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Annual report 2005-2006


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Annual report 2005-2006

Published in: Education
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Annual report 2005-2006

  1. 1. Hullett Memorial Library Annual Report 2006
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  7. 7. As the year draws to a close, I would like to extend my thanks to allthose who have helped me during my stint as the Chairman of the HullettMemorial Library Club. As my final contribution to the library, I present toyou the Annual Report for 2005/2006. A compilation of the EXCO’s work,and a record of the events that have occurred this year, I hope that thisannual report will be both a useful resource, and a pleasant reminder ofevents that occurred this year.Thank You 7
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  10. 10. Chief LibrarianJoshua HengJoined HML club in 2004.Deputy Chief LibrarianAng Kuan Ming @ Zaw ShaneJoined HML club in 2003. Longestserving member in HML club today.Circulation DepartmentManager: Li YiyangJoined HML club in 2004.Assistant Manager: Ian YapJoined HML club in 2003.Deputy Assistant Manager:Law Kang JieJoined HML club in 2005.Deputy Assistant Manager:Chang Shu JianJoined HML club in 2005.. 10
  11. 11. Info-Com DepartmentManager: Benjamin JoshuaOngJoined HML club in 2005.Assistant Manager: JonathanNg Pang Ern and Calvin TeoBoth joined HML club in 2005Welfare DepartmentManager: Muhammad SadikinJoined HML club in 2004.Asst. Manager: Daniel Goh EnQiJoined HML club in 2004.Publicity DepartmentManager: Gan Yu NengJoined HML club in 2004.Asst. Manager: Lim Yi ShengJoined HML club in 2004. 11
  12. 12. Chief LibrarianLi YiyangDeputy ChiefLibrariansMuhammad Sadikin andDaniel Goh 12
  13. 13. Circulation DepartmentManager: Kang JieAssistant Manager: Lee Si KaiProgrammesDepartmentManager: Gan Yu NengAssistant Manager: RohanPuthranWelfare DepartmentManager: Bao RongAss. Manager: Chang Su Jian 13
  14. 14. Annual General Meeting 2005 By Calvin Teo The Annual General Meeting was held on the 6th ofJuly in the AVT. The meeting started right after school at1530 hours. This year, it was our pleasure to have Mr. Koh ChinNguang to grace the occasion as a Guest-of-Honour, whileour Welfare Manager, Yang Tze Wei, was the Emcee forthis event. The emcee welcomed all who were present, andhanded the mike to Mrs Cheryl Yap, who gave us a shortbriefing and speech. She also updated us on notableevents that happened the last year, such as . Following theopening address, it was time for the chief librarian2004/2005, Master Tay Zhi Yong, to make his speech. Headdressed several issues that pertained to the standardsof the librarians and their responsibilities, and reminded usof memorable events that occurred. The new executive committee of 2005/2006 wasthen announced. Next was the chief librarian 2005/2006, JoshuaHeng, to make his speech. He spoke about hisexperiences in the library, his plan on how he would like toturn the HML into a nexus of research and information, andhow librarians should continue in helping out in the library. Following his speech, it was the investiture of newSecondary 1 to Seconday 3 fellow librarians, presented byMiss Mani, Mdm Ho, and Mrs. Yap. This ceremonyformally inducted them as true librarians. They then stoodat ceremony and took the librarian’s pledge. 14
  15. 15. Next was the presentation of awards.Accompanying the Commendable Librarian awards,there were also the Most Outstanding Librarian and MostOutstanding Friend of the Library, all given out by theGuest-of-Honour. Tokens of appreciation and certificateswere also given out to the Secondary 4s in recognition oftheir efforts, by Mrs. Cheryl Yap. A multimedia slide show was the presented,compiled by our Info-Comm Manager, Benjamin Ong. Itshowed snapshots and snippets of events through theyear. We than promoted the year end IPOHadventure2005. The guests and librarians then proceeded to thereception, provided by the parent volunteers and staff ofthe library. This was followed by a photo-taking session.Everyone enjoyed the scrumptious food, such as thepizzas, cakes, jelly, chicken wings, muffins, and the like. Of course, nobody could forget the dunkingceremony, conducted at the fountain outside the HML.The entire ceremony ended with a splash, as Zhi Yong,Shawn Tan, Joshua Heng, and Shane’s head got dunkedinto the pool water, our unofficial way to commemoratethe passing of leadership roles. Overall, the AGM was a large success despitesome delays 15
  16. 16. To illuminate the path ahead, to bring light into this resplendent night.    16
  17. 17.  “I am the 8- time gambling king (fool) ” 17
  18. 18. “To illuminatethe path ahead,to bring lightinto thisresplendentnight” 18
  19. 19. “Stop stop stop stop stop. I wanna vomit.”小朋友, b “Catching a Firefly and picking leave is prohibited.”“Aaaaaaaaa.”(Falling down a bus) “Moua-tis-koes” 19
  20. 20. It’s MINES City,no MINESresort City, noMINES beachresort.. AhhMINDSSomething! 20
