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HML Club Annual Report 2007-2008


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HML Club Annual Report 2007-2008

Published in: Education, Technology
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HML Club Annual Report 2007-2008

  1. 1. Presenting..................... ANNUAL REPORT CHI E EF L DITOR I Cha BRARIA : August 2008 07’08 Annual Publication HML Club ng S hu J N 07’08 ian W CLU RITERS B M EMB : PHO ERS TO CAL GRAPH VIN Y TEO :The GryphonSoars to New Heights WINGS OUTSTRETCHEDCHIEF LIBRARIAN’S MESSAGE“I am very positive that the next echelon ofleaders, headed by Hui Hao will re-define newboundaries for the HML Club and bring it togreater heights.” Continued on Page 3HML ANNUAL CAMP 2007 - AQUILA! Hullett Memorial Library’s 85 Years of Excellence“From shooting hoops from a long distance,moving through a challenging obstacle coursewith various handicaps, using their bare handsto fish out specific item from an ice bucket andeven contorting their limbs to support eachother, we saw each and every librarian grinand grimace as they pushed themselves andtheir teams to perform as best as they could!” Continued on Page 8 Blazing access to high-end information technology Wealth of knowledge & learningOPEN HOUSE 2008 Before a new rein of f“To my surprise, there was a parent who went leadership arrives,on complimenting on the library, but all for a the gryphon mustquestion, which was ‘The library is so cosy, butthat’s why everyone wants to come. So are look back on its pastthere enough books to go around?’” achievements for the Continued on Page 17 betterment of the present towards the future A HML Publication of 2008
  2. 2. HML REPORT 07’08: A LITTLE ABOUT US EPO 7 E PAGE 2 Congregation and sharing of knowledge amidst a friendly environment Books Galore!ABOUT US VISIONThe Hullett Memorial Library has made a The Hullett Memorial Library aims toconscious effort to constantly upgrade its develop an information and technology richfacilities and services in order to remain teaching and learning environment that The Hullettrelevant in this information age. Our encourages active real world research. Memorialforemost concern is to create a warm and Library aims toinformation rich environment where MISSION The Library exists to link staff and students develop anstudents and staff of Raffles Institution can with recorded knowledge in an appropriate information andpartake in a variety of activities bothpleasant and conducive to life-long learning time, place and way, enabling them to technology richwith the aid of up-to-date resources and achieve excellence in teaching, learning and teaching andadvanced information technology. research. learning OBJECTIVES environment thatFACILITIES Teaching encourages active • A collection of about 60,000 books,including Fiction, non-Fiction and Work in partnership with teaching staff to real worldReference promote innovative use of information research. • More than 70 magazine titles including resources in school enhance teaching and learning. - HML VisionPC Magazine, Runners World, Newsweek,Time and National Geographic. • Info-educational DVDs, VCDs, LDs, Learningaudio CDs, CD-ROM (PC), and video Teach students and staff to becometapes. information literate as a basis for life long learning and real world problem solving. • Project Corner with 12 PCs for groupproject work. • SurfPOOL with 10 PCs for individual Researchinformation searches Increase knowledge base available to • Notebooks with 20 PCs for mobile researc researchers for the development of new knowledge, by using IT to improve access to • A Library Activities Room and a Creative information world wide.Studio for teaching, lectures or meetings • Private study carrels A HML Publication of 2008
  3. 3. HMLH L REPORT 07’08: CHIEF LIBRARIAN MESSAGE PAGE PA E 3 Chang Shu Jian’s Outgoing Message:It has been a very exciting, and at the same time, challenging year forme in 07’08 and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs Yap,Mdm Ho, Ms Many, the exco 07’08 and all the librarians for giving methis enriching experience to be the Chief Librarian.I am very positive that the next echelon of leaders, headed by Hui Haowill re-define new boundaries for the HML Club and bring it to greaterheights. Chief Librarian 07’08 Ang Hui Hao’s Incoming Message:I am greatly honored and happy to be appointed to be the ChiefLibrarian of HML club for 08’09 and I would like to thank Mrs. Yap aswell as HML EXCO 07’08 for the help they have given towards methese past few years.I am looking forward to a prosperous year ahead. I certainly hope thatthe HML Club can make great strides and achieve many things that willbenefit the rest of the school community. Chief Librarian 08’09 A HML Publication of 2008
  4. 4. HML REPORT 07’08: EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE EPO 7 T PAGE 4 To Greater Heights...! Chief Librarian Ang Hui Hao Secretary Secretary Jonathan Ang Sixian Ang Zhi Jie Dyon Programmes Manager Programmes Manager Tay Hui Chiang Ong Chuan Kai A HML Publication of 2008
