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Do you want to know the cause of ADHD symptoms? Would it help you to know how to prevent a diagnosis of ADHD for your children and your grandchildren? What if moving away from drugs and toward natural wellness for your child is easier than you have been led to believe?

Some very wise doctors have gone beyond the accepted meme attributed to these children and are testing for underlying causes. When the root causes are healed, the symptoms subside naturally. If you are tired of the same old story about ADHD, I invite you to download the eBook.

This valuable information is extracted from the new groundbreaking book entitled "Family Harmony with Sensitive Children - A Holistic Model for ADHD Wellness." If you are tired of the same old story about wellness, this information is definitely for you and the wellbeing of your child and family.

Together we can help children be the gift they came here to be – naturally!

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ADHD Wellness Program

  1. 1. Copyright © 2012 by Cheryl HealeyAll rights reserved.Standard Copyright License1. The author of this App does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical, emotional, or medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly. The intent of the author is to offer information to help you in your quest for body, mind and spirit wellness. In the event you use any of the information in this book for yourself, your child or your family, which is your constitutional right, the author assumes no responsibility for your actions.2. The author and her company do not guarantee or provide any warranty for the information presented.3. You should consult with a physician, preferably one who also believes in natural solutions regarding all matters pertaining to the physical and mental health of your child, yourself, and your family including matters that may require diagnosis or treatment. Remember to trust your own intuition and use common sense.4. While health-related information is contained in this book, it has not been designed as a substitute for medical advice. Do your own research and seek the advice of medical professionals. Every body is different and one size remedy does not fit everyone. Be sure to use your own intuition in both choosing a health care practitioner and accepting the solutions offered.5. If you or your child are taking any medication or receiving medical treatment, you should consult with your physician prior to altering any current medication, treatment protocols or exercise routines.6. While all attempts have been made to verify information provided in this publication, the author does not assume any responsibility for errors, omissions, or contrary interpretations of the subject matter herein. This publication is an information product.The information presented in this App is extracted from the book entitled Family Harmony withSensitive Children – A Holistic Model for ADHD Wellness. Please visit for additional information.IntroductionWelcome to a new perspective about ADHD and how it is treated. The Autism Spectrum rangesfrom ADHD on the “mild” end to schizophrenia on the opposite end. Research is now showing usthat leaky gut, food and other allergens and toxicity are the primary cause of symptoms for mostif not all diagnoses on the spectrum. Depending upon the child, multiple treatment options maybe required to maintain a level of wellness.Note: At the time of publication, the latest DSM codes refer to ADD/ADHD as simply ADHD withor without hyperactivity. ADHD will be used throughout to include both ADD and ADHD.
  2. 2. ADHD Wellness Program SummaryThe list below is intended as a roadmap. It summarizes the key points in the ADHD WellnessProgram taken from the new book Family Harmony with Sensitive Children – A Holistic Modelfor ADHD Wellness so you can easily create an action plan. Some steps can be accomplishedconcurrently. It is important to remember that every child is different and what works for onechild may not work for your child. Please remember to use your own intuition and commonsense as well as seek the advice of your trusted health-care professional.1. Check in with your intuition before making any decisions and remember to do this consistently going forward.2. If you don’t already have one, find a doctor who believes in and prefers natural solutions for symptom relief. Seek out a DAN! doctor, a functional medicine doctor or a referral from someone you trust.3. Work with the doctor of your choice to determine if your child has leaky gut, candida, allergies, toxicity, neurotransmitter imbalances and whatever else the doctor may recommend with which you agree.4. Once the tests are in, work with the doctor and/or a nutritionist to create a nutritional wellness protocol for your child. Leaky gut is typical in these children which can lead to allergies. Since most neurotransmitters are created in the small intestine, nutrition is a huge key to the success of ADHD symptom relief.5. Work with your child’s teacher and the school to do what is best for your child. Is your child younger than his/her classmates? If younger, this can lead to unrealistic performance comparisons by the teacher due to immaturity. What is his/her learning style? Does your child have special needs? Is an IEP warranted?6. Find a dentist who does not use toxic ingredients such as mercury and fluoride.7. If your child must be given an antibiotic, also ensure that your child gets plenty of healthy, preferably organic, probiotics to counteract the loss of good bacteria.8. Continue to work with the doctor and nutritionist to determine dietary and supplementation needs and on-going progress. Educate everyone necessary regarding food issues and allergies if present.9. Integrate regular physical exercise into your child’s daily routine. This is essential for sensitive children to move the stress through and out of their body. It’s great to do before school as well.10. Have your child learn de-stress techniques to be used as needed.11. Is counseling or coaching required to get you all through this phase?12. Begin a regular healthy detoxification program for your child under the guidance of your health care professional. Your doctor may have already suggested a detox regimen for your child based on test results.13. Test your child’s PH level with PH test strips from the health food store. Ask your doctor for suggestions regarding frequency. A range of 6.8 – 7.2 is considered normal.
