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Advert construction


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Advert construction

  1. 1. All the things obeyed the advert plan I had done before, and the first draft magazine advert had been created. This PPT was used to present the process of constructing the first album advert.
  2. 2. I have mentioned before I would use Photoshop in editing both of magazine advert and digipak. These are screen shoots of evidence of constructing the magazine advert. I just cut those words(pattern made by light painting) which I needed, and then paste them in the chosen background. In order to make it look smoother and more syncretic, I moved the “opacity” button. Furthermore, when an imaged is blended, the feather operation of selected boundary develops a zone to cover the boundary. The last but not least, the advert had to be designed into rectangle, so that I cut the selected area and the preliminary magazine advert was ready.
  3. 3. The name of album is in the middle of the advert written in light painting as well as “OUT NOW” below it. In addition, I have added record label, QR code, release date and artist official website on the advert. This is the first draft magazine advert, I will keep improving it in order to get a better attractive magazine advert of a new brand album.