  5. 5. HML REPORT 07’08: SPECIAL COVERAGE O 7 L PAGE 5Annual General Meeting 07’08 WRITTEN BY: GAN YU NENGThe Annual General Meeting 2007 changed him. He also mentioned the Committee of 2006/2007 wouldwas held on the 20th of August. As necessity of adapting to different hand over their duties to that ofwith previous years, this handover- expectations and higher standards as 2007/2008. In the previous year, thecum-awards ceremony was held in times changed and technology post and associated duties of thethe AVT, although this time on a advanced, relating this to how the Deputy Chief Librarian were splitMonday as opposed to the traditional Hullett Memorial Library underwent into two; this year, these two halvesWednesday. For our Guest-of- many changes while he was Chief were again merged as Deputy ChiefH o n o u r, w e i n v i t e d D e p u t y Librarian. Librarians Muhammad Sadikin andHeadmaster for Development Mr. The Chief Librarian of Daniel Goh handed over theirKenneth Kwok, himself a former 2006/2007, Li Yiyang, then stood up combined portfolio to the newlibrarian; and we Deputy Chiefalso managed to Librarian Lawi nv i t e a s o u r Kang Jie. Thespecial gust Mr. handover ofRonald Wong, duties culm-Chief Librarian inated in thein the year handing over of2002/2003. chair manship The event of the Hullettbegan with an Memorialopening address Library Club,by Mr. Kenneth in which LiKwok, who Yiyang handedspoke about the over his rankexpectations on and respon-the Hullett sibilities toM e m o r i a l Chang ShuLibrary, as well J the librarians It was time forwho continually the new Chiefservice it. Mr. Librarian toKwok compared the HML with other to make his own address. His speech take the stage. Chief Librarian oflibraries, and also mentioned in his was an overview of the past year, and 2007/2008 Chang Shu Jian made hisspeech the library’s role in the school in it, he mentioned many events that inaugural address, setting goals andand his own impressions of it. were organized for the librarians, expectations for the upcoming year. Following that, Mr. Ronald such as the CIP activities on the From the start he set a firm tone,Wong stepped forward to give an LCM days, and also talked about the promising to maintain the library andinsightful speech on the nature of everyday issues of the library, such as calling for the support of thechange, preluded by the parable of shelf-reading and attendance. members of the library club.the Boulder of Eden. He touched The speeches thus concluded, it As the AVT applauded the newupon his days as a librarian in Raffles was time for the annual handover Executive Committee, Chang ShuInstitution, and how they had ceremony, where the Executive A HML Publication of 2008
  6. 6. HML REPORT 07’08: SPECIAL COVERAGE O 7 L PAGE 6Annual General Meeting 07’08 WRITTEN BY: GAN YU NENGJian led the librarians in taking the librarians were unable to work due to The Annual General Meetinglibrarians’ pledge. classes or other commitments. 2007 ended with a small reception After heralding in the new Finally, tokens of appreciation o u t s i d e t h e AV T, w i t h f o o dleadership, the new members of the were given out to all Secondary 4 generously provided by parentHullett Memorial Library Club were librarians, especially the graduating volunteers. The librarians ended theofficially invested. Pupils from Executive Committee – Graduating day with the traditional photo-takingSecondary 1, 2 and 3 proudly came C h i e f L i b r a r i a n L i Yi ya n g, sessions and other light-heartedto the front of the AVT to receive Graduating Deputy Chief Librarians activities in the library.their HML collar pins from Ms. Muhammad Sadikin and DanielMany and Mdm. Ho. Goh, Graduating Prog rammes Commendable librarians from M a n a g e r G a n Yu N e n g, a n deach level were also awarded with Graduating Welfare Manager Chamtokens of appreciation for their Bao Rong.willingness to go beyond the standard Mrs. Cheryl Yap, the Head ofcall of duty, and for their tireless Information Technology and overallservice to the library and – through it teacher in charge of the Hullett– the school community. Memorial Library, made a closing Fo l l o w i n g t h a t , t o k e n s o f speech that rounded up the ceremonyappreciation were also given out to and set the tone for the year ahead. Along-serving parent volunteers Mrs. short multimedia presentation byKathleen Lee, Mdm. Ng Mee Ling, fo r m e r l i b r a r i a n C a l v i n Te o,and Mrs. Laurel Teo. These parents comprising photographs and videosdonated their own valuable time to from many past events over the lasthelping to maintain the library, four years, concluded the formalespecially in the hour s when ceremony. Sadikin posing... Bao Rong going bonkers? A HML Publication of 2008
  7. 7. HML REPORT 07’08: SPECIAL COVERAGE O 7 L PAGE 7Annual Camp 2007: WRITTEN BY: CAMP COMMITTEEIntroduction the participants was well taken care of quiet aisles between the shelves as the The Hullett Memorial Library and no one was injured. library was specially closed for theClub’s Annual Camp for the year Dog and Bone helped the team afternoon, as we worked hard to2007 was held for 3D2N from the members to bond together as they rearrange the massive 48,000 book2nd November to the 4th November. had to listen for the question or collection in the library.It had the theme of Aquila which puzzle given and solve it together tomeans Eagle in latin and our main obtain the identity of the person who Written by: Law Kang Jieobjective in using this theme was to was suppose to run out and get thelet the young eagles (Secondary 1s) “bone”. Teamwork was shown and Flag-makingrise in the face of many challenges the participants also enjoyed a lot of The purpose of the flag-makingand forge new friendships and bonds fun in solving the puzzles and rushing activity was not only to provide aalong the way. The camp’s other out in a mad scramble to escort the medium for everyone to display theirmajor purpose was to tidy the messy bone back to their starting line creative strengths and find out aboutshelves up to prepare for the new year without getting caught. other’s creative talents, but also to getahead. a common identity between all the Originally, the camp was not Written by: Yan Xiao Dong members in each team. This activityplanned to be held so early before saw 4 very different flags, somethe holidays had even started. display-ing the co-mmon values theHowever, due to unforeseen teams wanted to encompass andcircumstances like the Overseas show through-out the course of theImmersion Programme which camp.many members of the