  3. 3. 14. Join or create an Empowerment Group of like-minded individuals and share the benefits of positive experiences and tools. 15. Focus on the positive, be grateful and address what is necessary day-to-day. Use the tools suggested at or others you and your child find helpful. 16. Suggest your child keep a Success Journal as a reminder of things about which to be proud and positive. 17. Know that you are not alone. 18. Enjoy a fabulous, healthy, abundant and grateful life!Understanding the Big PictureIt is now estimated that nearly 10% of children ages 4-17 have been diagnosed with ADHD.According to statistics, an estimated 2.5 million or more children are on drugs to manage thesymptoms labeled as ADHD. Why are the numbers so high and constantly increasing? Why areso many children given a label of ADHD? Have you ever asked these questions?There are two important messages I wish to share about ADHD. In a nutshell:1. Sensitive individuals who are often given labels such as ADHD have increased sixth sense abilities. We are all intuitive beings. However, they are more “aware.” Because of this, they get bored easily and drift off. They have a need to physically move in order to process all the information they take in intuitively or else go into stress which is sometimes displayed as hyperactivity. In the case of sensitive children, they often don’t know what their stressor is because they could be picking it up from someone else. Everyone does this to some extent.2. An unhealthy epigenome is the cause of the symptoms labeled as ADHD and in most cases can be corrected naturally through proper diet, supplementation, exercise, counseling or coaching. “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” - Albert EinsteinSensitive children with greater intuitive gifts have traits and abilities required to help humansthrive in the world we have all created. These children, often labeled as ADHD, are becoming thenew normal. I heard one doctor refer to them as “canaries in a coal mine”. They are warning usof the unhealthy imbalances we have created.Just like everyone, these children hold within them passions and a purpose in life that is neededto help the evolution of the planet. Whether it is in a small or large way, they are each a gift andso is the contribution they are here to offer.In his book entitled The New Brain, Richard Restak, M.D., a neurosurgeon and popular sciencewriter about the brain, makes a case of a society creating a need for ADHD traits and thatperhaps ADHD should no longer be considered a disorder.
  4. 4. I have some questions for you: • Do you multi-task to keep up with the newer, faster pace of life? • Is it difficult to hold your focus for extended periods of time? • Do you wish you had more energy to accomplish all the things you need to do in a day? • Have you made a habit of avoiding things that require a lot of thought or don’t seem like fun? • Do you get bored easily? • Have you ever wondered if you have ADHD?If you answered yes to any or all of the questions above, you are not alone. Everyone without adiagnosis of ADHD has sensed the need for what an ADHD brain can do innately. As a society, orperhaps world-wide, we have created the need for traits and habits that are helping us keep upwith the modern way of life we have created.We also hold within us a longing for peace and joy. As a society, we have been taught to lookoutside of ourselves to attain them. There seems to be an unspoken belief that we are not themor that being at peace and joyful are not within our control.Multi-tasking has been adopted as a way of coping to keep up with all that is going on around usand in our busy lives. By multi-tasking, an entire population is trying to adapt and do what theADHD brain does naturally. However, medical studies now tell us that multi-tasking createsdamage in the human brain.We live in a time when everything is moving very quickly. Information is multiplying at a rate ofapproximately 66% per year as of studies done a few years ago. Some estimates state that by2013 information on the Internet will double approximately every 72 hours. Change is the onlyconstant.Are you doing the work of more than one person? Are you a wife, mother, entrepreneur,professional, housekeeper, etc.? Are you a husband, father, business professional and honey-do-man? How many hats can one person wear successfully and still enjoy a harmonious lifestyle?We are also a society hooked on the “quick fix”; no doubt birthed out of the same need to keepup with the ever-increasing speed of life and not lose any ground. As a population we want food,banking and dry cleaning in the drive-through lane and a pill to make everything betterimmediately. Depending on the person, the “pill” does not have to be a drug. It can be food orany number of addictive, non-health enhancing behaviors that get you through the day. Thereare a plethora of coping mechanisms available for modern-day stress relief.Medical research now tells us that stress is the cause of 80% of health issues. The unfortunatecatch 22 we have created for ourselves in this society is that the majority of stress relievers towhich we turn are often also killers – or at least not life enhancing solutions. So I ask you, ifsomething you put in your body does not enhance your life and vitality, do you ever stop andwonder what it is actually doing to the only body you have in this lifetime?Children learn by example. The “do what I say and not what I do” model doesn’t work and itnever did. The way parents (or other childhood mentors) handle life and day-to-day issues arethe way children learn to view and deal with life as well. It is very common that a child eitherfollows the mold set by one parent or does the exact opposite. If you look back at yourchildhood, you have probably done the same thing.We all look at life through our own unique filters of belief. We are so entrenched in our individualworldview that we think this is just how things are in life. It is a case of not seeing the forestbecause you are in the thick of the trees.
