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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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  1. 1. How did you attract/addressyour audience?
  2. 2. The story happening in China is aattractive point for western people evenAsian. In my media product, there arelots of information and knowledge ofancient culture. It not only vintageproduct but also add mystique to thefilm as a horror. For western people, afresh location , a uncomprehendingcountry culture even a new prop cancatch their eyes. It could be a advantageof my media product as broadening theage groups of target audience. For anormal horror, the target audiencewould be teenagers and young adultsabsolutely. When the horror film mixes aculture , it could attract adults evenolder age group.
  3. 3. From the audience feedback, manypeople were curious about why thewoman was running, what havehappened to her.The woman ran in the forest throughthe whole opening sequence, whichset the suspense of latter narrative.The costume and make up of thiswoman are novel for westernpeople, they would like to knowmore from the latter narrative in myopinion.My opening sequence have made abig suspense of the film as thewoman said “the next red woman isme.” With a sound of falling intowater , we know the woman havejump into water and kill herself. Onewoman died means another series ofhorrible things beginning .
  4. 4. A creepy smile of the mysteriouswoman makes audience haveexpectation about what is going on.And women with long hair are alwaysstereotypical phantom in horror film.Women are always regarded as vulnerable and weak. Because of this, my maincharacter who is a phantom is a woman. Through she is coming out for killing, she have to do this despairingly. I hope it could attract some female audiencewho resonate with it.
  5. 5. I have used amount of extreme shot of character’s face or embroideredshoes . Especially the shoes, I have showed it in many different ways todeepen audience’s impression about the shoes so that to highlight thetheme of my horror film. The opening sequence is made by a series offragments, which is the woman’s memories.A sudden zoom in of the sculpture create a horrorfeeling and creepy atmosphere.And I also change the colour of frame into red tocreate horror film effect.
  6. 6. I have used many different kinds of sound to create a Chinesehorror style, including some kinds of Chinese string instrument asthe background music.On the other hand , I have put heavy breathing sound effect andfootstep at the beginning of the film, it made feel more real andtense.Usually, the colour of horror film is dark and grey. Althoughthe main colour in my media product is also dark, I also remainsome parts filling of red, green and other colour to make agood visual effect.