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Evidence of the draft work


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Evidence of the draft work

  1. 1. Cherry Cai
  2. 2. This frame is used to edit video, I can cut off those part which I don’t want .Put thevideos inhere andclassifiedit indifferentbins when I render all, I can watch it in this frame. Put the sound effects in here I edited this video by using ‘final cut express’. This is a general and convenient tool for editing films. Through editing this film, I have learned a new skill which is editing film by final cut.
  3. 3. I have used color corrector to make the right effect that I want. In my film, I‘ve used it to make the frames darker.
  4. 4. Those parts are edited by the Razor blade tool. They are thewhole actually, and I have used tool to cut them into two ormore parts so that I could add some special effects.
  5. 5. I put the title in black blank here, as the beginningof the movie . And I also use the Dissolve( Fade inFade out Dissolve) to make special effect of the Add title in heretitle. Frames in here The green parts are sound track
  6. 6. I haveput twosoundtrack inhere andmake amixture The low point means lower In here, I edited the volume of the volume of the The high point means sound so that to mix different sound higher volume of the sound effect . It can combine the sound sound and make the film feel more horrible.
  7. 7. There are some gaps in here because I want tomake a flash back effect. So I made those gapson purpose. To fill the vacancy of the sound track 1, I increased the volume of sound track 2.So that to measure the film is not soundless and boring