EXCO One problem which could bewere involved in, the only choice rectified would be to have morewas to squeeze the camp in time to make the flags becausedirectly after school has officially some teams did not have enoughended for the year. Fortunately, the time to complete their flags in thecamp was still very successful, due given time, and therefore somelargely to the EXCO’s diligence in members had to sacrifice theirplanning for the camp which bathing time to complete the flag.started as early as term 3. The issue is much less the sacrificing Shelf-reading of bathing time, but rather more ofIcebreakers After a brief round of ice- team members not being able to work Ice Breakers was generally a breaker activities, we began to together to complete the flag.success as the team members had embark on the most important duty adefinitely bonded together and at the librarian must do – housekeeping! Written by: Rohan Puthransame time had a great deal of fun as As the library was in a state ofa whole as library club members. neglect after a long and intense term School Games Whacko and Guardian Whacko of studying, everyone chipped in to After an interesting dinnerwas generally well-liked by the teams restore the shelves to its proper state, bought from the Dining Hall,and it was instrumental in getting to while enjoying the task thoroughly librarians split up into their respectiveknow each others’ name. Safety of with the lively interaction among groups and proceeded for School librarians. Chatter filled the usually- Games played at various stations. It A HML Publication of 2008
  8. 8. HML REPORT 07’08: SPECIAL COVERAGE O 7 L PAGE 8Annual Camp 2007: WRITTEN BY: CAMP COMMITTEEwas held over 2 halves, with a half- After that, we proceeded with the “lights and sounds” show held onlytime game. second half of the School Games, during specific time slots. In the first half, librarians had to where teams were pitted against one Fortunately, we gave the journeybrave through unknown concoctions another in terms of their physical from the school to the Singapore Cityof food, master the Morse Code, ability and how they worked together Gallery venue a full one hour’s timebrainstorm for innovative solutions to as a team. From shooting hoops from in our schedule. So even though somepass a roll of masking tape with a long distance, moving through a teams were delayed on the way in thespeed, count the number of lockers in challenging obstacle course with MRT journey, everything was still onthe Junior Block and answer a set of various handicaps, using their bare schedule as we arrived there at 9.50trivia questions. These activities hands to fish out specific item from a.m.mainly tested their intellectual skills, an ice bucket and even contorting Upon arriving, all of us had abut more importantly, how they their limbs to support each other, we great deal of fun as we sat down andcommunicate with each other. Be it saw each and every librarian grin and participated in the exclusive andcheering each other on, or gulping grimace as they pushed themselves interactive game show hosted bydown spicy and bitter juices at the and their teams to perform as best as Gurmit Singh at the Singapore Citysame time, the librarians enjoyed they could! Gallery. Then, we toured around all the interesting exhibitions several Written by: Law Kang times in order to fill in a special quiz Jie sheet set by the EXCO. This quiz sheet had two purposes. One was of Excursion course to made sure the members of This trip to the the club had benefitted from this trip Singapore City Gallery by learning things and the other was was made possible only to use the quiz as the precursor to the after several rounds of Amazing Race to determine which deliberation among the team got to start the race first. EXCO. We hesitated because we knew some Written by: Chang Shu Jian of the Secondary 1s had already been to this Amazing Racethemselves thoroughly. place before but in the end, we still Ideas for the Amazing Race had In the half-time break, the felt that this was a really good already surfaced as early as in thelibrarians began to play the “War of opportunity to expose the club to our middle of term 3 but we only startedOmok”, basing it on a mini-game valuable national heritage in a fun working on it at the start of term 4found in the popular MapleStory and interesting manner. due to the excess of time we hadcomputer game. In the dark Raffles We recced the Singapore City during the DMP period. We usuallySquare, we played the game with Gallery multiple times before the discuss the venues we will be receeinglightsticks, trying to outwit the other camp and made some special for the Amazing Race beforehandteam. The glowing lightsticks in the arrangements in the timing of the and then, actually visiting them indark environment brought about an camp’s events so as to ensure that we our receeing trips. We made around 4interesting effect. would be able to catch the special or 5 trips in total and several rounds of discussions and deliberations were A HML Publication of 2008
