areas for briefing theTrail. During this stage, Secondary 1 Secondary 1s, the back of the librarystudents will be talked to about the HML where 2 classes could be briefed atClub in general and interested students once and the Library Activities Roomcan sign up. Lastly, she talked to us where 1 class could be briefed. Stationsabout how the HML Club was like a were assigned to the librarians. Hui Haosmall family, bonded together by the was the photographer; Hui Chiang, Zhepassion for service to the school and Herng, Bernard and Melvin werethe love of the library. She also said that assigned to do the presentation in thethe HML Club is only looking for LAR, while the rest took turns to be thepassionate, committed and responsible doorman, crowd controller and themembers and thus not everyone can presenters in the library.qualify. The first few presentations went Following the briefing, we had a rather well, with many Sec 1s signingshort outline on the PowerPoint slides up, although some of us were ratherdone by Dyon. Some of the slides nervous. The first few presentationscontained photos which were taken were conducted by the seniors, whileseveral years ago, thus many of us did the following ones were conducted bynot recognize where they were taken the Sec 2s. This was to allow them toand when. Also, each class was only have a feel of conducting presentationsallowed 10 minutes at the HML, and so they will know what to do for futurethere were 11 slides, so this meant that presentations and Raffles Trails. Wewe could only spend less than 1 minute were rather demoralized after seeingper slide and also have time for the several classes with no one signing up,interested Secondary 1s to ask but we still kept going and tried to bequestions and to sign up. After enthusiastic in our presentations.
  25. 25. Although the HML Club Raffles duty hours and not because heTrail was well-organized, the same sincerely wants to serve the school.cannot be said for the Raffles Trailevent in general. After around 6 classes Another issue that was raisedat the start, there was a large gap of 2 was the fact that many librarians lackhours before the next classes came. responsibility. Many of them do notThis could be due to the lack of come for duty without informing theorganization and proper planning by the EXCO for the day or the teacher-in-committee in charge of the Raffles Trail. charge. They leave it to the EXCO toEven then, there were at least 3 classes call them to ask for a reason why theywho did not have a chance to go are not at duty. It is the onus of thethrough our CCA‟s presentation. librarian to inform the concerned authority that they are not coming and a During the gap of 2 hours, valid reason for excusing themselves. IJonathan conducted a debriefing hope that this session would definitelysession with the librarians who were still bring about a change in the attitudes ofhere as he was overall-in-charge of the librarians.event and Hui Hao. Firstly, the issue oflack of commitment among librarians The Raffles Trail on 13thwas discussed. Librarians come for duty February 2009 ended at around 5.30pmand leave far before closing, citing work when it was decided by Hui Hao that noor studying as an excuse. This shows a other classes were coming. We closedlack of passion for service as the the library, neatened the Librarylibrarian places his homework as his Activities Room and left, feeling ratherfirst priority over the library. Another satisfied with the 30 signups. We did notexample would be librarians can know how many will quit before theysometimes be seen „slacking‟ while reach Secondary 4. However, it was oursigned in. When asked to do something, hope that all of them had the passionthey say that they would sign out and commitment to continue serving theimmediately. library untilThis example their lastwould show days in RI.that thelibrarian onlysigns in for
  26. 26. Training of New LibrariansBy Joshua Phang included pictures and a short summary before every process. The process of theThe presentation to train the secondary 1s making of the presentation was tiring andwere made known late and it was only at many photos had to be taken. That was theone of the morning meetings that I decided easy part. The challenging part came into take up this task. I feel passionate about when I was trying to arrange the photos andthis as I hope to leave a legacy behind in the collate the information given to me by Misslibrary. Thus, I felt that serving the school Many and Mdm. Ho.meant that I had to put my heart and soulinto this task as it will not only affect people I tried to organize the pictures and thein the short term but in the long run as well. information according to their categories.Two cameras were used in the process as Thus, I used hyperlinks for easy referenceswell as some librarians and teachers acting and to allow the reader to zoom in to theout some of the scenes. Much thought has part which they are looking for. The designbeen put into this presentation with Mrs. of the slides was definitely not so good inYap monitoring me occasionally, while Miss terms of design as the time was limited.Mani and Mdm. Ho giving me the input, There were limitations of this trainingwith all their hard work, I could not help but though. Firstly, not many secondary 1sequal the input that was given by producing turned up on the first training, only foura presentation fit enough to train the actually turned up as some of them hadsecondary 1s both efficiently and clearly. other commitments. Secondly, the teamThe main objective was to ensure this would presenting, namely Jonathan, Zhe Herng andbe a service to the library and can be used I, did not manage to start on time. Instead offor a long period of time. starting at 1.30pm we started at 2.00pmThe making of the PowerPoint slide which was rather disappointing.presentation, which contained a total of 83 During the span of preparing the slides, Islides, was tedious but the end product was learnt many things from the library. Duringsatisfactory. This was because though there the training itself I felt that being interactivewere a lot of constrains, such as time and and posing them questions were the onlymanpower, the presentation still consisted way to ensure that the new librarians knowof an in-depth explanation and procedure. their work. The slides were created andThe presentation was created in a week and targeted mainly at the secondary 1s and I
