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New City Brochure


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New City Inc

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New City Brochure

  1. 1. RECRUITMENTENHANCEMENT+RELOCATIONSUPPORT new city INC. helps individuals and businesses make connections to Boston. Our services include recruitment enhancement, relocation support, networking, and events. At the core of all we do is our focus on solving the immediate challenges of making transitions Photograph: Darwin 70’s and creating valuable connections in our city for our clients. welcome to boston recruitment enhancement + relocation support Cheryl Meyerson, CEO You want to recruit top talent to Boston “I recently moved from Germany to — let us lead the way. Boston with my family. We found Recruiting top talent is never easy especially when new city INC. to be a valuable service family is involved. Recruiting talent and their that helped us regain balance in a families can be even more challenging. New city INC. new culture and to feel welcome, helps companies by providing personalized organized, happy and connected.” relocation support for the entire family. We work with recruits from the time you decide on the right Ali Tinazli, Ph.D. Director of Business Development & Sales, candidate, through the move and beyond until we Sony DADC, BioSciences, North America are both sure that the client is settled in. We help them acclimate to their new city and gain a sense of community whether coming from the next town or across the globe. We will care for your transitioning executives and We do whatever it takes to ensure that your top their families by connecting them to valuable recruits and their families feel at home and adapt resources that support their needs by finding quickly to a satisfying life in the greater Boston them a new home or school, children’s activities, area. volunteer and cultural opportunities, spousal introductions to social and business networks, personal services and everything in between.
  2. 2. problem-solving with a personal touch serving companies, nonprofits + individuals Recruitment enhancement “During the chaotic and somewhat New city INC. works closely with CEO’s, HR confusing early days of our move to departments and recruiters to introduce the Boston Boston, Cheryl and her team were area to your top prospects and their families and an incredible resource and help to show them what their lives could be like if they moved here. Since many prospects decline offers our family. Cheryl has an intuitive based on family concerns, we pay special attention understanding and sensitivity for the to lifestyle needs and act as a liaison between you issues of people relocating to the and the recruit to create a positive, lasting first city and the challenges they face in impression. organizing their lives while maintaining Relocation support the pace of their personal and We manage pre-and post-move logistical and demanding professional lives. Cheryl lifestyle needs for professionals and their families has a wide and deep network of quality moving to Boston. We can assist in addressing personal, social and professional needs to ensure contacts that she quickly researched your recruit and family are off to a good start. Our to help us with our family’s distinctive resources are endless, as is our dedication to doing needs. The quality of people Cheryl it right for you and your company before, during introduced us to from private schools, and beyond the move. physicians, like-minded people, heads Real estate of organizations to restaurants, made As part of our portfolio of services, new city our transition to Boston a smooth and INC. works with top area real estate firms with happy experience.” international networks to help your recruit sell an existing home and find a new one. We can help Maya Dhir, wife of with temporary rental assistance, securing pre- Atul Dhir, CEO, BiPar Sciences, approved mortgages, and getting the move done. Cambridge, MAWhenindividuals,families, andcompaniesmove, theyincur asignificantloss of socialcapital. Newcity INC. Photograph: David Paul Ohmerworks torestore thatsocial capitalquickly.
  3. 3. Photograph: David Paul Ohmer “I engaged new city INC. to help us with the local planning and coordination for a Boston weekend retreat for the World Presidents Organization—and 44 Denver business executives. Cheryl’s knowledge of the city, her attention to detail and her creativity were all invaluable, and our weekend was a smashing success. Cheryl is a consummate professional and I would heartily recommend her company for assistance with planning and coordinating events.” Jenny Hopkins, Managing Director at Crescendo Capital Partners, WPO Member growing community one person at a time expanding the social capital of our clients Pre move: How we work • Discuss pre-visit needs with family New city INC. anticipates your needs and the needs of your new recruits. We solve problems • Design a tailored itinerary from arrival to for our clients and offer connections that help departure your recruit build strong roots in the community. • Accompany client and family through an Boston is a complex city of charm and challenge informative tour of the Boston area including with a rich history and fascinating traditions. housing, schools, social and cultural venues, Let us show you and your recruit Boston from a as requested new city INC. perspective and let us demonstrate • Assist in securing housing why Boston is a global leader in innovation and one of the greatest cities in the world to live. Move and beyond: • Coordinate and manage the move • Connect recruit and family with resources, such as schools, banking, volunteer opportunities, cultural venues, networking, or home services
  4. 4. cheryl meyerson, CEORECRUITMENTENHANCEMENT+RELOCATIONSUPPORT Cheryl Meyerson, CEO of new city INC., is a Boston area native who founded new city INC. to offer a unique service that uses the power of connections and personal service to relocate Using your talented recruit and help families make a successful transition to the greater Boston the power area. Having moved a number of times herself, Cheryl can empathize with what it takes to of uproot from one lifestyle and start anew. personal Cheryl and her staff work directly with start- service ups, established businesses and nonprofits to recruit and retain top talent and help create to make valuable community and cultural connections. From recruitment enhancement to relocation a new support, new city INC. helps your company to city attract the recruit you want. a new To learn more, please visit the new city, INC website and check out Cheryl’s blog, the bean home for the buzz on life and all of what Boston has to offer. Cheryl also contributes a column to’s Global Business Hub and is a licensed Massachusetts realtor. Boston, MA P: (617) 347.6660 @newcityinc Cheryl Meyerson, CEO, new city INC New City INC