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Dropbox presentation


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Published in: Education
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Dropbox presentation

  1. 1. We are paperless…now what? The Cloud
  2. 2. How do we go from THIS!
  3. 3. To… THIS
  4. 4. Just what is this Dropbox of which you speak? A personal file repository
  5. 5. The Dropbox Tour
  6. 6. Be AnywhereDropbox works hard to make sure that all your files are the same nomatter where youre working from.Never email yourself a file again!
  7. 7. Simple Sharing
  8. 8. Always SafeEven if your computer has a meltdown, your stuff is always safe in Dropboxand can be restored in a snap.
  9. 9. Surprise YourselfWhether youre a teacher, an astronomer, an artist or an activist, Dropbox simplifies your life.
  10. 10. Advantages & Disadvantages• Dropbox is “agnostic” • Back & forth You can add any file collaboration only – 2 type – people cannot edit sound, video, word simultaneously doc, photo or pdf • 25 MB limit for each file• Work offline • Remember to edit• Deleted files are without launching available for 30 days • Expensive if you need• Revision history more then 166 GB
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