  9. 9. HML REPORT 07’08: SPECIAL COVERAGE O 7 L PAGE 9Annual Camp 2007: WRITTEN BY: CAMP COMMITTEEmade before actually settling on the stations to wait for hours before the am pretty sure that the other endconfirmed list of venues to include in first team arrived. would feel it too.the Amazing Race. Due to Sethu’s Rohan was the first station Next up was the station at theinability to attend any of these master and he laid in ambush for the Cavanagh Bridge and I was thereceeing trips because of his other camp participants at the top floor of station master. The location of thecommitments, we finally decided to Vivocity. Each team was given a set of Cavanagh Bridge was pretty remotemake a painful decision which was to close-up pictures and they would have and honestly speaking, I would notremove him from the camp to go around Vivocity taking shots of have known how to reach therecommittee. the exact same pictures. Teams then without the help of a map. However, Although planning for the have to show each and every photo to thankfully, all the teams still managedAmazing Race started very early, it the station master before they are to make it to the station withouthad many minor hiccups in its given their next clue. This station was delaying the schedule of the wholeexecution which could have been extremely meaningful because it race.better if not for unforeseen exposed the teams to many famous At this station, teams were givencircumstances. As the school term brand names of shops and widened a hard puzzle to crack whose mainbegan to draw towards its end, their general knowledge as well as motive was not to test the thinkingm e m b e r s o f t h e E XC O h a d their street-smartness. skills of the teams, rather it was toincreasing external commitments to The next clue led the teams to test their observation skills. Thefulfill and as such, the actual logistics the passageway next to the Esplanade problem mainly involved finding outof the Amazing race including the Carpark located at the City Hall the conversion rate of CWT to thematerials, instructions, clues of the MRT station. In this interesting modern unit of KG. Yiyang’s team,various stations were only settled in a station (no pun intended), Kang Jie who was in the lead at that time,mere number of days before the was the station master. Teams have tocamp. And this led to the not-so- number their members and then,smooth-and-could-have-been-better draw from a lottery box. This allowsexecution of the Amazing Race. them to randomly pick a body partNonetheless, it was still a fantastic for each of their members. Withexperience for many of the members these various body parts whichespecially the Secondary 1s as can be include the 5th finger, the nose, theseen from the generally positive knee, the ankle, the elbow, the lowerfeedback given. back, the shoulder and the heel, team While the rest of the club were members are supposed to use them tohaving their full 45-min lunch after transport a ball across the passage.the Singapore City Gallery excursion, This was certainly no easy featmembers of the EXCO had to wolf and teams who were unlucky had andown their lunches so as to leave especially tough time. Imagine a noseearly to their various stations for the paired to the heel of a foot! Woot!Amazing Race. However, this was But this was certainly one of the mostlargely unnecessary because the entertaining stations in the entire racebriefing of the Amazing Race itself and the entire process required a lottook longer than expected and this of teamwork and concentration. If aled to EXCO members at their team member giggled on one end, I A HML Publication of 2008
  10. 10. HML REPORT 07’08: SPECIAL COVERAGE O 7 L PAGE 10Annual Camp 2007: WRITTEN BY: CAMP COMMITTEEresorted to asking the many tourists even with little communication and I bowl of Ice Kachang while recitingaround the area with no avail. But believe it would help greatly in the 10 shop names in Suntec. Manyactually the conversion rate was day-to-day tasks of being a librarian. teams probably appreciated thesimply written in small print on a The following station was a inclusion of such a detour station butnotice found at one end of the bridge. detour and Xiao Dong was the it also caused some teams to becomeIn the end, only Bao Rong’s team station master at the Suntec food lax and rest for longer than wasmanaged to clear the station without court. The clue to Xiao Dong’s needed.the use of any hints and I commend station was “Opposite Techno After the detour, it was back totheir good effort and teamwork even Moon” which if properly decoded, Rohan with his station at the Youththough two members of the team would give Suntec. However, the Park. His station involved having the(Hui Chiang and Si Kai) were having process in which this clue had to be teams play a very special “boardfoot injuries at that time. decoded was extremely unusual and game” on the concrete squares The next station was something it was no surprise that many teams marked out at the Youth Park.all librarians should excel in doing. gave up half-way and would rather However, there was an unforeseenBook-finding! Hui Hao was the pay a forfeit with their points. event held on the exact same spot onstation master at the Esplanade Surprisingly though, Bao Rong’s the day itself so Rohan had to steplibrary and the task was for the teams team had a really special way of aside to a corner and play this gameto find specific books under the thinking out of the box and managed instead with paper and pen.difficult criteria he set, all under the to guess the clue correctly. This special “board game” is thestrictly quiet environment Xiao Dong’s station was basically unique creation of the EXCO and itrequirements of a library. This one to let the teams take a breather as was invented during the last receeinghelped train teams to work together all they really had to do was finish a trip when we were desperate to include a station at Youth Park but had no ideas for it. It is a mentally challenging game and required teams to think it through before playing the game or else they would have to end up forfeiting many of their hard-earned points. Due to its complexity, I shall not explain in detail how this game was actually played. Yiyang’s team who was still in the lead at that time spent a very long amount of time thinking before devising an almost foolproof strategy which wwould allow them to complete this station with the least number of points lost. Daniel’s team was second at that time and I am pretty sure they were quite happy to be second. Because after watching A HML Publication of 2008
