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greenstone-bbla seminar july 2010-cheyrl


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An hour lecture with hands-on on how to install the GREENSTONE DIGITAL LIBRAY. The seminar was sponsored by Baguio-Benguet Librarians Association, Inc. and conducted at the University Of the Cordilleras Library on July 19 & 20, 2010

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greenstone-bbla seminar july 2010-cheyrl

  1. 1. Greenstone: Open source Software for Building Digital Library Collections Cheryl T. Roldan UC-BBLA Seminar-Workshop” July 19-20, 2010 University of the Cordilleras
  2. 2. What is a Digital Library? ‘Digital Libraries are a set of electronic resources and associated technical capabilities for creating, searching, and using information…they are an extension and enhancements of information storage and retrieval systems that manipulate digital data in any medium (text, images, sounds) and exist in distributed networks (Borgman, 1996).
  3. 3. Digital Library Objectives • The primary objective of a digital library is to enhance the digital collection in a substantial way, by strategically sourcing digital materials, conforming to copyright permissions, in all possible standards/formats so that scalability and flexibility is guaranteed for the future and advanced information services are assured to the user community right from beginning.
  4. 4. • Software suite for building, maintaining, and distributing digital library collections • Comprehensive, open-source • Developed by New Zealand Digital Library Project at the University of Waikato • Distribution and promotion partners: UNESCO Human Info NGO, Belgium NCSI, Bangalore; UCT, Cape Town; Dakar • You!
  5. 5. The power of open source: Greenstone uses … • Ghostscript Interpreter for Adobe Postscript documents (Postscript plugin) • Kea Keyphrase extraction program (to generate metadata) • Pdftohtml Converter for PDF documents (PDF plugin) • Rtftohtml Converter for RTF documents (RTF plugin) • TextCat Detects languages and document encodings • wvWare Converter for Word documents (Word plugin)Xlhtml • XMLTML Converter for Excel/Powerpoint documents (plugins) • XML Parses XML documents, used to read and write Greenstone’s internal XML document format
  6. 6. Technical Platforms - runs on all versions of Windows, and Unix/Linux, and Mac OS-X. - easy to install. - absolutely no configuration is necessary, and end users routinely install Greenstone on their personal laptops or workstations. Institutional users run it on their main web server, where it interoperates with standard web server software (e.g. Apache).
  7. 7. Technical Interoperability - highly interoperable using contemporary standards, It incorporates a server that can serve any collection over the Open Archives Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH), - can harvest documents - Any collection can be exported to METS (in the Greenstone METS Profile, approved by the METS Editorial Board and published at, - Any collection can be exported to DSpace ready for DSpace's batch import program, and any DSpace collection can be imported into Greenstone.
  8. 8. Technical Interfaces -Reader interface -Librarian interface
  9. 9. Metadata Formats - Dublin Core - NZGLS (New Zealand Government locator Service) - AGLS (Australian Government Locator Service) Technical
  10. 10. Document formats Textual Documents • PDF PostScript Word RTF HTML Plain text, Latex ZIP archives Excel PPT Email • multimedia documents • Images (any format, including GIF, JIF, JPEG, TIFF), MP3 audio, Ogg Vorbis audio, • and a generic plug-in that can be configured for audio formats, MPEG, MIDI, etc. Technical
  11. 11. Greenstone Features:
  12. 12. Greenstone & Associated Software • JRE 1.5.0-05 • ImageMagick 6.3.6-4-Q16 • Ghostscript gs860w32 • Greenstone 2.75
  13. 13. Hardware and Software Requirements
  14. 14. • New York Botanical Garden • • Peking University Digital Library • • Philippine Research Education and Government Information Network • • Secretary of Human Rights of Argentina • • Slavonski Brod Public Library, Slovenia • • State Library of Tasmania • • Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences • • Texas A&M University Center for the Study of Digital Libraries • • University of Illinois • • University of North Carolina Bibiblio project • • Vietnam National University • • Vimercate Public Library, Milan, Italy • • Washington Research Library Consortium • • Welsh Books Council Greenstone Example Collections:
  15. 15. ( library?a=p&p=colcfg)
  16. 16. Summary
  17. 17. References: • Online Resources: • Greenstone - Configuration files of demo collections in New Zealand • Digital Library project: ( • library?a=p&p=colcfg) • Ian H. Witten. Examples of practical digital libraries: Collections built • internationally using Greenstone. D-Lib Magazine, March 2003. • ( ) • Greenstone training workshop material. Greenstone Digital Library Project • and NCSI, IISc. 2003: ( • Customizing the Greenstone User Interface. An illustrated guide to • customizing the Greenstone user interface. Written by Allison Zhang of the • Washington Research Library Consortium • ( • Additional Reading: • Ian H. Witten and David Bainbridge 2003. How to build a digital library. • Morgan Kaufman Publishers
  18. 18. 1) Installing from
  19. 19. 2)
  20. 20. 3) Save in drive “Z”
  21. 21. 4) Click install to continue Finished
  22. 22. 5)
  23. 23. 6)
  24. 24. 7) Click and drag to “COLLECTION”
  25. 25. Congratulations! You just installed GSDL in your computer 