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Issue No 2 - August 2009

         FROM THE DESK OF OUR GM                                           In this issue:
Charlie says cheers
                            Dear Adamas Personnel,

                               Although I have onl...
New tool will make Sappi’s Time
   Administrators super efficient
Thousands of employees working shifts clock in and out o...
Be Heart                      all ages, races and genders”,         Simons, Director of Nutrition
                                  What do ARVs do?                 native therapy and vitamins?
Cleaning up the coast!!
                   Beach Clean-up will be taking place on Saturday 19th September.

This year Sapp...
Every year Sappi Adamas is an eager contributor / participant in the
                                  fundraising effort ...
  National Arbor Week serves to promote awareness for
the need to plant and maintain indigenous tre...
                                       Coke a...
QUARTERLY REVIEW                  Bronze award winners:
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Adamas Wots Happening Aug09


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Adamas Wots Happening Aug09

  1. 1. Issue No 2 - August 2009 FROM THE DESK OF OUR GM In this issue: After more than 200 days without a lost * Charles’ goodbye note time injury an employee on PM4 sus- tained a multiple fracture to his arm due to * Head Office Marketing an unsafe action. A management brief has Visit gone out regarding this incident and * New Time Administra- reaffirming a zero tolerance approach to tion unsafe behaviour. It is requirement that the * Heart Awareness role out plan for Hazard Identification Risk Assessments (HIRAC) continues in each * AIDS Info article area of our business and that there is * Beach Clean Up 2009 participation at shopfloor level. The * OHSAS 18001 OHSAS18001 external auditor indicated * Arbor Day that HIRAC implementation is probably * Coke Awards the best he has seen within Sappi and even within the industry. After * Adamas News a week long audit we received certification – congratulations. The challenge to each one of is to translate the recently acquired tools * Casual Day / Loslit Dag and processes into a safer work environment. * Birthdays / Anniversa- ries Our marketing team was at the mill on Thursday last week. A key * Sappi Vacancies focus was identifying ideas and putting plans to develop new prod- ucts for Adamas Mill. Ou abjective is to launch one new product each quarter. Thank you to Charles Stapelberg for his excellent contribution during his short tenure at Adamas Mill. Our condolences go out to the family and friends, on the passing of Johny Mfecane. SAFETY IS A STATE OF MIND THAT EVERYONE SHOULD ADOPT… A New “face” welcomes visitors and staff as they enter the main gate here “Looking out for each other” at Sappi Adamas. “My actions demonstrate my commitment to safety” page 1
  2. 2. Charlie says cheers Dear Adamas Personnel, Although I have only worked here for a year, I came to know a team of people with a unique and lovely culture of friendship and caring for each other. A team that can show empathy to fellow workers, and then turn around and work hard, willing to sweat and go the extra mile. I felt part of the team and I was invited in and treated as if I have been here for years. I learned a lot in this year while working here from different people and different teams of people. I also had the opportunity to live my passion for paper making and leadership and share some of my experience with you all. It was great and together we achieved excellent results on the paper machines and f/ house in terms of Efficiencies and performance. My fondest achievement yet in Sappi was to lead the team of people here at Adamas that managed to take Pm4’s EE from an average of 68%, to now currently, and average of 77%. This is an excellent 13% improvement on efficiencies which deserves an Official recognition for the team. I want to thank Bev and the management team. A team ready for the challenges, a pro active team with innovative spirit and a willingness to succeed. I learned a lot from you and appreciated the feedback and correction when required. To you all I wish you the very best in future. I believe this mill will go from strength to strength with such a dynamic and diverse team of individuals all hungry for more success. God bless, Charles Marketing staff visit to Adamas The Head Office Marketing Team visited Adamas Mill on the 3rd and 4th September 2009, to hand out hotdogs, colddrinks and t-shirts to all the Adamas employees during shifts. The Marketing Team stated that this initiative was to show confidence and unity with Adamas Mill personnel, to recognize employees’ efforts and show support for the Mill’s next business year. They also wanted to thank the Mill’s employees for their daily efforts to reduce costs and keep the Mill as lean as possible. The Marketing Team believes that as a team united and motivated towards a common goal, we will turn the business around and deliver results. Let us join them in believing that we can all make a difference!! Adamas staff eagerly lined up to collect their hotdog, an ice cold drink and a t- shirt served to them by the Marketing Team. page 2