  5. 5. The forest I am speaking about is our current way of treating sensitive children with symptomslabeled as ADHD. It starts with public schools requiring every child to fit into a mold and excelunder the model created first by the No Child Left Behind Act and now the Race To The Top Fundprogram. Fitting the mold means getting good test scores so your school can obtain funding,won’t be shut down or your teacher won’t get fired. That is a lot of pressure to place on childrenand especially sensitive children.There seems to be a big referral network in place between schools running under the Race To TheTop model (which took over from the No Child Left Behind Act), doctors, drug companies, foodmanufacturers and perhaps even the Food and Drug Administration. This model is not healthynor does it serve these sensitive children. I believe that when everyone is educated with thebigger picture and healthier solutions, smarter choices will be made and changes in the systemwill occur. If you’ve ever seen the cartoon The Jetsons, you may remember George Jetsonwalking the dog on a treadmill that has gone wild and yelling to his wife: “Jane, stop this crazything!”That is the point I know we have reached in the current treatment model. It is now time for thetide to turn in favor of these wonderful children. ADHD is not a disorder. It is just a case ofimproper diet, toxicity, a need for focus training or coaching and perhaps some emotional healing.Everyone has been doing the best they know how to do under the current systems. When we allknow more, we can do things differently and choose healthier solutions. I believe it is essentialthat ADHD symptoms be treated naturally to stabilize the still-growing body and brain healthfullyand provide the best possible life for the children. There are proven natural solutions that haveworked for over 40 years.My intention and wish for you through distribution of this information is to bring you out of theforest of current thinking and into the clear meadow so you can look at things with a broaderperspective. I am convinced that after you see the big picture and know how to help your childnaturally, there will be no doubt this is the way to go for your child’s life and wellbeing.Make no mistake about it. Society has demanded and nature seems to have responded with newphysical advantages that are obviously meant to equip us for success in our fast-paced future.The “ADHD” mind is here to stay. Let’s treat it right!Note: I use the words brain and mind interchangeably. Since the brain can be photographedand an ADHD brain looks “abnormal” before natural healing and “normal” afterward, it would notappear that anything is different between an ADHD brain once healed of symptoms and a non-ADHD brain. However, the sensory abilities of sensitive individuals labeled with ADHD seem to bemore enhanced than non-sensitive people.EpigeneticsFrom a scientific perspective, the cause of ADHD has been investigated without a definitive andunified answer. Many theories abound from genetics and heredity, epigenetics, head trauma ortoxic exposure. While the ADHD mind is equipped to handle the speed of life as we have nowcome to know it, the symptoms attributed to ADHD are caused by the human epigenome. Eachchild is unique and so are the causes of their symptoms. The epigenetic cause is unique withineach individual.Scientists in the field of epigenetics have found that we are what we eat and so are our childrenand their children. Epigenetics is the study of the epigenome. Epigenetics focuses on heritablechanges that occur but do not alter DNA or the genome. DNA is the main component ofchromosomes and is the material that transfers genetic characteristics. The genome is a full setof chromosomes; all the inheritable traits. Said differently, epigenetics is the study of that which
  6. 6. can be inherited but does not come from DNA or the genome. Meaning something other thangenetics is the cause.Epigenetics literally translates to “above the genome”. Above the genome is a layer of chemicals(histones and methyl groups) that attach to the genome and change the way it expresses in thebody. The epigenome tells the genome what kind of cells to be – essentially when to work, howto work and how much work to do.Everyone has an epigenome and it tells cells how to operate. An issue arises when the chemicalsin the epigenome restrict or change the healthy function of cells in the genome. A problematicepigenome can be inherited; created during critical life changes such as puberty, pregnancy; lifetraumas; or developed through one’s lifestyle (toxic foods, toxic exposure, etc.), and prolongedunhealthy emotions such as anxiety. The good news is that the epigenome can be changed andhealed naturally!Think of the genome as the hardware of your human computer. The epigenome