  11. 11. HML REPORT 07’08: SPECIAL COVERAGE O 7 L PAGE 11Annual Camp 2007: WRITTEN BY: CAMP COMMITTEEYiyang’s team play through the game, teams were angry at me for wasting of course expected to “flag” to thethey already realized the strategy their time and delaying their progress finish. (pun intended)required for clearing this game and onward. Therefore, I changed plans So upon arriving at Junction 8,managed to clear it too almost slightly by allowing them to take the teams had to located Xiao Dong andinstantaneously, helping them to MRT to Ang Mo Kio which was a stick their flags into the soil to markgreatly close the wide gap between much shorter journey than taking the the end of the race. However, despitethe first and second place. bus. Yiyang’s team still being in the lead at The next station master is once Next was Hui Hao with his that time, they eventually lost toagain back to Kang Jie and his station at the Ang Mo Kio Town Daniel’s team. This was because instation was at the Paragon shopping Gardens East. This station once their urgency to finish the race, theyc e n t r e. H i s s t a t i o n i nv o l v e d again trains teams on their actually broke their flag into two,unscrambling a list of brand names observation skills and drives home the making it especially hard for them towhich could be found in the vicinity theme of the camp by allowing team poke it into the ground. In contrast,correctly. This station’s purpose is members to acquire good observation Daniel’s group, upon hearing the taskslightly similar to the first station at skills as an eagle (Aquila) would have. required, almost instantaneouslyVivocity and it once again enriched In this station, teams would have to managed to let their stick sink intothe teams with a wealth of general identify and describe the nutmeg tree the ground which was an amazingknowledge and street-smartness by as well as the rubber tree. But little do feat that other teams could neveractively engaging them in observing teams know that there are actually match up to.and interacting with the world n o t i c e b o a r d s n e a r by g i v i n g So the results of the race whicharound them. information on these trees in the promptly ended exactly on the dot as Following that, we had a park, thus allowing teams to have an planned are as follows:roadblock station at Toa Payoh Bus ensured victory should they manage 1) Daniel’s TeamInterchange of which I was the to find them. 2) Yiyang’s Teamstation master. The clue at the Because of my allowing teams to 3) Sethu’s Teamroadblock was a maths puzzle take the MRT instead of the bus, 4) Bao rong’s Teamcarefully hidden in a series of teams managed to find Hui Haoanagrams and teams would have to significantly faster than expected. All in all, to sum up thissend in individual members to solve However, Bao Rong’s team turned wonderful and fruitful Amazing Racethem. Upon failing two attempts, out taking the wrong staircase out of Aquila, I must say that on top of allteams were then deducted of their the MRT station as a result and the hiccups, misunderstandings andpoints and would then be allowed to ended up walking rounds through the arguments that have happened, it hascooperate with each other to solve the park before back-tracking and finally been a very fun and enjoyableproblem. finding Hui Hao. experience for the whole club and The answer to this clue was To end it off, the last station was that every single of the EXCO cansupposed to have been 88 which back at Junction 8 with Xiao Dong feel the immense satisfaction obtainedwould then be the bus number of the being the station master. Throughout for every blood, sweat and tear thatbus teams were supposed to take to the entire race, teams were carrying they had given for the sake ofget to the next station. However, due their flags made at the start of the organizing this year’s Amazing negligence on my part, the correct camp with them as they race throughanswer to the puzzle when solved did Singapore and at the finish, they were Written by: Chang Shu Jiannot turn out to be 88. As a result, A HML Publication of 2008
  12. 12. HML REPORT 07’08: SPECIAL COVERAGE O 7 L PAGE 12Annual Camp 2007: WRITTEN BY: CAMP COMMITTEEBirthday Bash The birthday bash was “The activitiessplit into two parts, the main held werebreakfast and the auction. For meaningful andthe main breakfast, Mrs. Yap helped us inbought Bee Hoon, Nasi building rapportLemak and muffins for between felloweveryone and everyone ate librarians.”while chatting with eachother and talking about thememories they shared - Chuan Kaithroughout the camp. For this year’s birthdaybash, we decided to use an auction system it in the HML workroom with newspapers “I now crave forthat would allow the four different teams to being spread out on the floor near the more HMLuse all the points they had accumulated Information Counter. Lunch and dinner were spent at the hawker centre next to camps.”throughout the entire camp to bid for somefood and mystery items including potato URA center and S11 at Junction 8. Thechips, snacks and even tissue paper etc. This next day’s breakfast would be in school and - Simonmeant that the points took an added after that would be the birthday bash. Wesignificance and the points will not only also bought buns for supper on the first twodetermine the best group and will actually nights. As a treat, Mrs. Yap also decided to “The camp wasturn into some sort of reward system. The order Pelican Pizza on the second night to very fun… Theauction, which took place after the main go along with the others. activities plannedbreakfast, was a success with many of the We decided to start buying all thegroups bidding enthusiastically for many of snacks two weeks before the start of the also helped usthe items and none of them went home camp and the bread, buns and spreads on bond togetherempty