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Project evaluation specification evaluation

  1. 1. Project Evaluation - Specification Evaluation 1 Function : In my design specifications, I have written that the function of my product would be to store and organize the cosmetics that are lying around in the room into one place. It may be able to store and organize other objects next to the cosmetic organizer. It is a multi-functional product. My final product has all the function above and in fact, there have been some changes to the design. Originally, I wanted to make only the cosmetic organizer, however, as there were lots of time to do another thing, I decided to add the drawer under the organizer. Finally, of course, my product can hold the cosmetics and other things too. As you see in the picture, I put hair pins in the drawer. Therefore, the function is still same with what I expected. Storing hear pins(not cosmetics) Size : The size of my product that I planned to make was 200x180x200mm(HxWxL). My product was designed to be same in the length of the height and length. However, I didnt think of the thickness of the wood. The thickness of the plywood that I used is 8mm. In addition, I thought that the height of the product is too tall that it is not cute. Moreover, I didnt think about the eyes. Ididnt include the length of the eyes in the height of the product. I wanted to make my product cute. Lastly, I added the drawer whose size is55x250x200mm(HxWxL). As a result, the size of the final product is 270x250x200mm(HxWxL) which is very different from the size that I expected. Therefore,the size has changed a lot for several reasons.Aesthetic : In my design specification, I have written that the aesthetics of my product are stylish, memphis and cute. For those aesthetic, I will makethe product with stylish color such as orange and black, and memphis pattern and shape. I used stylish colors which are orange and black, I drewmemphis pattern which is the black triangles on the orange background. To know that the aesthetic was created well, I surveyed to ten people. ninepeople said that this product is very cute and decorative. in addition, they said that it is memphis. however, one person said that it is not cute because of the mouth. he said it is nasty. therefore, the aesthetics of the product created pretty well. Material : In my design specification page, I have said that I am going to make a cosmetic organizer to use acrylic and softwood. I will use acrylic to see the inside of organizer. I will use softwood to join the edges of the organizer. It would be good if acrylic is water proof material. I never used both acrylic and softwood. The material that I actually had used was plywood. Thats because acrylic is really hard to cut and use. In addition, the softwood is too thick to cut and make my product. The user wouldnt be able to pick up the cosmetics if I used softwood. However, plywood is not only thin but also strong, so I used plywood. Moreover, I used screw to make the product stronger. Therefore, the materials that I expected were completely changed. NAME : SEUNGHEE, SHIN
  2. 2. Project Evaluation - Specification Evaluation 2 Environmental Issue : The major environmental issue that my product will solve is organizing the areas of my room. Before I had this project, my dressing table was very messy and took me while to organize the cosmetics because I had to arrange them again after I use one of them. After I had finished my product, I took only a second to find the cosmetic and to arrange them because I just can pick it up, use and put it into where it was. This product helped me to get organized and easily tidy up the dressing table. Whats more, I was so decorative because it is a memphis product. It has strong colors, patterns and special shape.Safety and Hygiene : For my safety and hygiene, I had to wear goggles and aprons. Also for the safety of the users, I had to make sure that allthe edges and corners are not sharp by sanding and filing them with the garnet paper and files. During the creating stage, whenever I usedmachines such as disc sander and cordless drill, I have worn safety goggles in order to protect my eyes from the wood cracks fly accidentally to my eyes. I have always worn aprons whenever i do any works in the workshops so that my cloth does not get dirty. When I was done with my product, I have sanded it even though I painted already for the safety. Target Market : My product was supposed to mainly aim for the women and teenagers, who need the organizer to arrange their cosmetics. My product is useful and easy to use that everyone can handle it easily. Also, even though people might not need it, some might just like the special aspects of Memphis that they would still buy. I gave my product to my younger sister who is in grade 7 to see whether she likes or not. As a result, she liked it so much. When I said that I have to bring this to the school again to her, she disappeared so much, which means that the target market of this product is made correctly. Weight : I have planned to make my product as light as possible, but it still be able to hold all the cosmetics and wont fall over due to their weight. My final product still can hold cosmetics even though they are heavy. However, to be honest, I think that it is little bit heavy. Well, the weight actually doesnt matter too much because it will be put on a table. The whole weight of my product is about 800g. Thus, my final product matches the planned weight of the product. NAME : SEUNGHEE, SHIN
