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Shooting schedule

  1. 1. A2 MEDIA STUDIES G324 ADVANCED PROTFOLIO IN MEDIA SHOOTING SCHEDULE SHOT NO. 1 SHOT TYPE Establishing People are walking in the shot of people street in slow motion, ‘s bodies everybody has a price (below heads) tag on their bodies. 2 Close-up 3 Medium shot 4 5 6 ACTION Long shot Medium close-up Close-up MISE EN SCENE Location: street Props: price tag on people ‘s bodies Colour: black and white Close up of actor while Location: studio he is opening his eyes in (green background) front of colorful (the pattern and background colour of the background keep A medium shot of actor changing .) shows he is holding a Costume: casual teddy bear and pretend clothes to sleep. Props: teddy bear, A long shot/ establishing balloons and so on. shot shows wider Lighting: focus on background and the actor mainly actor is standing in the Performance: do middle doing some different kinds of movement. gestures and body The actor is doing languages which fit gesture to express “stop in lyrics. for a minutes” in a medium close-up. A close-up of actor shows his smile as well as the gesture expressing his smile.
  2. 2. 7 8 9 10 Low angle (different from the angle in the firshot shoot) Establishing shot Point of view /shallow focus/pull focus Medium shot Establishing shot 11 Turning back to the location of the first shot, people are walking in the street without any facial expression . A point of view shot of a lady’s leg and she is wearing high-heels in a shallow focus. Then a pull focus change the focus point of the street. A medium shot of actor shows his action in front of vibrant background A row of toys look at left together Location: studio Costume: casual clothes Lighting: focus on actor mainly The toys are sitting in stone bench Props: 6-7 toys A row of toys look at right together The actor is making gesture to show following him and going outside to have a look. 12 Medium long shot 13 Two medium long shot 14 Point of view 15 Point of view A shot of the price tags (Slow motion) were thrown away. A medium shot of a man Medium shot taking off the price tag (Slow motion) from his hand . 16 Location: street Props: price tag on people ‘s bodies Colour: black and white Location: studio Costume: casual clothes The actor goes to the Location: street street and takes off the Props: price tag price tag from a person. Point of view of dragging off the price tag from a person’s hand.
  3. 3. 17 18 19 20 21 22 Point of view A lady takes off her high (slow motion) heels in slow motion Establishing shot /medium long shot Medium long shot Extreme long shot Two Medium Shot Two Long shot 23 24 25 26 27 Medium close-up Long shot /establishing shot A establishing shot of a group of people, and the main actor is standing in the middle of the group The shot focus on the action of this group of people, they are looking at one direction at the same time. A extreme long shot shows a man holding lots of cash in hand and walking toward the group of people. Location: street Costume: high-heels Colour: black and white &colour Location: street Props: guitar Location: street (Elwick Road) Props: cash Costume: sunglasses, gold necklace The shot suggests that another man knocks out the money in his hand Another man persuade him to enjoy the food, he points to the Chinese take away while saying: “enjoy right now” The upstart man takes off the sunglasses and says: “all right” A medium close-up of actor Establishing shot of all the people, a group on the left and another group on the right. Long shot The camera turns to focus on the left Long shot The camera turns to focus on the right Location: Park Props: people are playing in the park , the entertainment equipment would be used ,likes swing, slide. They may hold some soft drink and food.
  4. 4. A heap of coins on the table 28 Point of view 29 Point of view A pairs of hands push (slow motion) away the coins 30 Medium close-up A medium close up of actor 31 Long shot A long shot of actor 32 Medium shot 33 Long shot A long shot of the rapper 34 Extreme long shot The upstart man and the other man are walking out the Chinese Take away together 35 Long shot They are entering a car 36 Long shot/ extreme long shot Props: A wood table A large amount of coins They are driving away happily. 37 38 39 40 Long shot Medium shot Long shot Establishing shot A medium shot of actor Location: studio (green background) (the pattern and colour of the background keep changing .) Costume: casual clothes Performance: do different kinds of gestures and body languages which fit in lyrics. Location: Chinese take away (rainbow city) Street ( Elwick Road) Props: car key , car A long shot of rapper standing in the Chinese take away. A medium shot shows the rapper walking out and go to the street A long shot of rapper The frame comes back to the same location as the first shot in a establishing shot. Location: street Colour: normal Performance: people are happily
  5. 5. 41 42 43 44 45 Establishing shot Establishing shot/high angle Long shot A long shot of a little girl (slow motion) holding a balloon and running A medium shot of a Medium shot couple shows they are kissing Point of view 46 49 A shot of sky A shot of plenty of credit card Long shot A long shot of a boy is dacing Long shot A long shot of actor sitting on a swing sings 50 Medium close A close up shows he is up playing on a swing 51 Extreme long shot 52-55 Long shot A extreme long shot of actor shows he is having fun The actor is standing on the different woods 56 Medium Close-up Medium close up of actor 57-58 Location: park Props: balloons A shot of flowers 47 48 smilingand talking to each other Medium long shot The actor is taking off the price tag of himself. Location: studio ( this shot in slow motion and special effect) Location: studio Location: park Costume: another casual clothes.
  6. 6. Black Background 59 60 Close up The close up shows actor wakes up Location: William ‘s house Props: bed and pillows