Makazela issue 01


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Saiccor Makazela

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Makazela issue 01

  1. 1. Saiccor Makazela Saiccor’s internal World Cup Newsletter Issue : 01 Days to Kick-off: 22 Next week : SA 2010 Fan Kit Saiccor (Makazela) Combination of the Makarapa and Vuvuzela - Winning suggestion by Rudi Lambrechts SA’S Soccer history 1879 The first club, Pietermaritzburg County, is founded. 1882 The Football Association of South Africa (FASA) is founded with only white members. 1940s An international soccer board arranges matches between teams from various population groups. 1958 Fifa officially recognises Fasa. 1959 The National Football League is founded for professional white players. 1962 South Africa is expelled from Fifa because of its racial policies. Fasa tries to counter this by organising a multiracial match between the white Germiston Callies and the black African Pirates in Maseru. Fifa welcomes South Africa back in 1963 but expels the country again in 1964. 1971 The National Professional Soccer League is founded for black players. Orlando Pirates are crowned the first champions. 1991 South Africa begins to relax discriminatory legislation from 1990 and on 8 December 1991 the non- racial South African Football Association (Safa) is founded. 1992 In June South Africa is readmitted to Fifa. In July a united South African team hosts Cameroon in Durban and wins their first international match. 2004 On 15 May Fifa president Sepp Blatter announces South Africa will host the World Cup in 2010. es ct e nism is unruly nanbdy dfootruallivfans. Football as braol,ivanaalism and intimidatsh disease’tbbut this ho g wls d ti io behaviour – su ch ‘Bri been called the almost an ism has often the term occurs Football hoolig aviour ch aracterised by ents are more at kind of antisocial beh . Intern ational tournam n of sport is played sed expectatio everywhere the ecau se of the increa s say, partly b risk, researcher v io le n c e . nteen. In the es will be sc reened in the ca ers to enjoy Here at Saiccor, match , the ap peal is for view ff r all concerned and property o get sts of safety fo e canteen staff Do n’t for intere eir viewing exp erience and re spect th zy and performance o f your team on the all th less of the fren ; wikipedia Foot B s the field regard Source: You ’ Happiness Ntuli - OHC Friday fi e ld .