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  23. 23. 16th March 2006 saw the members of Hullett Memorial LibraryClub gathering at the library for the first Library Club Members’ Day ofthe year. A total of 37 librarians came for the event, much lesser thatwhat we have expected. At 7.45, the librarians assembled at our very own LibraryActivities Room for attendance taking. To start the day’s events, theexecutive committee members introduced themselves and the librarystaff members to the fellow librarians. In turn, the other librarymembers are requested to introduce themselves. The atmosphere wasvery tense as this is the first time most of them are seeing each other.The sense of camaraderie, which we all should have, was lackingbetween them. To loosen them up, we then moved on to our first ofthe many activities, the icebreakers. The age-old game of Whacko started off the icebreakers. Thisgame saw the new librarians quickly becoming familiar with the Excomembers’ names. It also allowed the Exco to get to know the names ofthe new members. Though it was the first time that some of themembers get to know the Exco, they were fast in making “lives” hardfor them. The next exciting game that awaited the members waspomelo. The last icebreaker game was dog and bone. To make thegame exciting, we awarded marks for this game. This started theaward system that we came up with for the LCM Day. . At 23
  24. 24. the end of the day, there will be surprises for the various teams. The library was not in an excellent state and thus we had tocarry out house keeping. To spur them to finish as many shelves aspossible, we extended the award system to include this. Besides that,we also had fun and challenging riddles and quiz. The Birthday Bashthat followed this was the one that everyone was dying for. TheBirthday Bash celebrates librarians whose birthdays fall in Term One.As usual, there was good food and good fun as everyone enjoyed theNasi Lemak and the lovable jelly. House keeping resumed after that.Then, it was Lunchtime! After lunch, we shed our smelly P.E kit and donned our smartwhite uniforms. And off we go on a shopping spree at Kinokuniya.There, we were give the privilege to buy new books for the library. Toprovide the library with new and wide variety of books, we searchedhigh and low for the books of high calibre much deserving to be in thelibrary’s collection. After the tiring book hunting session, we went tothe Library@Orchard. The library was amazing, with all the artisticdesigns and a large collection of books. With that, we came to the end of the exciting and enriching LCMDay 1. 24
  25. 25. The EXCO would like to give thanks to Mrs Yap for providing some cash rewards, especially to the planning comm. Then we adjourned to the Bishan for dinnerand overnight grocery shopping. Then some of us went breakfast shopping and adjourned back to school to bathe and sleep. We watched part of Initial D and Kungfu Hustle in the LAR, before retiring for the night. 25
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  27. 27. OPEN HOUSE 2006Written by Jonathan Ng, editing by Joshua Heng“Good morning, welcome to the Hullett Memorial Library.”Greetings resounded the foreboding entrance to the Library as throngs of parents andPrimary Six pupils hopeful in making it to our prestigious institution paid visit to thepride of Raffles Institution – the Hullett Memorial Library…The day for the EXCO and fellow librarians (who had signed up for the first shift) startedat an early 0830 hrs on the 15th July 2006, a clear Saturday’s morning. As finalpreparations were being undertaken to tidy up the library, to welcome the visitors the dayto come would soon expect; books were shelved, shelves were re-read, and magazinesarranged to ensure that the library would be at its best. The drinks store that had beenopen during the GE Open house was set up again, this time prominently outside the HMLfountain, to entice the departing guests on their way out. Before nine, when the OpenHouse would officially start, Mrs. Yap as well as Joshua briefed the librarians on whatthe duties were, the route to take, as well as tips and tricks passed down from previousevents. The green blazers were handed out, and the first guests came in.Before we knew it, all was in swing. As guests entered the library, led in groups byprefects or by themselves, Chief Librarian Joshua Heng greeted them all with friendlywelcomes, before allocating them their guides for the tour. Touring was perhaps a mostmemorable experience for us, be it our first attempt at it, or not. As most our librariansgave their tours to friendly guests, some other unfortunate librarians encountered difficultparents who posed seemingly ridiculous questions, or gave them negative feedback.However, most parents were in awe at the spectacle our library beheld, be it its size, or itssophisticated interior design.Outside, the canned mango drinks and bottled water were selling fast, with new stockbeing opened and placed in the cold box at a continuous rate. Librarians assigned to thestall urged parents to buy the drinks and help contribute to a charitable cause. Somegenerous parents even donated money towards the project.Soon it came time for lunch, which consisted of macaroni sandwiches Kang Jie hadprepared for us as well as packed food from the RPA stall. Ian, Calvin and myself headedoff to J8 for lunch, as well as to get ice for our drinks, and bread for making moresandwiches.Upon returning, we handed over the ice and met the librarians on the afternoon shift,although most of the EXCO stayed for the entire duration of the Open House. Moresmiles welcomed the guests and more tours were carried out. It was soon 1530 hrs, andthe number of guests started declining. As Open House drew to a memorable close, thecold box and unsold drinks were kept, the library tidied up and there was a short debriefby Mrs. Yap before the library closed for the day.And with that, Open House 2006 drew to a successful end, with the librarians havingshowcased the library to prospective parents and students alike. 27
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