Electricity vocab connections


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A review of the vocabulary and main ideas for Magnetism and Electricity Investigation 3

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Electricity vocab connections

  1. 1. Electricity Investigation 2: Making Connections path A circuit is a pathway through which electric current flows. (wires) Electricity Electricity Source receiver D-cell is a source of electric energy. A bulb is an energy receiver that produces light. circuit filament Conductors are Insulators are materials materials that allow the flow of that do not allow the flow of electricity. electricity. Schematic Drawing fahnstock clip Circuit base A closed circuit A switch is a device that allows electricity to flow; opens and closes a circuit. an open circuit does not. component is any part of a circuit system (wires, D-cell, bulbs). A Motor is an energy receiver that produces motion. To make a complete circuit, electricity must travel in a circle from the negative end of the battery, through the circuit, and to the positive end. All Metals are conductors. Metals that are covered with an insulating layer will not conduct electricity. Klang