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Treatment sheet


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Treatment sheet

  1. 1. A horror opening sequence Treatment sheet 2013 by Cherry Cai
  2. 2. Castlist:Woman 1 Icey Fong Woman phantom Chestnut ShiOverview of the story:This story is about a pair of traditional Chinese embroidered shoes. A rich younglady has got a pair of embroidered shoes by chance in a few days before herwedding. A series of weirdness starts from here. Bloody , horrific, all of the badthings happen in her life. Then she kills herself uncannily. When one woman die,this woman will be a nightmare of the next woman who is the new owner of theshoes.This pair of shoes are picked up by another woman, and another creepystory happen ……Outline of opening horror sequence:Beginning- A woman is running in a muddy path with heavy breath. And the firstshot will focus on her feet wearing the embroidered shoes. The shoed was dirtybecause the mud spattered when she is running.Middle- The camera of woman running and her horror memory alternately cut.The frequency of frame sequential will be faster and faster.End- Suddenly , the woman stopped running, a close up of her face suggest thatshe is looking at something. A eye line match shows that she is looking at a pond.A extreme close up focus on her mouth with a creepy smile. And then point ofview of her feet shows she is walking toward the pond …… Blank screen with title of the movie
  3. 3. Technical Information:Location: Xi Guan, Guangzhou ,ChinaSequence long: 2 minProps:Embroidered shoesred lipstickearringsred umbrelladollneedlesCostume:Running woman: traditional Chinese wedding dress with embroidered shoesPhantom woman: red dress with long hair.