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  1. 1. How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages? At first, I am going to explain the reason why I have used multi media technologies in this project: 1.A variety of media technologies allows me to pull together different sources, ideas, tools and so on. It provide me a multi stage to gather all my ideas. 2.Different kinds of media technologies have different use, to document, present, analyse, organize and construct my own media products/ideas as well as real media products. 3.A useful technology can help me organize all the things in a shipshape way, as best appropriate for the task in question. At the beginning I have decided to use Apple Mac to construct this portfolio, which has a varied of professional software in creating media product. In addition, I have used it finishing the AS media studies portfolio, so I am familiar to Apple computer and I think it is convenient with its own abilities. Apple Mac offer a range of useful software, such as Final Cut HD, Photoshop, iMovie. I knew I had to edit a large number of videos, so that I would use Final Cut to edit some my media product(music video) and use iMovie to edit some easy works(Audience research video, Evaluation question 2) Also, I had to create magazine advert, digipak , record label and some more images, it is necessary to use Photoshop in constructing them. On the other hand, there is a useful ability to screen capture any part of the page , it does provide me a series of convenient . Because I always need to provide some evidence ( editing evidence, images construction evidence, etc.) in order to prove my work. The last but not least, I got my own Mac at home allowed the project run more efficiently as I was able to work in any other place but not only at school. Throughout the project I mostly used Google Chrome; it is the fastest and most reliable web browser in my in my experience, also, it owns some plug-ins which other web browser does not have. Microsoft Words: Microsoft Words played a important role in my A2 project as well as in the first year. In terms of research and planning part, I had to write a large amount of analysis and do some planning
  2. 2. (e.g. call sheet, treatment sheet,etc). In this situation, I usually used Words to finish them as it is widely used documentary software in my mind. Moreover, it takes another advantage which is it can create any kinds of diagram/graph/chart. It helps me a lot in my audience research, with drawing some pie charts to show the result of research. Microsoft PowerPoint: I have used Microsoft PowerPoint in writing analysis(magazine advert analysis). It is much more flexible in moving the picture and documents with presentation. Using the arrow keys to move from pane or frame to frame, it is more interactive and helped to break down information that would be used for inspiration into manageable chunks. Outlook&Scanner: Sometimes, I prefer write something or draw something draft work by hand. In order to present it clearly in my blog, I have to use the scanner in college to scan them into computer. The scanner in our school can send the copy of paper to our college email, so that I can get them as long as log in my college account in Outlook. It is really helpful when I did the storyboard. Blogger:In all stages of the portfolio I have presented my work using blogging site Blogger. It plays an important role in this project as a hub for all my work, and I think this is a good idea because all the things can be put in one place that is easy to access at college, at home, even on the go on the Iphone App. Prezi: Similar to the Microsoft PowerPoint, it is a flexible presentation online software. It provide plenty of different types of master plate(also you can create your own one), you can chose one of them to edit with adding pictures, words, videos and website link. Comparing with PowerPoint, Prezi is much more vivid and interesting because of its colorful frames and background and dynamic transition. Slideshare:Slideshare were used to neatly embed Word and Powerpoint documents on my blog.In order to use Slideshare I simply had to create an account and upload the relevant item. It is of importance to embed all my work in order to document all my progress as mentioned earlier.
  3. 3. Glogster:Glogster is another flexible online software used for presentation. All the details are put in one page, looked like one page in magazine. But the words document can be read through keep rolling down, also the picture can be enlarged to see. Each part on the page can be regarded as an individual document. Google (Google image, Google map):Most of the images used throughout the project were taken from Google Images.This is an extensive archive of images that is free to use. Also, it is simple and quick, I can just save them straightly. In terms of Google map, it was used when I did my call sheets (1&2&3),showing the pictures of locations. YoutTube&Fastesttube : YouTube was used throughout the project as well in order to gain ideas from real media products. I get real music videos from YouTube and do my analysis, also, I have watched previous media students’ product in here as well. More importantly, I get the track of “Price tag” in male version from YouTube. Here, I have to mention another useful software for downloading videos from YouTube, called Fastesttube. Once you download this plug-in, you can download any of videos in YouTube. Camera(Sony 5R and Panasonic camcorder as well as tripod): Turing to the construction of music video, I have used two cameras to record. I used the Sony 5r mainly which was a ILDC. This is my own camera so that I can use it whenever I want, in another words, I would not miss any good shots occur unexpectedly in my normal life. In addition, it was very clearly and convenient. It was not heavy so it is convenient to take with me. Another one is a Panasonic camcorder borrowed from college, it was small and professional in recording videos. But I seldom use it because the quality of videos are quite low. QuickTime Player:I watched the majority of videos beforehand using QuickTime player.Thisisafast,quick and reliable video player where files can just be dragger in and watched. Final Cut HD: shown on video Photoshop: shown on video
  4. 4. Facebook: Facebook proved invaluable resources during the project because it let me easily contact other people including my actor to organize meetings, and do the audience research with a wide audience. In addition, I have finished the Audience Profile through using Facebook. Iphone: My iPhone helped me a lot when I was doing the project. First of all, I used iPhone to record the Audience video research as well as some parts in my final music video due to its high-definition and convenience. Furthermore, I needed to keep in touch with actors and establish communications with people from different age groups in order to do the audience research. In this situation, phone is extremely essential for me to keep it with me everyday. Last but not least, I have download Facebook App and Blogger App, I can check them everyday even though I do not have computer at particular time. Digipak template: In order to create a digipak, I have to get the template to make all the images in correct size and form. I have saved a package including “digipaktemplate.psd” and so on. Moreover, I have got a paper template from my tutor to do some draft work.