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Saiccor Makazela
                                                 Saiccor’s internal World Cup Newsletter

Spain and Neth...
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Sappi Saiccor Makazela vol 8, Wrold Cup 2010


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World Cup 2010 Celebrations at Sappi Saiccor Mill

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Sappi Saiccor Makazela vol 8, Wrold Cup 2010

  1. 1. Saiccor Makazela Saiccor’s internal World Cup Newsletter Spain and Netherlands reach the finals Soccer City will be a fusion of bull fighters, paella, tulips, clogs and windmills as the Spanish and Dutch meet each other on Sunday, 11 July for the coveted World Cup title. Both these teams showed their mettle as they consistently progressed through Fast fact e are to dat d orers their rounds to present the world with an exclusively European oal sc ain an er- Top g illa from Sp eth V om N final on African soil. Paul the German octopus has successfully David Sneijder fr ored 5 y sc Wesle oth having they made 6 winning predictions so far, but has yet to make a land s, b see if eir ch. Let’s hen th go als ea their best w e final. prediction for the final while Manie the Parrot from Singapore etter in th can b attle it out has predicted Netherlands to take the 2010 title...what do you team sb think? Share your stadium experience with us.. • The atmosphere was electrifying. • The Nigerian and Korean sup- porters are very passionate. Boths sides singing and playing musical instruments, the drums of the Korean supporters was deafining. • The vuvuzelas are not as bad as you hear them on TV. • There were supporters from many different countries there, we sat behind some American and Mexican supporters. • Getting inside the stadium wasn’t a problem, it was very well organised with officials and police everywhere. I got there 2 hours before kickoff. it was a long walk to the stadium because I parked in Araf Ram Umgeni Road. ja celebrate n ( bottom left) s and Nige with Mexican rian sup • The stadium is vey impressive at the M oses Ma porters and of world class standard. I felt Stadium bhida . as if I was in a foreign country. We want to hear how you have experienced the 2010 Fifa World Cup, be it at a stadium, in a Fan Park or in front of your TV at home... Send your story and pictures to