Kuali Student Kuali Days 2011 Project Update


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Project team leads for the Kuali Student Project gave a presentation at Kuali Days 2011 in Indianapolis to update the Kuali community on the Kuali Student Project.

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  • Put it in ABC order so as not to offend…Not sure how to differentiate Founder vs. Partner…
  • Separation of concernsDeployment flexibility
  • Think Course Catalog on Steriods….
  • Think Course Catalog on Steriods….
  • Think Course Catalog on Steriods….
  • Kuali Student Kuali Days 2011 Project Update

    1. 1. Kuali Student Project Update
    2. 2. Introductions Dan McDevitt KS Program Director Indiana University Carol Bershad KS Product ManagerUniversity of Washington Rajiv KaushikKS Development Manager University of Toronto
    3. 3. Agenda What is Kuali Student?  Introduction to Kuali Student  Overview of Core Functionality Who is Kuali Student?  Founder and Partner Update When is Kuali Student being delivered?  Three-Year Roadmap  Product Updates How is Kuali Student being delivered?  Delivery Overview Questions
    4. 4. What is Kuali Student? Dan McDevitt | Indiana University
    5. 5. What is Kuali Student?Kuali Student is a NEXT GENERATION STUDENT SYSTEMwhich is …… …….being incrementally produced through a dedicated community of international higher education partners …..meeting requirements of the community (not just the requirements of a single institution) ……flexible to changing business processes …… delivering a rich user experience …… modular and scalable .... HAPPENING!
    6. 6. What is Kuali Student?
    7. 7. Who is Kuali Student? Dan McDevitt | Indiana University
    8. 8. Kuali Student CommunityFounders Partners Naval Post Graduate School Boston College University of California, Berkeley Indiana University University of North-West Maryland, College Park University, South Africa University of Southern California University of Toronto University of WashingtonFounders = $~1 M/per year for 5 years….
    9. 9. When is Kuali Student Delivering? Carol Bershad | University of Washington
    10. 10. KS Product Roadmap
    11. 11. KS Curriculum ManagementWhat is this What features What is itsmodule? does it have? status?Curriculum DELIVERED • Courses andManagement Programprovides the ability to Version 1.1propose, create, modi • Robust proposal March 2011fy and retire learning processexperiences that are Version 1.2 • Administrativepart of an institutions November 2011 CRUD screenssanctionedcurriculum. • Analysis of Now in the “hands” dependencies of the Community across the curriculum
    12. 12. KS Curriculum Management Implementations Institution Current Status Boston College Planning and proof of concept North-West University In Progress UC Berkeley In Progress University of Maryland In Progress University of Washington In Progress (data migration) Ongoing support and enhancements QUESTIONS DEFECTS ENHANCEMENTS Defects submitted and Enhancements are Questions addressed to tracked in JIRA managed via the KS Project and Community https://jira.kuali.org/bro Contribution Model ks.info@kuali.org wse/KSLAB ks.collab@kuali.org
    13. 13. KS EnrollmentWhat is this What features What is itsmodule? does it have? status?KS Enrollment IN DEVELOPMENT • Coursemanages the Registrationenrollment lifecycle … by the KS Projectof students once • Course Teamadmitted to the Assessmentinstitution • Program Enrollment • Program Assessment … and many more (stay tuned)!
    14. 14. Institution Facing Student Facing KS Curriculum 2.People and Set up Users Manage Info and 2.People and Management Permissions Preferences Permissions 9.Academic Explore Programs Planning KS 6.Program Offer Offer 3.Course Accounts Programs Offering Courses Offering 10.Academic Academic Register for 4.Course 7.Program Enroll in UW My Record Record Registration Courses Enrollment Programs PlanKS Scheduling 5.Course Grade Assessment Courses 9.Academic Plan Setup the Programs Planning 1. Setup Environment Assess Progress in 8.Program KS Program Assessment Programs Audit KS Enrollment: Framework
    15. 15. KS Enrollment : Roadmap Institution Facing Student Facing 1. Set Up2. People and Permissions 3. Course Offering 4. Course Registration 5. Course Assessment ENR Feature Set Basic1.0 6. Program Offering ENR 2.0 and Beyond Full Feature Set 7. Program Enrollment 8. Program Assessment 9. Academic Planning ENR 1.0 10. Academic Record ENR 2.0 and beyond 15
    16. 16. KS Enrollment Roadmap: Functional DependenciesFunctional Area Dependent Module Strategy Course Offering KS Curriculum Management DELIVERED Program Offering 3rd Party Integration R25 KS Scheduling (CollegeNET) Course Registration Program Contribution KS Accounts Sigma System, Inc Enrollment Program 3rd Party Integration KS Program Audit u.Achieve® (redLantern) Assessment Academic Planning Contribution UW MyPlan University of Washington 16
