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Recycling Window Glass


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How and why to recycle or reuse construction glass.

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Recycling Window Glass

  1. 1. Recycled Glass and Windows Created By: Cheryl Hartman & Monica Carrasco
  2. 2. Cheryl’s shed
  3. 3. Construction GlassComponents: -Silica -Lime -Sodium Oxide - & Small amounts of magnesia & aluminaSoda-lime-silica (window glass)
  4. 4. Basic Glass Specialty Glass Sheet Glass  Laminated Glass Polished Plate Glass  Wire Glass/Wired Glass Tempered Glass  Patterned Glass Float Glass  Frosted Glass/Obscure Glass  Low-Emissivity Glass
  5. 5. Ways to Identify… Thickness3/32” (2.16-2.57 mm): Single Strength glass is used in small windowsand picture frames1/8” (4.32-5.14 mm): Double Strength is used in windows and largerpicture frames3/16” and ¼”: Plate is used for large windows, shelves, table tops3/8”, ½”, and ¾”: Used for larger table tops and shelves
  6. 6. Production vs. Recycle 1,300 pounds of sand  requires 32% less energy 400 pounds of soda ash  requires 50% less water 400 pounds of limestone  creates 20% less air pollution 151 pounds of feldspar  saves 10 gallons of oil 24,000 gallons of water  saves 1.2 tons of raw materials 15 million BTUs of energy  this mix melts at 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit this mix melts at 2,800 degrees Fahrenheit.Keep in mind, REUSE requires none of these factors
  7. 7. Uses of Recycled Glass Fiber Glass Glass Wool Mat, Blanket, or Board Construction Pipe Cover Thermal Insulation Board Ceiling Board Acoustical Insulation Board Cement Replacement Ceramic Tiles Paving Blocks Added to Asphalt Ashcrete**
  8. 8. Where??? Glass shops Used construction materials or salvage businesses, such as Resale Lumber Penny-saver newspapers (Tri-City) Remodeling sites and remodeling businesses Demolition sites Yard sales and giveaways
  9. 9. Scoring and Breaking Glass1. Clean the surface of the glass2. Score the glass. Aim for a uniform score with consistent pressure.3. Break the glass after scoring Tools Needed: - Glass cutter - Oil - Glass pliers - Cutting table - Putty knife, points, single-edged razors
  10. 10. Glass Trivia Glass takes 1,000,000 years to decompose. Glass never wears out-it can be recycled forever. Glass recycling saves resources-each ton of recycled glass replaces 1.2 tons of raw material (sand, limestone and soda ash). The energy saved from recycling 1 glass bottle can run a 100-watt bulb for 4 hours. Only 27% of the glass used in the United States is recycled. When glass breaks, the cracks move at speeds of up to 3,000 miles per hour.
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