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HML Annual report 2010-2011


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HML Annual report 2010-2011

Published in: Education
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HML Annual report 2010-2011

  1. 1. The Hullett Memorial Library has made a conscious effort toconstantly upgrade its facilities and services in order to remainrelevant in this information age. Our foremost concern is to createa warm and information rich environment where students andstaff of Raffles Institution can partake a variety of activities bothpleasant and conducive to life-long learning with the aid of up-to-date resources and advanced information technology.The Hullett Memorial Library sees itself as the hub of academic lifeand the nexus of information gathering and dissemination atRaffles Institution. It exists to:  Provide absolute support for the curriculum in terms of both the resources and services.  Provide a positive learning environment, enabling pupils to become effective learners with access to the latest technology.  Foster a love for reading.Promote Raffles Institution, by its role as a leader, in school libraryservices in Singapore
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  4. 4. The HML Club (2010/2011), under theleadership of Wong Zhe Herng hascontributed to managing the Hullett The Club Executive Committee hasMemorial Library on a daily basis exemplified leadership initiatives inespecially during after school hours. planning, designing and organizing theThough the club members had dwindled host of activities all in spirit of fosteringin numbers, the few committed and camaraderie among club members.regular have strived their best to helpout. My sincere thanks to the HML EXCO 2010/2011 and I wish all Year 4 librarians all the best in their futureThis AGM report features many fond endeavors.memories of the various Club eventsorganized by the 2010/2011 HML EXCO.Zhe Herng together with his team has Mrs Cheryl Yapsuccessfully organized various key eventssuch as the Year-End HML Camp 2010,Sec 1 Raffles Trail (7Jan ) 2011,RI OpenHouse (21May) and AGM 2011 (25Aug).
  5. 5. It didn’t seem so long ago that I took the helm from Hui Chiang last year.However fast time seems to fly, the time for the next batch to take over drawsnear. It may seem like a normal year to everyone, but to have been able to leadthe club, handle the admin and head the activities, has been a great pleasure todo. I do hope that next year, the club will become the well-oiled clock that I hadenvisioned last year, and reach for greater heights.All the work we managed to do has not been possible without the help of theteachers, Ms Many, Mdm Ho, Mdm Loy and Mrs Yap. A great thank you to thecurrent EXCO for making everything work out. It has been a fun year.Here’s wishing the next year’s EXCO good luck! This is your Chief Librarian speaking. I know that we have faced many issues this year, be it from users of the library or within ourselves, and I congratulate everyone for all the hard work they have put in for the club and HML. Another year has passed, and the library is still standing, enduring on its roots. Each and every one is important to the club, and thanks to the members and especially Mrs. Yap and the staff, we have managed to enjoy yet another year in the library. I see that our recruitment numbers are low, but I am glad that those new librarians though few, have wonderful qualities in them and will make our library a place that is better than ever. From my point of view, this year’s activities have been enriching, and I sincerely hope that all librarians can keep the bonds they forged when we were gathered together to work together as a team to serve the library. Hopefully, I will observe less petty arguments between members disagreeing and I will see more of that strong friendship among librarians. This annual report summarizes this year’s activities and fun we had, and it contains some reflections as well. This report is a part of the library club’s history, and we have been going strong for many years already. I want to see that next year will be the same or better. This club is made depending on us. We shape how it works, and based on how much effort we put in, the club will prosper as much. So I wish all the best to everybody, and keep up the good work. Thank you.
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