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Audience research


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Audience research

  1. 1. Audience Research: Music Videos As part of an A2 Media Studies project, it is necessary to gather information from as many people as possible to produce a music video that targets a specific audience as best possible. As much, I would be most grateful if you could complete the questions below; the answers will be insightful and highly useful. I would recommend that you share the survey with your friends, facilitating a larger data sample that may enable the project to be more successful. The survey is anonymous and information will not be shared outside the educational constraints of the project. Required questions are marked by an asterisk(*) Q1.What is your gender? a. Male b. Female Q2.Which of the following categories does your age fall under? a. 6-10 b. 11-15 c. 16-20 d. 21-25 e. 26-30 f. 31-35 g. 36-40 h. 41-50 i. 51-60 j. 60+ Q3.Please assess the following popular music genres against your opinion of them.* Love Pop Rock R&B Dance Heavy Metal Rap Okay Neutral Don’t like Hate
  2. 2. Q4.Outline your favourite music video(s) and why it is your favourite.* Q5.Please assess the following music video criteria against what you feel makes a music video interesting.* Very Important Telling the audience a story/form of narrative The performing artist The artist’s image star Close-ups artist the of A distinct “digesis world”established,in which the music video takes place The bending reality of Object characters, actors, camera ,etc .moving in time to the music The pace of editing matching the tempo/beat of the song Making the audience think and ponder over certain issues and events Intertextual references to other media texts Interesting angles camera Special effects Important Neither Important nor irrelevant Not Important Not Important At all
  3. 3. Juxtaposition different shots of Jump cuts Tackling issues of representation Q6.Of the following, which do you feel outline your reasons for watching music videos in general?* a. To be entertained /to relas/to fill in time/to escape from reality. b. To learn something c. To identify with the artist or theme/lyrics/narrative of the song and video d. To gain an insight into yourself and your personal values Q7.Would you rather a ”pop” video be performance-based, narrative-based, or a fragmented blend of the two?* a. Performance-based b. Narrative-based c. Fragmented blend Q8.Do you enjoy “pop” music videos that tackle issues relating to representation?*(e.g. race, sexuality, age, gender, stereotypes, etc) a. Yes b. No Q10.Who is your favourite singer?