handed and they could enjoy the the Monday of the week of the camp. We and know eachsnacks in the comfort of their own home. decided to buy snacks and 1.5 liter bottled other better than drinks including Jelly Beans, Potato Chips we did Written by: Ang Hui Hao and Prawn Crackers for the snacks and previously.” Sprite, Vanilla Coke and Pepsi for theLogistics drinks. For the entire camp, there was a total of The entire expenditure of the camp - Hui Chiangfive main meals, first day’s dinner, second was $266.65 and most of it was spent onday’s breakfast, lunch and dinner and lastly food and drinks and not materials for thethe third day’s breakfast. We decided to camp as most of the materials for the “I enjoyedcater food for the first day’s dinner from the various activities were easily accessible and Amazing Racedining hall. For the second day, we bought did not require us to buy them. the most!”bread for breakfast and spreads forbreakfast and for the first time ever we had Written by: Ang Hui Hao - Chai Xun A HML Publication of 2008
  13. 13. HML REPORT 07’08: SPECIAL COVERAGE O 7 L PAGE 13Raffles Trail WRITTEN BY: ROHAN PUTHRANPlanning for the Raffles Trail began and all of the Sec1s (including their During the later half of themore than one month ago as we PSL(s) clambered over each other, Raffles Trail, classes began to come inconsolidated ideas on how we would trying to load their pockets with as twos or threes and there was simplymake this experience a unique and many sweets as they can. Therefore, no way to let all of them sit down andmemorable one for the Secondary we decided to change the method in watch the videos. Hence, we decidedOnes. In the end, we decided to hold which we distributed these sweets by to have Yiyang and Calvin help us byit in the library, around the Hullett’s having a QnA session as we went giving the excess classes a tourtable (sofa area), but concerns about along. And people who answered the around the library while we rushedkeeping the noise level down in the questions correctly (or incorrectly at through the presentation with thelibrary soon arose. We then thought times) would then get the sweets. current classes. This might seem likeof having it in the LAR but were 1Q was the first class to come an ideal solution at first but theafraid of the possible jam given the and their enthusiasm was situation still got out of hand becausenarrow corridor. Then, we thought of unbelievable. 6 members from 1Q at one point, there were around 5the classroom which would be ideal immediately signed up with us. classes in the library. Therefore, tobecause the noise will not become a However, for later classes, there was our regret, we had to rush throughproblem. However, upon thinking barely any excitement left in the the presentation with quite a numberthrough, holding the Raffles Trail in Sec1s (possibly because they had of classes, leaving them befounded atany other venue would defeat the already visited too many Raffles Trail what the entire club was about.purpose we had in asking them to stations) and at most, only one or two Finally, at the end of the day,come to the library. Therefore, after signed up. Amidst one of these we counted through the sign-upmuch deliberation, the library was classes, there was suddenly a sheets and discovered that there werestill chosen as the final venue to hold technical failure and the video around 24 people who wanted to jointhe inaugural Raffles Trail 2008. stopped playing. So we tried to the HML club. This was pretty much On the day itself, our engage the Sec1s by telling them an unprecedented record and wepresentation mainly comprised of a lame jokes. To our disbelief, this was were very excited about these results.p o we r p o i n t a n d s o m e v i d e o s much more effective than the playing However, upon calling them up todocumenting the activities we had in the video and many signed up have them attend the training sessionthe past few years. However, due to straight away. Thereafter, we switched the following week, we realized that atechnical failures, we ended up not to this “lame-joke” tactic and third of them were no longerbeing able to play the music directly successfully brought about a greater interested. Thankfully, the initiative tofrom the computer and we had to number of signups. join the club was spread virallyreplace some ipod music to make up through word-of-mouth among thefor it. Also, due to some Sec1s and we ended up with amiscommunication within the situation where 1 or 2 newcomerEXCO, Jonathan ended up buying will join every other day. And we13 packs of sweets when the original certainly ended up having moreagreement was 4. Therefore, we laid recruits than we expected.out the sweets beside the sign-up All in all, Raffles Trail 2008sheet in a bid to get Sec1s to sign up was an unparalleled success and weas well as to clear away our massive look forward in triumphing thestock of sweets. However, the challenges which would lay aheadsituation soon grew out of control for the rest of the year. A HML Publication of 2008
