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Make money from afilliate in minute for newbie


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Make money from afilliate in minute for newbie

  1. 1. MAKE MONEY FROM AFILLIATE IN MINUTE FOR NEWBIE.txt Make Easy Money on Tumblr (perfect for newbies) Hi there,here is an easy method to make some good money onTumblr,its easy to do and perfect if you are new to IM - all you need to do isact andwork a couple minutes hours, so first things things first TAKEACTION! Step 1 Select a niche - I recommend choosing adult niche something likesexygirls/big boobs etc. be creative, then head over to andcreatea account, pic a good blog name which is related to your nice like"sexy-selfshots" etc. Now verify your email address in order to change the template ofyour blogat the settings page of Tumblr, try to pick a unique good lookingtheme and dont forgetto to mark your blog as "not safe for work (nsfw)" or your accountmaybe gets banned.Dont forget to upload a avatar image which draws some attentionlike a nice ass or something like that. Page 1
  2. 2. MAKE MONEY FROM AFILLIATE IN MINUTE FOR NEWBIE.txt Step 2 Head over to Google Image search and search for good qualityimages relatedto your niche and save at least 300 jpg images in a folder - yes thistakes some timebut no work no success and come on how hard is it to downloadsome images Step 3 Download the Tumblr queue bot which I created - at HERE andselected your folder with the 300 images and set the clickthru for theimages to yourTumblr blog url, add related tags to your nice, good tags that alwayswork arensfwpornteensexyhotand upload 300 images to your Tumblr posting queue - next after thebot is finished go to your queue on Tumblr and set the posting limit Page 2
  3. 3. MAKE MONEY FROM AFILLIATE IN MINUTE FOR NEWBIE.txtto something between 30-50 - now your Tumblr blog is running onautopilot at least for 6 days. Step 4 For monetization visit Loadedcash they offer very good blendinggallery ads anda traffic exchange program and sign up for an account and generatesome ad codeand put them on your Tumblr blog, to insert your adds visit settingsand customizeyour theme and "edit html". Important: Dont use the popunders and mobile redirect scriptsoffered by Loadedcashor Juicyads - they are against the Tumblr TOS and might get youraccount banned - on Page 3
  4. 4. MAKE MONEY FROM AFILLIATE IN MINUTE FOR NEWBIE.txtsome blogs I still use the popunders for extra cash and my accountsnever got banned -but at your own risk! But stay away from the mobile redirect. A other good place to monetize your Tumblr blog is: juicyads they offer some good ads and good cpc - best thing theyhold the earningsonly seven days and offer payout via Paypal.Step 5Try to like and follow people related to your nice in order to gainfollowers much fastStep 6To gain more traffic to your Tumblr blogs try to "pin" your images toadult pinboards - brings crazy traffic (just like the old pinterest) but onlysoftcore images (babes in bikini, no porn)sex.comsmutty.comsnatchly.compornterest.netpinporn.comOr go with reddit submits on big reddit boards in order to findsubbredds with a lot of subcriber use for reddit newbies: #gonewild is for user submissions of thereown photos so dont use this for submissions Page 4
  5. 5. MAKE MONEY FROM AFILLIATE IN MINUTE FOR NEWBIE.txtStep 7Try to build more Tumblr Blogs lets say 5 blogs in different nichesand keep the queue up and running, like and follow in order to builda huge follower base and make some good money. Since you onlyneed to download new images after everything is up and running itsan easy method for some good extra cash.Step 8 (said in a following post so I added it quick)Get a own domain at for 10$ a year and forwardthe dns to your tumblr blog, get a better unique Tumblr theme tostand out from the crowd and optmize it for SEO with this guide - add as description on my queue bota spintax which describes most of your images (example if your niceis sexy selfshot try to use a spintax {hot|sexy|stunning} {babe|girl})your will get readable URLS and better seo and some extra trafficfrom the google image search. Tumblr offers a RSS at"" try to submit it to adult rssdirectorys and a sitemape at"" at the sitemap to googlewebmaster tools for better indexing. Track with anayltics your blog tosee which tags perform the best and referring the most traffic anduse the best tags more on your posts. Page 5
  6. 6. MAKE MONEY FROM AFILLIATE IN MINUTE FOR NEWBIE.txtNow get out and act !Ps.:Sometimes Tumblr randomly bans your account (if you dont likeor follow very aggressively it is uncommon) even if you do nothing"evil" if this happens just write the support an email what went wrongand they mostly reactivate your account. Page 6