The fuss about facebook 2011


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Understanding the basics of Facebook and the power of a revolution, of sharing, of coming together. This is what I presented and shared at the Habari Facebook workshop in Johannesburg in 2011.

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The fuss about facebook 2011

  1. 1. WHY ?
  2. 2. WHY ? This is the world’s first revolution conceived,planned, and carried out using the internet (and more specifically facebook) five million Egyptians have signed up for facebookaccounts in just a month. Facebook has been a vehicle by which theEgyptian people were able to carry out what wehave been watching unfold over the past fewweeks, and has been a significant part of thereason that after 30 years Mubarak left. Facebook has made real difference in people’s lives!
  3. 3. Facebook post that sparkedEgypt revolution
  4. 4. SO WHAT DOES THISMEAN IN SOUTH AFRICA? Let’s look at some of theopportunities 3,7MILLION
  6. 6. 7,9 registrations per second
  7. 7. 474 per minute
  8. 8. 28,440 per hour
  9. 9. 682,560 per day
  10. 10. Soccer City Stadiums 7
  11. 11. How many people on Facebookin South Africa? Soccer City’s full 3,7MILLION 3854  
  12. 12. What are people doing on Facebook? 3,7MILLION This is where people live their lives --- its not just another marketing channel People on Facebook aredriven by a common goal:Tto share – to be part ofwhat is happening, even ifthat means just lurking
  13. 13. You are in your community’s eco systemwhere they can react if they choose to, where you can be their friend, so talk with your community, rather than being a billboard andinterrupting people. You get one chance to get it right
  14. 14. But only sometimes!Bigger is not better Engagement matters
  15. 15. Just add water Not an instant short term solution
  16. 16. I will always love you! Acquisition vs Retention
  17. 17. It’s about Sharing It’s a space where people create relationships, chasebrands, find stuff out, meet each other.They learn,organise, create, they share, they change the world -their world.
  18. 18. WHY ? Change theirPerception,Change theirworld!
  19. 19. WHY NOT? How consumers, brands and communities engage and shareon Facebook, how they revolutionise the world they live inand the influence they have on their friends, the question really is, why aren’t you there!?
  20. 20. Cherylann Smith I am a passionate, innovative big picture thinkerwho can connect digital and social to all otheraspects of the client business to drive growthopportunities @mylifescape Thank you
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