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Front choice


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Published in: Technology, Art & Photos
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Front choice

  1. 1. The college hub recommended some free download websites of fronts. I chose one of them which was . The reason why I have chosen this one was all the fronts type were classified in different genre. So that I could choose fronts from the selected genre which was much more convenient. As we can see below, I was choosing front sites from cartoon and comic categories, which was suitable for the style of my album and artist. And I just needed to type the name into the box in order to get the preview online.
  2. 2. My artist has a name now which is William, thus, I need to make decision about the front used in digipak. Using, I ‘ve chosen four fonts which will be used to brand my products. This one is probably suitable for the front cover, but the main concern of this font is that looks a little bit girlish. I have asked many people in order to get suggestion from audience. Many friends recommend this font which they think quite nice.
  3. 3. It looks like a hand-writing style font, but I think it is uninteresting and I need a attractive title font in the middle of the album cover. At first, I think this font might be a good idea as the title font. But when I tried to use it adding in the front cover by Photoshop, it is too small to stand out.
  4. 4. I decided to use this font finally, as it quite match the theme of album, which is naive and childish. This font looks full of fun and written/ drawn by children. So that I choose this as the final font site.
  5. 5. This font will be used in the back of album, which contains song list, more information about producer and company and so on. This font will be used below the artist name “William” shown in the front cover. All the character will be in capital, which are exactly the same as the picture shown above. And this is the album name, which is “ WILL.I.AM”.