attaches to yourgenome and acts as software telling your cells what to do. The epigenome can tell a cell to behealthy or become abnormal and trigger reactions to certain foods, substances or even createdisease.Epigenetics is still a relatively new field. Drug companies are already working to create drugs toalter the epigenome for many diseases. What side effects they may produce, only time will tell.In addition, this still leaves the contributing factors of toxicity and managing one’s emotions andways of dealing with life issues. For ADHD, my money is on integrated natural solutions forchildren since they have worked for over 40 years. In today’s world, the science of epigeneticshas proven the epigenome can be healed with proper nutrients.Food Is MedicineYou’ve undoubtedly heard that “we are what we eat.” Food is meant to be fuel for the body.Food is also medicine, except when it is filled with toxins or substances which cause toxic andallergic reactions in the human body. In today’s world, food is either medicine or poison. Itcannot be both. Can you tell the difference? Your body certainly can. Unfortunately, toxic foodusually tastes great.Think about it. In our fast-paced lifestyles we tend to wolf down our food on the way to ameeting, a game, or whatever is next on the calendar for the day. Unfortunately too often foodhas also become a substitute for love and a stress-reliever. Many people today assumesymptoms of some kind are normal and may already take medication for one or more issuescaused by reactions to food.We live in a world where big business owns most of the farms. If you haven’t seen the DVD’sFood, Inc. and Processed People, please do. There are also many books out that tell the truthabout the state of the food we eat in America.My intention is to help you and your family care so much about your health and happiness thatyou implement healthier choices every day and read food labels if you don’t already. It isessential that you cast your vote with your dollars and choose healthy options. By downloadingthis information, you are either already in or have just unconsciously joined the ranks of thosewho want a healthy body and fulfilling life. Congratulations!
  7. 7. Moving Forward To WellnessThe outlook you, your child and your family have of your situation will make all the difference inwhat is possible. Since this is uncharted territory, it is very important for you, your child andyour family to know that you are not alone. There are many support systems, meet-ups, and on-line vehicles with which you can share ideas and learn helpful strategies and information fromthose walking a similar path. Reach out. It will help. I have listed some resources Facebook page has been created at to share posts that willinform, empower or brighten your day. Join in the conversations, share information and askquestions. Everyone will benefit.It is essential that you keep our eyes and heart on the big picture rather than appearances sothat the day-to-day coping necessary during these changes in your life and in the world do notget the best of you. I know from personal experience this is not always easy, but it does helptremendously.You and your child chose each other for the gifts and lessons your Souls desire. Knowing andremembering this fact can help in difficult situations. Some great questions to ask yourself inchallenging times are: • What is the gift in this situation? • Is there a skill or quality I am being called to learn or strengthen? • Do I need to change something about myself or my life? • How can I utilize this situation for my greatest good? • What else is possible? • How can this turn out better than I can imagine?After you ask one of the questions above in a quiet, calm place with an open heart, just listen.Let your intuition guide you.Your breath is your connection to your Soul. Your intuition is your connection to God. Meditation(in whatever form works for you) can be your best friend. Ask your own questions from yourheart and just listen. Your inner expanding self, that spark of God that you are, knows how bestto help you. Know that your guidance may not always seem practical or logical. Make sure it’syour intuition and not fear guiding you. Your intuition may push your comfort zone. I can tellyou from personal experience though that following your inner guidance is the most grace-filledand quickest path to your intentions.If you wish to learn more about the book: Family Harmony with Sensitive Children – A HolisticModel for ADHD Wellness, or discuss a speaking engagement in your area, you for downloading this product and implementing the program. I look forward toconnecting again.To your success,Cheryl Healey, C.N.H.P.The Sensitive Child AdvocateCertified Natural Health ProfessionalHelping children be the gift they came here to be – naturally!