  3. 3. Project Evaluation - A.O.I’s and Learner Profiles CommunicatorA.O.I’s During create stage, I asked many students whether my the colors of my product are good or not. IfHuman Ingenuity they said that the colors are not good, I changed to another color. I communicated with otherI think it is Human Ingenuity. I can give this product to people who need a cosmetic organizer. I think that students during the create stage.teenagers will like this cosmetic organizer because it is playful and decorative. For me, I will givecosmetic organizer to my younger sister. She really needs cosmetic organizer because her cosmetics Risk-takersuch as nail polishes and lipsticks are lying on the floor. I will give her the product for the environment Whenever somebody seemed have problems, I could go and help her by sharing the ideas. When I tried toof the room. use new tools or machines, always other students helped me a lot. In addition, I tried to solve my problem in many ways. I researched about the shapes of the drawer and asked Mr.Anderson.EnvironmentI think it is Environment. I can save the materials such as paint, wood, sand paper, glue and screw during Knowledgeablecreating the product. If only I do not waste the wood, people have to cut the wood little bit. If all the I was always being knowledgeable through any processes. When I was researching, from my experience, Istudents save the wood and try not to waste the wood, lots of trees will be cut. The more I save the could easily do research and knew how to put them in my own words. At the design stage, i used mymaterials, the more I save the environment. rendering skill. When I was creating, i could cut, sand, measure, mark and glue with my experience from my previous years.ATL(Approaches to Learning)I think it is Approaches to Learning. In this unit, I learnt lots of things. For example, I learnt a number of Principledtools that I havent used and I knew how to cut the wood and paint the product clearly and straightly. Whenever i did my writing works, i always put the research in my own words and site the web sites thatIf I want to learn more, I can ask Mr. Anderson and other students for the tools that they are using. In I used. When I worked in the workshop, I always followed certain safety rules that seem to have someaddition, I can share what I am using to other students. troubles. Also, when it came to answer the surveys, i was very honest with my answers and suggested things that were wrong and not good.Health and Social EducationI think it is Health and Social Education. I always wore safety goggles when I am working with machines Caringbecause sometimes, the wood will crack and some pieces might be thrown in the air and hit my eyes. My I always tried not to make people feel uneasy staying next to me or working with me. I always tried toproduct also considers the safety of the society as well. I tried my best to make the woods surfaces, be positive about questions or help that people around me asked for. When people were concentratingcorners and edges as smooth as possible so that the users do not get hurt by the sharp edges. on their works, I tried not to disrupt them.Community and Service Open mindedI think it is Community and Service. My products function is to be able to arrange the cosmetics and some i thought carefully when I give comments, and tried to understand what people are thinking so that iother small objects put in one spot. This function will help the community by making their environments do not hurt their feelings. i might not like their designs ir products, but i still tried to find positivecleaner and more organized. Also, in the process of creating, I did not only concentrate on my work. things about them and give complements,Some of my friends came and helped me. Then, it is a part of service. Well-balanced i always did my homework and school works in time. Although i may not been able to follow my GanttLEARNER PROFILES chart because of the troubles, at the end, i could still get it done. i was also not selfish so that i took time to wait for my friend’s turn to be over and mean while, do something else.InquirerDuring the planning and designing, I was always curious and wanted to use new materials that I have Reflectivenever used before and what kind of tools I am going to use in order to work with those materials such in ant sort of process that i did, i always tried to improve myself. i always looked at my plywood. I loved learning more about new materials and tools, which they are all possible for me to for example, i was not able to cut straight and i worked until i could get it close to perfect. i alsouse. I also loved practicing and understanding how to use the tools safety and properly. looked at areas that I was good at so that I could understand myself better. by knowing my strength and weaknesses, i could make better timetable for me to work, by giving more time to work on my weakThinker process.During the create stage, I always had to think by myself and decide how I am going to solve problems.Sometimes, I decided to redo or change a little bit of my plan. I always had to think carefully when Idecided on all the aspects of the product. NAME : SEUNGHEE, SHIN