  3. 3. New tool will make Sappi’s Time Administrators super efficient Thousands of employees working shifts clock in and out of our mills each day. Sappi’s Time Administrators have their hands full to process the time management messages of each and every em- ployee. For years, there was no functionality to process shift substi- tutions and overtime in bulk on their computers. But all that is about to change. Toni du Plessis and Linda Toward Business Systems’ SAP Human Capital Management team has been involved in a time management project since mid last year. EPIUSE, a recognised SAP partner, introduced Sappi to a tool called Advanced Time Process Manager (ATPM). The tool was piloted in Saiccor Mill’s woodyard on 01 December 2008. Benefits Although some concerns were raised (and solved), the tool proved to have many valuable benefits: bulk processing, improved accu- racy, cost efficiency, user friendliness and simplicity. What’s more is that Time Administrators will experience an incredible 30% time saving in their daily time management activities. Eric Jacobs and Koosh Panday Role players Dawie Hattingh was also actively involved in the project and played an instrumental part in initiating the project. Erick Jacobs was the Project Manager and reported all activities and status to Koosh Panday. Linda Toward and Toni du Plessis tested the functionality and took ownership from a business point of view. They will also train the time administrators at Saiccor. Grant Jarvis tested the functionality in the pilot phase and gave the final go-ahead to roll it out to the rest of Saiccor. Roll-out The project roll-out across all Sappi’s Southern African mills com- Grant Jarvis menced in August and it is forseen that all Time Administrators will These employees were instru- be trained within three months from receiving the software. Training mental in making the roll-out at Saiccor Mill is already underway. and implementation of the Advanced Time Process page 3
  4. 4. Be Heart all ages, races and genders”, Simons, Director of Nutrition says Pamela Warrington, Smar t Communications Officer, and Education, HSFSA. HSFSA, “By knowing your During September, Heart Work with Heart is the mes- cholesterol, blood pressure and Awareness Month, the HSFSA sage for Heart Awareness glucose levels, you have already is offering free blood pressure Month (HAM) during Septem- limited your chances of becom- screenings country-wide - for ber. HAM is a national aware- ing another victim of heart more details or nutritional ness campaign co-ordinated by disease. Once you know your advice, contact the Heart Mark the Heart and Stroke Foundation risks, you will be able to make Diet Line on 0860 223 222 SA (HSFSA) - its purpose is to the necessary changes required during office hours, or visit create awareness of cardiovas- to live a heart healthy lifestyle.” for cular disease (CVD) and its more information on our Corpo- prevention. In a bid to promote health and rate Wellness Programme or wellness as well as the preven- In celebration of HAM, the the Healthy Hearts @ Work tion of cardiovascular disease in Canteen Programme please HSFSA is encouraging all South the workplace, the HSFSA offers Africans to join the fight against contact Eshaam Mohidien, Key a comprehensive Corporate CVD by having their cholesterol, Accounts Manager: Health Wellness Programme, which Screenings, on ( 021) 447 4222 blood pressure and glucose includes the newly launched checked: these are often re- or email: Healthy Hearts @ Work ferred to as ‘silent killers’ be- Canteen Programme. The cause there are no visible Programme is designed to help For more FREE heart smart symptoms when levels are employers create a heart nutritional advice from regis- raised. Currently about 195 healthy environment at the tered dietitians, call the Heart South Africans – or 13 minibus office. “Many of us spend a Mark Diet Line on 0860 223 222 loads – die each day from heart major part of our day at work or email disease. Of these, heart attacks and as a result it is vital that we are responsible for about 33 make the environment as deaths per day and are twice as conducive to good health as prevalent among men as in possible. If we each make small women, while about 60 people changes to our daily routines we die a day due to strokes and can introduce heart health into about 37 due to heart failure. our lives and into our work “Heart disease affects people of place,” says Shân Biesman-
  5. 5. HIV - KNOWLEDGE IS POWER What do ARVs do? native therapy and vitamins? A longer, So far, other treatments Like healthier life IS They are designed to control herbal and homeopathic rem- or destroy the virus that edies have not yet proven to be possible causes HIV/AIDS. effective. In fact, some treatments interact badly with ARVs and Twenty years have passed Should you still wear a could make them less effective, since HIV/AIDS was first condom when using such as St John’s Wort and recognised. And although ARVs? garlic. Multivitamins may delay there is still no cure for the onset of AIDS in people this disease, great ad- Absolutely. You can still be re-infected, and possibly with infected with HIV, but they cannot vances have been made in ‘reverse’ AIDS. treating it. a different strain of HIV, or even with HIV viruses that are Abbreviations and Anti-retroviral medication resistant to the ARTs you’re (ARVs) have given thou- using. meanings: sands of HIV/AIDS patients a Are there side effects HIV - Human Immuno Virus new lease on life. Taken correctly, ARVs not only when taking ARVs? AIDS - Acquired Immune Defi- improve your health, but also Many ARVs have temporary ciency Syndrome prolongs your life. side effects like nausea, ARV - Anti Retro Viral Things you should know vomiting, etc. Your health about ARVs: care worker will talk to you CD4 cell (count) - is a specialised about them. It is very impor- cell that works with your immune Who uses it? tant not to stop taking the system to protect your body from medicine unless the health viruses and infections Sappi provides free anti- care worker advises you to HOMEOPATHIC - is a form of retroviral treatment (ART) to do so. alternative medicine patients with a CD4 count of 300 or less. Can I use some- HERBAL - traditional one else’s ARVs? medicinal or folk medi- What can you expect cine when you’re on the Sappi No. The combina- treatment programme? tion of ARV drugs VIGS afrikaans) - would have been Verworwe immuniteits- Once registered, a health planned according care worker will counsel you, gebreksindroom to that person’s work out the correct treat- particular needs and ment for your needs and lifestyle. lifestyle, and will provide you with ongoing support. What about alter-
  6. 6. Cleaning up the coast!! Beach Clean-up will be taking place on Saturday 19th September. This year Sappi has been allocated Pollock beach and we will get together in the old ‘Something Good’ car park. Refuse bags will be distributed from 9h30 am. Last year an estimated 20 tons of litter was collected off our beaches! The NMMM Conservation Department’s have noted that beaches are cleaner than previous years due to continued clean-up efforts We urge Sappi Adamas mill employees and your families to once again make a difference when we get together with our Bayworld friends and children from disad- vantaged areas to clean our beaches. See you there! Above: Some of the wonderful “volun- teers” from last years effort. Right: Pollock Beach at it’s best. Let’s all get together and make a conserted effort to conserve this beautiful part of our coast- line for future generations. Let’s see all our TRUE BLUES there!!!
  7. 7. Every year Sappi Adamas is an eager contributor / participant in the fundraising effort known as “Casual Day / Loslit Dag”. Although this day is meant for people to come out and show their öther side” us here at Adamas don’t usually need to be invited twice to show that we are not scared to stand out from the rest. Here are a few photo’s of some of the guys / girls who did it for charity! (the aim was to dress up as a fan of Bev as a your favourite sport / team) BAFANA Fan! Danie, not quite sure if he’s a Bokkie or a Shark. Mike Oelofse dresses as a Sappi Hooker (first team) and Ray Lund (well) dressed as a Liverpool fool fan. OHSAS 18001 As you are aware an OHSAS 18001 audit was conducted at Adamas Mill during the week 31/8 to 4/9. The Adamas family was faced with a real challenge during the last three months to ensure compliance with this new standard. True to the Adamas family, everybody took up the challenge with enthusiasm and dedication resulting in Adamas Mill being certified OSHAS 18001: 2007 compliant. Thank you team for your support in ensuring a safe and healthy working environment and making this audit a success. Let us continue on this road of continuous improvement and ensuring a safe working environment for all.
  8. 8. ARBOR DAY - ARBOR WEEK National Arbor Week serves to promote awareness for the need to plant and maintain indigenous trees through- out South Africa, especially for the many disadvantaged communities who often live in barren areas. A combination of educational and environmental aware- ness formed the basis of Sappi’s celebrations of Arbor Week this year. Sappi will donate paper to various previ- ously disadvantaged schools where trees are being planted by the Conservation Dept. Throughout the country at our mills we will be planting indigenous trees. Pictured here doing the honours by planting the tree are from left to right, Mike Burns, Daniel Njikelana, Gladstone Mageda and Bev Sukhdeo ANNIVERSARIES Gladstone Mageda - 30 yrs Dickson Koliwe - 28 yrs Anwar Neethling 5/9, Mxolisi Ngoqo 5/9, Gill Humphreys - 24 yrs Siyabonga Nomanyama 5/9, Witness Andrew Leo - 22 yrs Mkosana 6/9, Louw Esterhuizen 8/9, Mario Raymond le Roux - 19 yrs de Doncker 10/9, Mpumelelo Mahomana 15/ Mncedisi Kula - 16 yrs 9, Daniel Njikelana 15/9, Desmond Koloki 16/ Dugmore Ntlabati - 15 years 9, Nimrod Mpoyisa 16/9, Xolani Noketshe 20/ Johnny Strydom - 15 yrs 9, Preggie Pillay 21/9, Louis Geyer 23/9, Xolani Noketshe - 10 yrs Richard Mali 23/9, Scott Randall 23/9, Xolani Yekelo - 10 yrs Thozamile Maqoma 24/9, Bryant Matomela Luthando Kolisi - 5 yrs 25/9, Malungisa Mrubata 25/9, Luthando Neren Anumuthoo - 4 yrs Kolisi 26/9, Mxolisi Mbophane 27/9, Loleta Dalton - 4 yrs Mhlanguli Sonyabashe 29/9 Yolande Mattheus - 3 yrs Onyx Ngesi - 3 yrs We wish all our employees cel- Claudius Coetzee - 2 yrs ebrating this month a very happy birthday and many more healthy Thanks to all these employees for their hard work and effort toward making Sappi happy Sappi years ahead. Adamas the best employer to work for. Congratulations ladies and gents.