  14. 14. HML REPORT 07’08: SPECIAL COVERAGE O 7 L PAGE 14Library Club Members Day WRITTEN BY: ANG ZHI JIE DYON Thursday, 13th of March was the The whacker had to be fast and quick Next up was the libraryday that Hullet Memorial Library while the players had to remember Housekeeping! The Librarians wereClub held its 1st annual Library Club e a ch o t h e r n a m e s t o p ro t e c t split up into groups of 4-5 and wereMembers day of the year. Based on themselves. However, some of the sec assigned tasks(Redesigning signs,the consent for ms, 36 fellow ones were left out from the game as Earth Day quiz/crossword) and afterlibrarians were expected to turn up no one remembered to call out their that we converged as one and helpedon the day itself. However, not all names. This is sad but I am sure it out Ms Many and Madam Ho inshowed up on that day, which was was just in a moment of forgetfulness, stacking up old magazines andquite sad. Starting very early in themorning, attendance was taken at theloan counter which than shifted tothe library activities room. As theysign their names and fill out theirduty days, the librarians were givenname tags to write out their names inmarker, in preparation for the ice-breaker, Name Tag Grab! Due to thelack of time(caused by waiting andc a l l i n g u p o n a b s e n t e e s ) , weproceeded to kick-start LCM Daywith the ice-breakers! The first game we played was anew introduction to the LCM Dayscene, Name Tag Grab! Librarians we librarians are very closely bonded arranging new ones. This reallywere given random name tags to and we definitely can remember each displayed our group cooperation aspaste on their fellow librarians back. other names! we assisted each other in stackingThen, librarians had to go around The last and final game was according to the publishing date andfinding their own names while Polar Bear! This was the game which tying up the bundles of thickpreventing people from finding their many of the sec one librarians magazines, gazettes. Towards the endnames on their backs! Sounds commented highly on. It was started of the housekeeping period, theconfusing? Mrs. Yap helpfully with quite a bit of mishaps, which the planning committee left to set upexplained some of the instructions librarians sportingly pointed on. their station games.and we started grabbing! After a However, problems were quickly Shu Jian stayed behind to giveexciting game of subtlety and resolved and we all had fun playing each group a clue in an envelope andfun(while getting to know each other‘s the game! We had to use our brains each team went to decipher the cluesnames), the winner of the game was to guess who was the evil Polar Bears and headed to their respectiveSean! and we had to trust each others stations. The LCM Day’s station The next game was the judgement, which is very important games were based on the themerecurring, Whacko!, the essential in library club life. We had a lot of “Sweetopia”. There were altogether 6game for us librarians to solidify our fun in this game and we all games, maintained by someone fromknowledge of each others names. thoroughly enjoyed it. the planning committee. As the heavy A HML Publication of 2008
  15. 15. HML REPORT 07’08: SPECIAL COVERAGE O 7 L PAGE 15Library Club Members Day WRITTEN BY: ANG ZHI JIE DYONrain poured outside, librarians ran ok, we also had a great backup plan, librarians and understood each otheraround trying to complete their although many of the sec ones were better. We all relished our food andstation games which had sweet looking forward to the book outing goodies as the LCM Day came to arewards if they manage to complete but too bad for the rain. We all close. Then came the last event of thethem properly. I am happy to say gathered at the library activities room day. Cleaning up! But that wasmany enjoyed the games as they were and had a cosy time watching reserved for the committee! Aftercarefully selected to foster and instill Amazing Grace which was about cleaning up and shifting things backgroup bonding and cooperation black slavery and white protestors. to where they belong, we had a finalbetween librarians. After the station The movie had a lot of depth and it d e b r i e f by M r s Ya p f o r t h egames we proceeded to the school touched everyone in the room. It also committee and we listened to thecanteen to have our lunch. We gave us a deeper understanding of feedback and commented on it. Weinitially planned to have lunch early America’s tensions. Due to the were pleased with the overall goodoutside of school but it was raining air-con, we all had a relaxed time, response and we plan to make thecats and dogs and we had to have a unperturbed by the rain. When the next LCM Day more fun-filled thanchange of plans, much to the dismay movie was over, we had a brief games ever, with new things introduced.of many librarians who were session as the food was being Hopefully it will not rain on HMLanticipating going out as a club to prepared. Club’s parade again!have a meal together. We had fun We had a mini-welcome cum We love book outings! (:talking together and we joked around party session at the gallery, where theas the rain poured outside. That groups exchanged their hard-earnedclearly did not dampen our sprits and coupons for prizes as their justno one was a wet blanket and sulk rewards for showing teamwork. Mrsthroughout the lunch. Yap also provided some delicious We then had a session of book curry puffs and muffins for the club.shelving/reading at the reference We conversed with our fellowsection. We worked hand in hand,each librarian was assigned a shelfand we quickly got the job done,though some were slacking whilethe others were working hard. Thatwas quickly solved with a few sternglares and scolding and they wereup and shelving books like the restof the librarians. We had a great plan. To go outtogether to Kinokuniya to have abook outing! Mrs Yap planned toallow us each to choose a non-fiction and fiction book to add tothe library’s collection of books.However, the rain stopped our greatplan, much to everyone‘s dismay. Its A HML Publication of 2008