  4. 4. Project Evaluation - Improvements suggested by users and myselfUSErsDrawer-the drawer of my product is too lose. it falls when I pick the organizer up, the drawer falls out of the drawer box which is very uncomfortable and bad problem.When i carry the cosmetic organizer to another space, the accessories in the drawer could fall out. Even worse, the drawer could be broken because it could fall fromhigh. i had to make it tighter. Space between each dividers-my younger sister said that the spaces between each dividers are too small to pick up the cosmetics. I think that it is not that big problem because she can take off the dividers if she wants. however, it would be better if i made the spaces bigger. Then, all the people including the people who have think fingers can use. Sanding/filing-originally, we need to sand and file before painting because sand after painting is really hard and the paints come out. however, i didn’t sand and file before i paint. i just started painting. therefore, some sides are not smooth and clear. if i did the final check carefully, i could find that i didn’t sand yet.screw-when i was screwing for the first time, i didn’t make the countersinks because i didn’t know anything about the countersinks and ihaven’t done with screwing. so i had to take the screws out, make the countersinks and screw again. therefore, there are some marks of thescrews. if i researched about screwing before i screw, the marks wouldn’t be formed.myself Painting 1-I painted on the sides first when I didn’t know how to paint clearly, so two sides of my product look really messy. There are many errors ex)spread paint, dusts attached on the sides, and the sides are very rough. i had to use the tape when i was painting for more clear painting. if i researched before i start painting, i would paint very clearly all the parts of the product. painting 2-when i was painting the eyes, i painted for only one layer to white color. i had to paint for several layers so that the color of the wood doesn’t come out. however, two eyes of my product are not good because i can see the color of the wood behind the white color. if i weren’t lazy, i would paint the eyes for several layers for the better product.measuring-when i was making a drawer, i was in hurry. that’s because i wanted to finish in a very short time. so i measured the length of the drawer roughly such asdrawing the line without ruler, guessing the lengths and not erasing the wrong marks even though they disturbed me to cut. therefore, the drawer little bit loose. i canmove it from side to side even though the drawer is inside. if i measured very carefully and calmly, the drawer would be made perfectly.cutting-when i was cutting the back of the product, i had to use the gent saw. however, i used the pull saw which can’t cut the wood straightly. as a result, the edges ofthe back is very rough and some wood thorns coming out. if i weren’t lazy, i would cut the back clearly. NAME : SEUNGHEE, SHIN
  5. 5. Project Evaluation - Product’s effects on... impact on the individual: Actually, i used my product for about one week. it is great. i have many nail polishes, and there was enough space to put them all. in addition, the size of the lotion and skin exactly fit the space of the product. at the end, i put the hair brushes. The most terrible problem was the hair brush. my sister and me always use the brush and put it everywhere. the tallest space of the product was great for me to put the brushes. in addition, i put the accessories on the drawer. we put them everywhere after we used. however, after i put the product on the desk and organized them, my sister and me started to put them into original place. impact on the users: as the purpose of my product is to store cosmetics, by having this cosmetic organizer, the users will be able to store their hair bands, hair pins in the small drawer of the product and cosmetics such as lotion, nail polish and sun cream in the stair shaped organizer. therefore, they can find their hair bands very easily in a short time. they will not have to spend about an hour to find the hair hands or the cosmetics and the room will be cleaner because the cosmetics and hair pins that were lying around will be in the organizer. in addition, the users will be able to decorate their rooms because this product is memphis, cute and very stylish. it is very decorative. the users will be happy when they come into the room because the color of the organizer is orange which makes people’s feel better. as a result, this product will impact on the users at decorating and storing which is related to the environment of the users’ rooms. impact on the society: my product will greatly impact on the society around the users. my product is not only directly for the users(target market), but it is more of the public product where everyone around can possibly use it. There are the cosmetics or accessories that people around theuser would like to borrow, they will use my product. Also if the user decides to put a hair pin, band or something that people can see, people who might just pass bywanted to see whether those things match to them or not, in this case, they will use my product too. moreover, my product tidies up the room by letting the users putcosmetics or accessories lying around the room, which then it will make the people or the visitors who come into the room will feel happy and clean, and many peoplewould like to see the well-decorated room. therefore, my product will bring big impact on the society.impact on the environment:this cosmetic organizer will impact on the environment around the users. the positive result would be the fact that my product will be able to store the cosmetics oraccessories lying around the room in one place, so the environment of the room will be cleaner. In addition, my product has the aspect of Memphis which is very stylishand decorative. Therefore, my product will make the room a bit decorative. On the other hand, the size of my product exactly fits the space of the desk. For the materialsof the product, I used non-toxic paint and environment friendly materials. Therefore, the product is very environment friendly. it didn’t harm to environment. NAME : SEUNGHEE, SHIN