  27. 27. hope that they would remember the step- to anyone who joins the library during theby-step methods of carrying out borrowing, span of the year and it can also help as areturning, etc. reference guide to existing librarians and parent volunteers too.Training the secondary 1s was actually a testof my presentation and interaction skills. In conclusion, I would like to wrap up theThe secondary 1s, fortunately, were very training program as a success as theenthusiastic and they were willing to secondary 1s were interested and learnedparticipate in the “recap” portion of the much from it. With that, I look forward topresentation. The presentation had flaws the recruitment of committed librariansthough as I didn’t include the new features willing to sacrifice their time to serve theof the library. The feedback received was school in many ways.that it went well though it was a bit boring.I feel that through these slides, it would bebeneficial to not only the secondary 1s but
  28. 28. LCM Day Report circumstances, we were not able to predictBy Zhe Herng and Melvin the time allocation properly, and thus, this led to some organization problems. For The recently concluded LCM day for example, there was a lack of time for theour librarians was held on the 20th March movie and the whole day’s activities ended2009 Friday during the March school later than expected. I felt that the planningholidays, our newly recruited Secondary was well thought up, but were not sufficientOne librarians as well as our more in certain areas, like the time allocation. Iexperienced members of the HML club had fell that maybe, the planning could have better estimation of the time by givinga day of fun and bonding. It was an some allowances. Overall, the planning wasenjoyable day of getting together and still quite good.making new friends as well as learning moreabout the library. The day started off with a briefing done by Mrs. Cheryl Yap. This was followed The first part to the LCM day was by icebreakers, allowing us to get to knowthe planning made by the EXCO in the others as well as understand those we knewweeks before LCM day. The EXCO members of better. The icebreakers included gameswere required to plan the icebreakergames, the schedule, the movie, the visit by like Whacko, dog and bone, bingo as well asthe RGS librarians, as well as the feedback follow the leader. Whacko is a game whereforms. However, due to certain a person who is the whacko, has to whack
  29. 29. the person whose name is called. The descriptive line, for example “someone withperson whose name was call can call out 3 or more siblings”. Each person has to askanother person’s name and the “whacko” around to see if anyone fits that context tohas to whack that person. The game goes get him to sign the box. The winner is theon until someone is whacked and then he person who completes a line of five boxestakes over as the “whacko”. Whacko was with signatures. Bingo, however, was not aseasily the favourite game as it was the most attractive as the other games, as walkingfun, where the librarians joked a lot during about the room asking people questionsthe game. was probably not the most attractive game. These could be seen from survey where the Dog and Bone is played when two librarians stated their opinions. I can safelyor more parties assign a number to each say that many of our librarians, new andperson in a group. The IC calls out a number old, had much fun. Though it was a bit of aand the person with that number has to run rowdy affair as the icebreakers were lackingand get the bone back to his base to get the some organization as at times it was toopoint. However, if he is touched by the rowdy, it was still very enjoyable, thanks toopponent when holding the bone, the our librarians’ enthusiasm. The whole clubopponent gets the point. The game is bonded together as a group well at the startdecided by the team with the most points. of the LCM Day.Dog and bone and was fun, but it was veryunorganized, due to a lack of organization. After a fun session of games, the librarians proceeded to do some work in Follow the leader is played when a groups that were assigned to them. Groupsleader is chosen and then everyone except were assigned in a way that there would beone person knows who the leader is. When a mix of senior and junior librarians in eachthe other person enters the room, everyone group. Each group was assigned to do anhas to imitate the leader in whatever he is hour of shelf-reading. Shelf reading is andoing. The guesser or theonly other person has toguess who the leader isby looking out for theperson who is“controlling” everyone’sreaction. Overall, thegame was fun, but it wasalso not very organized.Overall, the icebreakergames were very fun. Bingo is playedwhen everyone gets aslip of paper with a