  9. 9. Coke Awards Coke award to Louw Esterhuizen, Christo Willemse, Charles Daniels and Buyile Mputhamputha for recovering a quantity of roughly 600kg of old and damaged reels of wrapper for the Typek tint grades. The Production MDT has nominated Johan Thyunsma Louw took the initiative to recover this wrapper which was unusable for a coke award for discover- and lying in the store but he needed a special core insert to enable ing paper that started smoul- him to use the severely damaged reels. Christo Willemse re- dering in the 2nd section PM4 sponded promptly and once the insert made it was up to the Will today, September 4th. His Cutter Operators Charles and Buyile to use this wrapper. Which they quick thinking and action saved did eagerly. possible damaged to the machine. All the damaged reels have thus been used, the value of the wrap- per that was recovered through this action being roughly R46 800. Very well done guys, excellent work! Beyond the purpose of this award I would like to acknowledge the team spirit that exists between production and engineering person- nel in the Fin.House and so I want to thank my colleagues for their devoted and loyal support. It is highly valued Our best wishes go to Allison Farrett, who had an operation and is recovering It is with sadness that we report the at home. passing of our fellow employee, He is due Johny Mfecane. He had been with back at Sappi for 30 years, he leaves behind work in A heartfelt welcome to Daalia, his wife, Cynthia, 3 sons and a September. All here at Adamas Zakira’s new baby girl. We wish daughter. wish him a speady recovery. Zakira and her family lots of love Our sympathies go out to his family, with their new bundle of joy! friends and all who knew him.
  10. 10. QUARTERLY REVIEW Bronze award winners: sappi Here are the names of the Gill Humphreys, Sanet recipients of The Bronze Erasmus, Sonja Farndon, Neren Anumuthoo, Muriel vacancies Awards, SHE Awards and BBS Fitter - Engineering (Liquor Winners Herselman, Yolande Mattheus, Hannelie Meiring Plant & S02 Recovery) Saiccor SHE award winners: Closing date: 18 September Contact Leslie Jones (Sappi 1st Richard de Doncker, 2nd Recruitment) Onyx Ngesi, 3rd Paddy 011 407 4097 Padayachy BBS award winners: Fitter - Engineering Pulp 1st Nimrod Mpoyisa, 2nd Siviwe Finishing (Bleaching) Tyatyaza, 3rd Vuyani Bodo Saiccor Bronze Award winners: Muriel SHE Award Winner Richard de Closing date: 18 September Herselman (above) and Sanet Doncker being handed his award by Contact Leslie Jones (Sappi Erasmus (below) being handed Bev Sukhdeo Recruitment) their awards by Bev Sukhdeo 011 407 4097 Area Controller Sappi Export Services Durban Closing date: 18 September Contact Cheryl King (Sappi Recruitment) 011 407 8502 IT Helpdesk Technician Process Engineer KLB Product Development Man- Enstra Mill Ngodwana Mill ager Closing date: 18 September Closing date: 18 September Fine Paper Marketing Contact Zelmah van Zyl (Sappi Contact Zelmah van Zyl (Sappi Braamfontein Recruitment) Recruitment) Closing date: 18 September 011 407 4057 011 407 4057 Contact Cheryl King (Sappi Recruitment) 011 407 8502 Also try the Sappi Career Website or Facebook via the intranet page 10