  16. 16. HML REPORT 07’08: SPECIAL COVERAGE O 7 L PAGE 16RI Community Day @ H.W.A. WRITTEN BY: JONATHAN ANG SIXIANOn 20th of March 2008, the Hullett a briefing onMemorial Library Club participated t h e H WAin the first ever RI Community Day, a services andpart of the Raffles Institution 185 facilities. Oncelebrations. A total of 15 librarians the way to theand 3 math club members were H WA g y m ,supposed to join us for our activities we noticedthat day. Unfortunately, some of pictures ofthem were not able to be present that old librariansday due to various reasons. on the walls.Fortunately, a few other students Inside,decided to join us at the last minute, M r Ke l v i nsupplementing our loss of manpower. Lim gave us a After the launch ceremony, we short demoproceeded to the Raffles square to on assembling background. During this period ofwait for our buses. Though we were and de-assembling wheelchairs. Then time, scaffolding was assembled toamong the first to leave the hall, our he gave us a chance to try our hand paint the portions of the wall thatbus came the latest in the 8.30 group. at assembling and de-assembling our were too high for us to reach. AfterHalfway through the wait, it started own wheelchairs. As it turned out, the the assembly of the scaffold, someraining. We fled to the shelter of the wheelchair which was assigned to the news reporters interviewed variouslibrary, while Shu Jian called Mrs Yap first team was made in America and people. After about an hour and ato confirm whether he should bring therefore could be de-assembled half, we were given a break to go andthe ladder along to HWA. easier. However, the wheelchair that eat and rest. During the break, the Finally, after a 15 minute wait, was given to the second team was a other group was brought in to helpthe buses arrived. We ran through the common wheelchair and therefore paint the wall.rain to get to our bus, then waited could only be de-assembled after a When the break was over, weonboard the bus for the rest of the longer period of time. came back to HWA and let the otherpeople arrived. HWA was located at After the wheelchair group take their break. Then, weWhampoa; hence we faced a rather demonstration, we had another continued to paint the wall.long drive. On board the bus, Shu demonstration of how wheelchair- U n f o r t u n a t e l y, w e w e r eJian gave us a briefing on how we bound patients transferred from their dismissed before the wall waswere to split up and paint different wheelchairs to the therapy beds. In completed. Fortunately, after thesections of the wall. Copies of the a l l , t h e d e m o n s t r at i o n s we re event, we were given an image of thewall design were also passed down extremely educational. completed wall, so we had a solidthe seats for students who had not S u b s e q u e n t l y, w e w e r e idea of what we had given to theseen the design yet. transferred to help paint the wall. community during RI community When we got to HWA, it was The teachers and the VIP had day.still drizzling. Nevertheless, the already painted a fair portion of theteachers and the VIP had already wall, and headmaster, senior deputystarted painting the wall. Due to the headmaster and the VIP had alreadyovercrowding of the wall area, most left. We were left to help paint the restof us were ushered inside to be given of the unpainted flowers and A HML Publication of 2008
  17. 17. HML REPORT 07’08: SPECIAL COVERAGE O 7 L PAGE 17RI Open House WRITTEN BY: WONG ZHE HERNGTo me, I think that open house was got used to what I had to say. I something very ironic. A couple ofactually quite fun and interesting. actually felt quite good giving out the kids say the animal abuse poster andThough the open house was very tours. Slowly, I was not shy at all. started to ‘play’ or more like shakebusy (at times), I feel that I have Instead of ‘stoning’ about in the loan the soft toys like, well, toys. Therelearned a lot from the open house. counter, I anticipated the next visitor. were some people who expected The open house was very busy I must say I learned a lot from that more, but I guess they had highbut I feel that the librarians have experience. expectations. Luckily there was nohandled this occasion very well. I Other than that, there were the violence or horsing around from theremember the open house last year. nerve-wrecking questions. Some primary students. Other than these,That day, when I was led around the parents were very quiet, but there the whole thing went very well.library when I was a primary 6 were also some parents that asked astudent, I must say I was very lot of questions. I’m sure everyoneimpressed. What’s more, I wasn’t very had some difficulties, but everyoneoutspoken at that time. Now, things answered them to their best ability.have changed. That day, I was There were some that I did not knowactually feeling a bit nervous but I how to answer, I admit, but all I cananticipated giving tours. Then, my say is that I tried. To my surprise,first visitor came. When I started there was a parent who went ontalking, I could not believe that I was complimenting on the library, but allactually giving the tour. Everything for a question, which was “Theactually went very smoothly except library is so cosy, but that’s whyfor a couple of hesitations, other than everyone wants to come. So are therethat, I was quite pleased with my enough books to go around?”performance. After that, things could Lastly, there were some primaryonly get better. I did not remember students who were more interested inthe notes well, but after giving tours, I playing and games. There was Look at Nicholas’s finger...... Lofty Aspirations =p A HML Publication of 2008
  18. 18. “It has been aFinal Words pleasure working with the pupil librarians, in particular the HML EXCO 07’08 as they have shown good leadership qualities in running the HML Club. Shu Jian has shown great responsibility and commitment in his role as the Chief Librarian 07’08. On Behalf of the staff and school, I wish the Sec4 graduating pupilI guess it’s time to say goodbye! librarians all the very best in their future endeavours.” - Mrs. Cheryl Yap FR O M : HML CLUB 07’08 HML CLU B 0 7 ’0 8Sp ec ia l th an ks go es M s M an y, ou t to M rs M dm H o & Y ap , C al vi n T eo August 2008 07’08 Annual Publication HERE’S WISHING: A Prosperous Year Ahead For HML CLUB 08’09!!!