    17. 17. UW MyPlanWhat is What features What is itsUW MyPlan? does it have? status?UW MyPlan is an • View enrollment IN DEVELOPMENTacademic planning historytool that makes it … as a Contributioneasier for students • Explore curricular offeringsto navigate the UW’scurricular offerings • Performand achieve their program auditacademic goals. • Project academic plan • Share with advisor
    18. 18. KS AccountsWhat is this What features What is itsmodule? does it have? status?The Accounts • Assess tuition IN DEVELOPMENTmodule supports and feesthe pricing, sale and • Access to … as a Contributionpurchase of both financialinternal and external planning toolsproducts (e.g. • Invoicecourses and customerprograms) and • Settle billservices (e.g. • Maintainathletics and library customerfees) account • Process refunds
    19. 19. KS Accounts The first vendor-contributed project designed as a core KS module  Sigma Systems based in Denver, CO  Forty years of experience in US higher education  ProSAM, flagship financial aid package Sponsoring institutions are University of Maryland and University of Southern California Planned KSA submodules:  KSA – Receivables Management  KSA – Fee Management  KSA – Third Party  KSA – Collections Management Submodules identified but not included:  KSA – Scholarship Management  KSA – Aid Management
    20. 20. KS Product Roadmap
    21. 21. How We Are Doing It
    22. 22. Development PhilosophyEmbrace Iterative development A Module has 2 or more Releases Each Release is broken down into short Milestones Every Milestone delivers code which goes through QA Milestone code is available to KS community
    23. 23. Architecture
    24. 24. Kuali Student Architecture Application JqueryPresentation Spring MVC Rapid Application Development Framework (KRAD) Service Contract Person Organization SOAP (KIM) (KOM) ServiceLayer/ SOA Rules (KRMS) Service Implementation Workflow (KEW) JAXWS/CXF Notification (KEN) Kuali Service Bus (KSB) Data Access Object (DAO) Persistence JPA/Hibernate, OJB Database Database DB Independent Kuali Student Kuali Rice 24
    25. 25. Architecture ImplicationsTruly a next generation Student System Infrastructure: Relies on a modern infrastructure developed in the Cloud Separation of UI and Services enables institutions to  Develop their own UIs  Integrate with current systems on campus
    26. 26. Architecture ImplicationsTruly a next generation Student System Services are designed to accommodate future changes to business processes.  Front end can change every few years but Service Contracts are more stable over time Loose coupling between modules helps institutions  Roll out modules over time  Minimize impact of changes from one module to another
    27. 27. Expert Review of Architecture Recent expert review of architecture validates that platform  Has a solid foundation  Will be adoptable as production enterprise software  Will run with appropriate availability/scalability  Has no "red flag" issues  Has come areas of concern/improvement
    28. 28. Development Strategy
    29. 29. Phase I – Core Slice Breadth PHASE 1 – Foundation (“thin slice”)Depth Course offerings, students, registration, grading, academic record, others Manage Manage Grading, R Fees, Trans Learning Course Degree Course People and ecord, Tran fer Credit Plan Registration Audit Offerings Time script
    30. 30. Phase II- Enrollment 1 Parallel Development Breadth Team A Team D Team BDepth PHASE 2 – Expand Depth with Parallel Dev Teams Team A Team B Team C Manage Manage Grading, R Fees, Learning Course Degree Course People and ecord, Tran Transfer Plan Registration Audit Offerings Time script Credit
    31. 31. Teams West Coast 2 West Coast 1 9 9 East Coast 1 9 ANALYSIS 9 MGMT UXSouth Africa QA 26 SVCS DEV 9 East Coast 2Team Structure to Support Strategy 31
    32. 32. Parallel Development Teams Parallel Development Teams focus  Application Development  Broad swath across features  Minimal UI progressing to richer UX  Deliver code in three 2-week sprints as part of each Milestone 32
    33. 33. Core Team Core Team focus  Overall application design, ensuring one cohesive application  Service Contracts, including implementation (80/20), allowing parallel teams to focus on application development  Technical Strategy  Performance  Scaling  Database 33
    34. 34. Wrap up
    35. 35. Challenges / Opportunities  Balancing the reality triangle Resources Scope Time Software support vs. Software development (Evolving Ecosystem) Core system being build from ground up vs. based off existing system
    36. 36. Get InvolvedRound Table on Choosing to Join Kuali Student Wednesday, 2:30-3:30pm Room 101/102 Kuali Student Project Round Table Wednesday, 4:00-5:00pm White River B
    37. 37. Questions?