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9 frames


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9 frames

  2. 2. This is a shallow focus of tea-things. A teapot is pretendingto pour tea in cups in theopening first scene .That is areally English style tea potsuggest a classical feeling.But there is no liquid pouredfrom the teapot, it makesaudiences feel confused andstrange.This is a shallow focusof a doll. The tea isgiven to the doll . Thisdoll looks horrible with astrange face. And ithints that children maybe playing with the dollsand pretend that the dollis real people.
  3. 3. There is a establishing shotof a room. Three little girlsare playing with their dollsand toys. Judging from thecostume of them, they arewearing pretty dress whichsuggests they are upperclass chilldren. The wholeframe looks peaceful andharmonious.This is a shallow focus ofa creepy blond hair doll.And a girl is brushing itshair . It should be a happytime, but in here, it hintsthat something bad isgoing to happen.
  4. 4. There is a extreme long shot (establishing shot) of the whole room. Theystares at the camera which in a high angle. Audiences will feel veryuncomfortable because girls are staring at them . It also implies thatcreepy thing is going to happen.
  5. 5. There is a eye line match ofthe girls looking at thewindows when they hearsomething. They stop whatthey are doing and staringat the windows for amoment. As we can seenfrom the frame ,thewindows are firmly closed.So that audiences willsuspect whether there aresomething appearingsuddenly. The soft andtemperate light is comingfrom the sun, creating apeaceful environmentwhich is eery actually. Likethe calm before the rainstorm.
  6. 6. A shallow focus of thefoot(point of view)stamping the doll. Doll is arepresentative of child inthis film, it meanschildhood ,happy and funof children , in this shot,the doll is ruined andlooked cruel. It hints thatthis horror film representssomething bad happeningto children.
  7. 7. A shallow focus close upof a creepy doll which isdirty as well as having lotsof scars near her big blueeyes suggests that thosethree girls are puppets likeher.A extreme long shot of three girlsshows that they are jumping outof the windows ,which makesaudience feel shock .The shotlay a foundation for this horrorfilm, which create a horror,mysterious atmosphere. And thelow key lighting reinforce thispoint.