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Vespa: An 'Instagrated' Campaign


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Vespa was the proposed client for a project in my creative concepts class at Emerson College. I really liked the project and expanded it to this campaign for my final presentation.

It's a campaign that combines traditional marketing and social media efforts to create a seamless customer experience.

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Vespa: An 'Instagrated' Campaign

  1. 1. An ‘Instagrated’ Campaign
  2. 2. Target • 25-34 • Jet-setting • Young professionals
  3. 3. The Campaign • ‘The Vespa Lifestyle’ through the eyes of the consumer • Customer created content mixed with lifestyle marketing
  4. 4. Instagram Commercial Create a commercial based on this aesthetic/idea.
  5. 5. Girl riding through iconic cities: Paris: Alone with very fashionable clothes on Each city there’s a different Vespa experience: New York: meeting up with other Vespa riders
  6. 6. Italy: Posing for a photo; with one of the guys from NY At the end it says: The Vespa lifestyle, your lifestyle. Logo+riding off into the sunset My style. Vespa style. #vespastyle
  7. 7. Billboards
  8. 8. Print ads
  9. 9. Instagram Contest • Capture your Vespa lifestyle with Instagram • #vespastyle • Winners are featured in print ad campaign
  10. 10. Vespagram • Insert a Vespa into the frame • Post to Instagram • #vespastyle
  11. 11. An ‘Instagrated’ Campaign