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Treatment 2


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Treatment 2

  1. 1. Jessie J Price tag Treatment sheet 2( costume stylemake up) By Cherry Cai
  2. 2. Concept The theme of this song “Price tag” promotes a happy life style which suggests people to concern less about money but enjoy our life. In addition, the song wishes people enjoy in music as well. Therefore, I would like to use some literal interpretations as well as some challenge ways to present a new music video of this track. Star performance, special effects, costumes, props and editing will be used in my product. Camera angles are extremely important for a good music video so that I aim to create some special camera shots such as canted angle , high angle and low angle. In term of editing, I plan to use plenty of slow motion as well as change the color of frames into black and white, in order to suggest people who is too dependent on money is always unhappy in life.
  3. 3. Style & Costume The modern style is decided to use in my music video as the lyrics are talking about modern people concerning about money everyday, they just like having price tag on them and people dose not live happily nowadays. It is a typical modern issue ,so without hesitating , I am going to present a modern , fashion style of this music video. In term of costume, I just decided the actors wearing normal outfits such as T-shirts and jeans. Because the contact of this music video is really close to our normal life, just normal casual outfits are feasible in this situation. But I wonder that the singer in music video will change outfits in order to avoid tiring view of him. On the other hand, the stars in music video usually change their costumes.
  4. 4. Location Obviously, the studio in college will be used as one of the locations because I need a blank background to shoot the star performance part. College always can provide us the place to shoot the video where has a blank background , special lighting and high- quality camera. Using the blank background can add many different kinds of effects through editing, in order to create a different style of music video. Moreover, the singer may dance in front of the blank background and then I can edit it . The narrative part I am going to film it on the street and the park. All of them are common places in our life so that it is convenient to film in those places.