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India international week project Ananya Anaida


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International week country project

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India international week project Ananya Anaida

  1. 1. Incredible IndiaBy: Ananya & Anaida
  2. 2. Fantastic FactsTaj Mahal• The Taj Mahal is almost all symmetrical, just one tomb is out of the symmetry.• The Taj Mahal is made all out of white marble.• The Taj Mahal was made by a Mughal emperor, for his wife, Mumtaz Mahal when she died.
  3. 3. Fantastic Facts• India’s Independence day, from Britan was on August 15th 1947• When India was ruled by England, British people taught Indians how to play cricket.• The national animal of India is the Tiger• The national bird of India is the peacock
  4. 4. Fun Festivals• Diwali (celebration of lights)• Holi (celebration of colors)• Eid (Indian Muslim after Ramadan)
  5. 5. National AnthemJana gana mana adhnayak jaya he bharat bhagyavidata punjab sindh gujarat marahtha dravidutkala bhang vindya himachala yamuna gangauchula guladi tharungha thuba shubh name jagetubh shube ashishamage gaye thubh jaya gathajana gana mangala dhayak jaya he bharth bagyavidatha. Jaya he! Jaya he! Jaya he! jaya jaya jayajaya he…………………………………..
  6. 6. Wonderful WebsitesClick this button to go to the Indian website
  7. 7. Attributions• Flag of india• By: Dinuraj K•• Diya• By: Dheeraj Rao•• Taj Mahal• By: Abhijeet Rane•• Mahatma Gandhi• By: Pranav•