  6. 6. Project Evaluation - Lager production of my projectIf the company would like to make my product, I would like to suggest them to make the drawer tighter so that it doesn’t fall out of the organizer anymore.Maybe they could make the drawer wider or stick the wood on the sides. This little change will bring big comfortable to the customers. I also want to suggestthem to make the spaces between each dividers wider so that a wider range of people can use my product. Some people’s finger would be thicker than the others,then they wouldn’t be able to pick up the cosmetics from the organizer easily. that’s because their fingers are too thick that they don’t fit into the spacebetween each dividers. i had to think more about the ergonomic. For those people, they need to be wider. in addition, My product is a bit rough because i didn’tsand properly. I had to sand hardly spending longer period of time. if there is a wooden thorn, people will get injured by it. it is little thing, but very dangerousespecially to the children. it should be fixed anyways by filing or sanding. moreover, they need to be focused more on screwing. since I used big screws whicharen’t appropriate to the size of the product, some screws came out which looks really bad. For example, i screwed inside of the box for the drawer and thecosmetic organizer. however, i screwed with little bit big screws, so the drawer couldn’t go into easily because of the screws’ heads came out. for largerproduction, they will use the machine. Therefore, i hope this problem would be solved easily. Also, there is a serious problem of painting. my product is reallyhard to paint because my goal was very clear lines and painting, and i didn’t reach to that goal. if the company would like to make my product, i would like tosuggest them to paint very clearly like printed painting especially at the edges, mouth, and eyes. Lastly, i would like to suggest to cut the wood clearlywithout curving line which looks very bad. changes to my plan/designjoints-At the beginning, i planned to use the housing joint and mitred butt joint. however, i used screw joint and housing joint. the reason why i didn’t usethose joints is that there is no enough space to do. my project is made of the plywood which is very thin. To do mortise and tenon joint, the wood should bethick enough so that I can dig a hole.using acrylic-i also planned to use acrylic between each dividers to see inside since it is transparent. however, i thought that some cosmetics which are tallwill come out from the height of the product. And it will look bad because the wood and acrylic don’t match. Therefore, i think that using acrylic is not agood idea.mirror-i planned to put mirror on the side of the product to see my face. however, there was no enough space to do that. in addition, ergonomically, i have tobend the back to see the mirror, but it hurts my back, and my face will look bad. therefore, i decided not to put mirror on the side of the product. NAME : SEUNGHEE, SHIN
  7. 7. Project Evaluation - Survey on the product More than half of the students most of the students said ‘yes’ to the answered ‘1 year’ to this question. question. However, some students said However no more than 4 years. perfect that they understand that the product will last for about 5 years. function is to store something but my storage is about 6 years-old. Even don’t know what something is. my some students said that it would last product is cosmetic organizer, but less than 6 months because i made it. there is no any aspects of cosmetics they think that this kind of product on the product. So some people could should be made by the professional misunderstand. next time, i will make person. Next time, i will make this the product with a kind of hint to tell professionally without any mistakes. them what the function is. most of the students except for 2 Most of the students said ‘yes’, but students said ‘yes’ to the question. one student said that it is not memphis, one of the two students said that he because of the mouth. he said that he doesn’t need a cosmetic organizer doesn’t like the mouth because the because he doesn’t have any cosmetics. painting was terrible and i had to Another one said that the color of the draw the mouth clear. That’s the product doesn’t match to her house reason. if i make this product again, I color. Therefore, my product is not will paint the moth more clear with a suitable to all the people. i will make whiteboard marker. the product with a color which matches to any colors. in the design specification, i wrote that more than a half of the students the aesthetic of the product should be would pay 50~100 rmb for my product. cute, memphis and stylish. So, all even 3 students said that they will pay students apart from 2 students said more than 100 for the product. i was that my product is cute, memphis or very surprised about that. however, stylish. Those 2 students said that it is one person said that my product is bad because it is too childish which is worth 10 rmb, which is very poor. i also not matched to me. if i make this think that my product doesn’t look product again, i will make it less like that valuable. next time, i will childish by using other colors or make the product which looks designing differently. beautiful and valuable. NAME : SEUNGHEE, SHIN