  30. 30. important job in the library as tidying up the HML club provided food, catered by ISS, andshelves is one of the main duties of a the RGS library club brought snacks, atlibrarian, and our librarians accomplished 2.15pm in the dining hall. The librariansthis job to their best ability. Librarians new from both schools ended off the session byand old alike slogged hard for more than an doing the unite cheer.hour and reaped the rewards of satisfaction Overall, the visit was welland content upon completing each shelf. appreciated by both sides. Ultimately, the After a rest period, where our objectives were not really achieved, aslibrarians went out for lunch at Junction 8, there was still a lack of interaction betweenthe library members continued to work both schools as both library clubs werehard for another hour, preparing for the probably awkward or shy as this was theimpending arrival of the RGS librarians. first time both sides met each other.Despite working tirelessly,our librarians completedmuch of the work, namelyshelf-reading, within a shortperiod of time. Most of thenon-fiction shelves as wellas the entire referencesection were tidied up. Following the periodof hard work, came thearrival of our guests, theRGS library club. The mainintention of the visit by theRGS library club was for the However, the librarians enjoyed this activityRGS library club to observe the way we as it was a time for our librarians to rest andhandled the library as well as the library have a tea-break after some work in theitself as well as to foster bonds between the library. This activity should be held again asclubs and to allow for interaction between this would encourage more interactionthe librarians of the two schools. The HML between both schools, and thus allowingclub entertained our guests by giving them the librarians to bond together.a tour of the library as well as a shortPowerPoint presentation to introduce the Concluding the day’s events, thelibrary to our guests, made by Mrs. Yap, our librarians enjoyed a movie, namely Ip Man,teacher-in-charge. The librarians did their to end off the day as well as to teach thelevel best and introduced the HML with librarians certain values that could be seenfamiliarity, doing very well in guiding our in the movie. The movie was veryguests. The tour and the presentation were interesting and exciting, filled with manyfollowed by a short tea session, where the action scenes, and our members enjoyed
  31. 31. the movie greatly. The movie also thought stopped and after completing the feedbackus many things, like teaching us moral forms, the librarians were dismissed.courage to stand up against what is wrong Through the day’s activities, theas well as to be true to oneself. The only objectives were achieved as the librarianssetback was that we were not able to got to know each other better. However, the planning and organization could be improved by improving time allocation as well as more interaction between the librarians from RI and RGS, as there was a lack of time for certain planned activities and also because that the library members from both clubs had little interaction. This may be possible by having more interactive activities, such as having some icebreaker or station games, or even working togethercomplete the movie due to the lack of time, in the library, planned for both the libraryas the movie was only half completed at clubs. Overall, the whole day of events was5pm as there was a lack of time due to the enjoyable and fun. It was certainly afact that time had already exceeded what memorable day for the Hullett Memorialwas planned and the RGS librarians stayed Library club.on longer than we originally planned. Themovie was
  32. 32. Open House ReportWritten by Jonathan AngOn the 23rd of March 2009, RafflesInstitution held its annual Open Housefor Primary 6 students to showcase theschool and its facilities, including theHullett Memorial Library. The RI OpenHouse 2009 was held from 09 00 to 1600. As the Hullett Memorial Library ispart of the facilities of the school,librarians were called to give tours of theLibrary. Planning for the Open Housestarted in early April. It was decided by tour of library, for the visitors, and promotethe school that this year’s Open House the library as part of the Institutions longshould be more interactive than previous list of outstanding facilities. The tour wouldyears’, so the library EXCO had to provide the visitors with valuablebrainstorm for a suitable idea for an information regarding the use of the library,interactive activity. It was eventually and why it is one of the outstanding. At thedecided that a pop quiz of the library would end of the tour, there would be a small popbe appropriate, and the basic materials that quiz to help the visitors recall the featureswere required were quickly gathered and of the library. If the visitor was successful,set-up. Also, new tour notes had to be he would receive a limited edition HMLcompiled to include the addition of new bookmark designed by Teo Cal-vin, printedfacilities in the library, such as the change of by Mrs. Yap and made by the parentthematic display to the IYA 2009 and the volunteers.Darwin 200 exhibits, and the inclusion ofthe new Reference Room. On Friday, the 15th of May, a briefing was held in the Library Activities Room For the Open House itself, (currently the Teachers Reference Library)librarians were organised into 2 separate regarding Open House. Attendance of theshifts—The morning shift and the afternoon briefing was compulsory for all Librarians.shift. The morning shift was from 07 30 to The purpose of the briefing was to educate12 30, while the afternoon shift was from the Secondary one librarians about the12 00 to 17 00. Librarians would conduct a touring process, and also to refresh the
  33. 33. memory of the senior librarians. Besides different groups, and were assignedthat, there were also new facilities of the different sections of the library to shelflibrary, such as the Reference Room, that read. Stray books were also returned to thethe senior librarians had to take note of trolleys and were subsequently shelved.when conducting their tours this year. After The tidying up ended when the first visitorsthe briefing, the attendances of the various started arriving at 08 45.librarians and their shifts were confirmed. Librarians were recalled back fromBesides that, they were also briefed on how their shelf reading duties and told to stay atto operate the pop quiz ‘station’ at the loan the counter to prepare for visitors. Acounter, and when to give out the librarian was also assigned to open thebookmarks as prizes. Mrs Yap also came to library doors for visitors so that they wouldgive a speech on the importance of the have a good impression of librarians. TheyOpen House, and why it was important for would also be wearing their library sweaterseverybody to attend Open House. The to distinguish themselves from the otherbriefing started at 13 15 and ended at 1400. students working in the library. The rest of On the day itself, at 07 30, the the librarians stayed in the area outside thelibrarians for the morning shift reported bag storage room to wait for the visitors.outside the library for a short briefing When the visitors arrived in their families,before open house. At that time, the library Hui Hao assigned a librarian for each family,was still closed. Tour notes were given out, and allowed the librarians to tour theand the librarians were expected to read groups. Every new librarian was to tag on tothe notes to familiarise themselves with it a tour conducted by a senior librarian,while waiting the library to be opened. before they were allowed to conduct their own tours. At 0800, the library was opened. Thelibrarians proceeded inside for a bit of last- At 10 00, after the Principals Talk,minute tidying-up before the visitors the visitors started arriving in largearrived. The librarians were divided into numbers. Most of the librarians were busy conducting tours, and the few that were not doing tours were helping with the pop quiz in the loan counter. The crowd of visitors was sustained until around 10 30, when the number of visitors decreased significantly because they were busy touring the other CCAs and facilities as well as attending other talks that
  34. 34. the school had planned. After the crowd library. This way, more people will be ablehad diminished, some librarians were called to visit the library as it is part of the ushersinto the pantry for their breaks, while the itinerary and there were probably lessrest of the librarians stayed around the loan visitors this year as the HML is difficult tocounter in case any other visitors arrived. locate and they may not be interested inAfter the librarians had taken their break, viewing a library. If the system was changedthey swapped with the librarians on tour back, it could in turn improve the library’sduty, and the librarians on tour duty took image as a place that would affect theirtheir breaks. decision to send their child to RI. After every session of the Principals Overall feedback from the visitorsTalk, there would be a great influx of was that they were impressed with theparents from the Auditorium. The librarians library as well as the librarians because thestationed on tour duty had to take the librarians ‘speak well’ and their English wasvisitors on tours first, while the librarians ‘very good’. The tours were generally well-inside the pantry would quickly finish their received by all. The library is an integral partfood and continue on with their own tour of the schools facilities, and it would beduties. The librarians beneficial to the overallwho had just finished image of the school,their tours would then Overall feedback from the visitors should more attentiongive another tour, until was that they were impressed with be given to the library the library as well as the librarian.sthe numbers of visitors during the Open House. The tours were generally well-had died down received by all The overallsufficiently for them to organisation of thego on their own breaks. Open House was good. However, this doesHence, this process repeated until the end not include the organisation on the school’sof the last Principals Talk. part. The school’s organisation was At the end of Open House, at generally messy, and failed to direct parentsaround 1600, the visitors started to to the different facilities easily. There wasdecrease significantly. By 16 30, visitors had inadequate direction provided for thestopped arriving at the library. At this point, parents touring the school, and a largethe librarians were gathered in the majority of them failed to arrive at theReference Room for a debrief. Topics for library. An organisation similar to previousdebriefing included librarian conduct during years would be better, as it would allowthe tour, and how improvements could be more parents to tour the library.made for next years open house. There was In conclusion, this open house cana general consensus that the Open House be considered as a success; however itcould be better organised by the school, would have been even more successful hadresembling previous years which have more people come to visit the library.ushers guiding groups of people to the
  35. 35. New Sections in the LibraryOver the past semester, many changes have undergone in and around the library, so as toimprove the overall atmosphere of the library. These changes include the opening of aReference Room, the movement of books from the Teacher’s Reference Library to theLibrary Activities Room, an upgrade of the television sets in the library and two new projectcorners. Of course, the movement of books for the TRL and the Reference Room requiredthe help of our librarians, and not surprisingly, the club was extremely enthusiastic about it.Reference Room The new reference room was officially opened in March 2009. Being relatively new, we had to add a few rules to ensure organization. There are two main rules: Firstly, only quiet reading was allowed in this room, and secondly, no books should be taken out of the reference room. Posters were designed by Calvin and Sun Lin to serve as a constant reminder not to violate these two rules. The creation of the reference room brought with it several advantages. Firstly, students